#160 Going really fast over speed bumps in the back of a school bus

It’s a different world.

The back of the schoolbus is a strange seatbeltless land far away from teachers, parents, and watching eyes. Slide on the slippery vinyl seats, let your booger noses drip, and laugh out loud with your eight-year old pals as you bump and bounce along to school.

When the bus smacks a big bump there’s suddenly a blurry scene of flying elbow-scabbed arms and grass-stained knees. Butts leave the seat, faces smack the window, and some kid sitting backwards sucking on a juice box might even go rolling right down the aisle.

You keep your looping roller coasters and fancy water slides.

We’ll take these big ol’ speed bumps on our daily school bus rides.


45 thoughts on “#160 Going really fast over speed bumps in the back of a school bus

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  1. Even better was riding in the back of a bus going 50MPH over frost heaves in the road in the mountains of Vermont.

  2. Yes! Some of the best memories. We’d tell the bus driver to speed up, and she totally would. She was well respected.

  3. My science teacher used to take the bushwalking sport group out to the Pine Forest in the mini school bus. To get out of the school, you had to drive over a small speed bump.

    He would roll gently over it with the front wheels, giving himself a smooth ride… Then hit the gas, slamming that poor bus over the bump with a sound like a gun shot!

    What made it even better was that this was when we were in Year 9 and 10 at High School – we needed that little moment of childhood amusement!

    (And for anyone wondering – yes, this is the same science teacher who used to make the answer “B” to question 2 in any test, so he could say “2 – B… Or not to be.”)

  4. The best times would be when we would have substitute drivers and they wouldnt know where all the bumps were and would keep on driving over them at full speed (there was an infamous street with 5 of them,no markings). Oh good times!!

  5. ha, a poem I wrote back in ’05 for high-school:

    *The Sub*
    He’s new.
    Doesn’t know the route;
    Doesn’t know what roads to take,
    much less the roads themselves.

    He doesn’t slow down over big bumps;
    startled complaints rise from the back.
    We have to tell him:
    “Right on this street, left the next.”
    “No, you go straight here, then right.”
    “Not this one, a little farther.”
    “Wait! STOP!”

    But it’s okay.
    He doesn’t know.
    He’s new.

  6. I am a track coach, and my kids have a tradition. On the way home from any meet, and they know at which point, they start singing a song.

    “Bump it up, Bump it up. You gotta bump it up!” and pounding on the sides of the bus in tune to the beat. As they get closer to the point, one of the seniors yells “FLOOR IT!” and they hit the bump and all scream and yell with glee.

    I am happy to say, that on the last meet of the year, the driver didn’t slow down like normal, but hit the gas for the kids. I think it was a great send off for the seniors that left.

  7. My favorite spot to sit on the bus was the seat right above the wheel. I don’t know why, but that’s the seat I ALWAYS sat in. I never got thrown in the air like the other kids did who sat behind me.
    There is this one road that my dad used to drive down when I was little just to make us bounce. We called it the rollercoaster road. We always went down this road when we were going out to McDonalds or out shopping. It was out of our way, but totally worth it. It started out as little bumps, slightly swaying the car, then you hit a hill and kind or ramped off it. That’s when it felt like your stomach fell to your feet.

      1. Ah, you got me. I knew I had told that story before on here somehwere.
        hahaha. I read my comment from the post about my daughter saying her heart was in her throat. I had forgotten that she use to do that. She doesn’t say that anymore. She just yells at me now.

    1. we have a road in our neighborhood which has a really good bump on it, not unlike the one you described.It’s just the right angle for a good old-fashioned stomach drop. we would always lean our seats back in the car and yell for my dad to floor it, sometimes he would, you would go over and your stomach felt like it was about to fall out. plus, right before and after it were two nice big speed bumps. I’ve always wanted to go over it in a bus!

  8. There was one road along my bus route which was bumpy and full of small potholes. It was always a lot of fun to ride along it, because even when we went slow we’d bounce out of our seats. The kids near the back wheels would sometimes bounce so high we’d be able to touch the ceiling! Good times. :)

  9. OMG Yes. We LOVED it when we had a sub bus driver b’c they never knew about this one bump in the road that you HAD to slow down for. And of course we never let on. Heh. WHAM! And up we’d go, laughing hysterically while the bus driver cursed her luck at landing our route. Awesome indeed.

  10. For a little while when I was in high school, my school bus took a detour down a countryish road that had some pot holes and the driver just sped along on the road, and the bumps we got from those holes were totally the highlight of my bus rides in that time.

  11. “School days, school days, bumping it on the bus is the golden rule ways!!!”
    I walked to school but do recall AWE-MAZING memories from the bus on field trips. Even joined some teens on one a few years ago, 300 miles there a week of fun times in between, transported everywhere we went by the bus and good times all the way back. Driver, Kathy, most kind and patient driver I ever met, made it that much more fun and better!

  12. Oh this made me smile! It’s funny to think they actually have buses in North America like the one in the photo. But yeah in primary school we used to have to do swimming lessons in November at our city’s Rec. centre. Going into the big carpark there were about four speed humps that the bus had to go over. It didn’t necessarily go really fast, but everyone came to anticipate the bump and we all ‘aided’ the effect and pushed ourselves off the seats half a second before so we all flew up :D Alas, there are no speed humps on my bus route now in highschool but oh well, good times pass :)

  13. May I just say, that I ride a schoolbus every day and sit in the back, and the speedbumps that we pass on the way to picking up the little kids at the elementary school are NOT fun. They are painful, and I’ve had 2 mirrors in my backpack be broken from it before.

  14. In middle school, the field trip bus took the same route into the city, and there was one road with a huge bump. On field trip days, we would race to the bus to try and be the first ones in the very last seat where you could get the most air, and as we came up on The Bump we’d all pick up our feet and let go of everything so nothing was holding us back. We’d hit that bump and go flying for probably less than a second, but we shrieked and giggled and cheered like it was the greatest thing that ever happened to us.

  15. Oh yeah!! This was an insane amount of fun. It was always a race to see who could snag a seat in the very back. My friend and I usually got one. Double the awesome because there was this one stoplight on the way home with TWO bumps smack in the middle and on top of that, we had a cool bus driver who intentionally sped up and ran yellow lights so that we all went FLYING! :D now is that awesome or what?

  16. Awesome indeed. The greatest things happen when you try. There´s a huge bump near my school and I always got back home by bus. One day I got in it and there were no seats left exept for one in the back. I hesitated a little bit but I went for it. the minute the bus went through the bump I thought that i would fly through the ceiling. The bump lifted me so high that I spent about five seconds in the air. Best Thing Ever

  17. love goin over the big awesome ones and 4 some resoni am never on my bus or anywhere when somthing bad (like the bus shutting down or going into the ditch) happens. I don’t even get bitten by misquitoes without repellent!!! (@_@) :)

  18. This reminds me of when I was younger and we would ride the after school activity bus. On the Activity Bus the driver, Sean, would go up to this hill in the back of a neighborhood. He would drive so fast up the hill then stop, whipping the entire bus around, ready to ride down. He would press the gas and we would brace ourselves, total silence before we hit the big bump, and thump! We flew so high off our seats it seemed like we were eagles soaring in our moment of glory.

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