#166 Midnight summer walks

Step into the breeze.

After the sun dips down and the day goes by, the houselights flick on and fill streets with checkery yellow teeth. Moonbeams shine softly on tree branches, warm winds whisper through black hedges, and a still and soothing softness settles over everything like a blanket.

Midnight summer walks help soak up beautiful moments between today and tomorrow. Systems shut down, stresses ease up, and work days fade away as you stroll through quiet streets after dark and quiet paths in quiet parks.

Let the world fade away as you drift to the end of today.

Nothing else matters right now.


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32 thoughts on “#166 Midnight summer walks

  1. I love late-night walks…they’re extra special here in AZ because the low currently hits 97, so it’s something to look forward to come November when it cools down a bit.

    1. Midnight rides/drives with the window down is also awesome. I love driving at night and the streets are lit up with just my headlights and a few street lamps.

      1. Love, love, love those late night car rides with the windows down, arms hanging out of the open windows, hand surfing!

  2. Neil, I think you might want to change a word. Do you mean “Moonbeams shine softly on tree branches.” Not, “tree brances” Love the post!

  3. Oh, wonderful memories from high school….
    The only midnight walk I remember was during my bff’s birthday party. It was me, her, 2 of our girlfriends and 2 guys… which one if them is the guy she’s married to now. We decided to go off for a walk in the dark and then about a mile away from the house, everyone runs off and leaves me and her future husband alone. This was before they even started dating. We just looked behind us, looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and continued on our way.
    Now, I have had many midnight ATV rides, does that count. I love riding when its dark and cool.
    I don’t trust people enough in my neighborhood to take walks at night.

  4. “houselights flick on and fill streets with checkery yellow teeth”. I love your made-up descriptions! That’s my favorite part about your blog.

  5. Midnight bike rides are pretty awesome, too. I used to work at a coffee shop before I drove, and I remember riding home in the pitch blackness at 11:30 pm… there was one (well paved) patch where there were no lights. Spooky and a little thrilling.

  6. Likens to #490 for many of you and me!
    Apparently there’s a Supernova can be seen with binoculars this week.
    “Supernova” for a summer’s night stroll……..

  7. “Moonbeams shine softly on tree branches, warm winds whisper through black hedges and a still and soothing softness settles over everything like a blanket.”

  8. For the true introvert, night time is truly the best time to escape the world and recharge. During the day, people are out watering their lawns, kids are playing, people are rushing around in their cars getting from A to B. You can’t walk down the street without someone waving at you. I don’t want to smile and be pleasant. I want to walk, pray, think, feel, release and renew. I want to feel the hush of a world where its people have retreated to their cozy caves, where THEY renew themselves. Being alone in the dark, warm night, going from dark to light to dark to light under the streetlights, hearing nothing but my shoes on the concrete and my breath…this is beyond awesome. It is where I find myself.

  9. …until your friendly neighbourhood stalker follows you into the tranquil, peaceful, deserted and dimly lit park …

  10. I loooooooove these but sadly I don’t take them often. I don’t think it’s the safest thing for a girl to do alone =/. It makes me really sad when I know the night is b-e-a-utiful and I have to be inside.

  11. Oh my! I used to be fascinated that the world and town went on after I had gone to bed. It was a real treat to be up in the wee hours of the morning and see the empty stores, streets and listen to the lone cars late at night. This summer I moved out on the prarie. At night the world would cool off and the wind would blow through the cottonwoods. Perfect for walking!! Love this one!!!

  12. Would love this if I didn’t live in a suburban area. ._. Somewhere quiet with trees and very little chance of scary gangsters stalking the playgrounds.

  13. Beautiful. I’ve only done evening walks rather than really late night walks but I still think that the description is amazing!

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