#159 Sitting on that warm spot where your pet was just sleeping


When you’re looking for a good snooze in warm bedsheets or a cozy couch potato session on the couch, nothing’s quite as nice as scoring that warm spot where the family fuzzball was just powernapping.


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  1. Meg

    Also, stepping on that spot on an otherwise cold floor.

  2. Hi Neil — Looks like you’ve carved out a nice niche with this concept. I like it very much – it encourages people (as I try to do) to notice and appreciate the countless little wonders that surround us all the time. Good for you!!

  3. *heh* The reverse is true as well. My cats lay in wait for when I leave a chair, then scrabble to be the first to sleep in my warm spot!

    Mind you also awesome is when on a winter night all the pets, cats and dogs, cuddle up with you on the bed and you wake up under a fuzzy warm blanket of snoozy critters.

  4. …and then having said pet return to curl up on your lap in a nice, warm, purring pile of awesomeness. :)

    Also: Best picture ever! Awwww!!

  5. floramoreno

    I love the awesome things you post. Makes me really look at the little things that make my days great. Thank you.

  6. TrixieRix

    My dog isn’t allowed on furniture of the bed but I just wanted to say that the pic above is adorable.

  7. theampf

    The best…especially now it’s so cold!

  8. I don’t have a pet, but its nice to go back to bed to tell hubby to get back on his side, to find that he had warmed up my side.

  9. jen325

    When my feet are cold, I like to slide them underneath my sleeping cat. :)

  10. JT

    I just got a kitty and he is such a cuddler so I definitely experience him warming a spot on my lap rather than on the couch. He is the sweetest cat I have ever met…in my entire life =D. Can you tell that I love him? =p

    • Kathy

      Your post made me smile!

      • wendy

        I finally got a cuddler too! I adopted her 2 years ago. She’s an exotic looking persian with ebony fur and one splash of white on her chest. She is polydactal and sounds like a pony when she runs to leap up beside me. Looks up at me with her emerald green eyes and puts a “snow-shoe paw” over my arm… she is lapushka!

  11. Tyler

    I miss this. oh the memories

  12. Cassie

    It’s especially awesome when your pet is sleeping on your bed and leaving a warm spot when it’s a cold Wisconsin winter night.

  13. Sam

    I like to move the dog over for where they have been sleeping just to get the warm spot especially when it’s -25

  14. Riley

    Whenever my dog leaves my side, I’m, at first, a little upset with her and then I scoot an inch over and enjoy this awesome moment also :)

  15. I don’t have any pets, but I would imagine this is definitely true. Also, seeing that adorable pic has melted me into a puddle of goo…

  16. Black Bear

    As long as they left the warm spot dry…….
    tis awesome:)

  17. Nice a warm spot, hmmm :p

  18. this made me really happy. so simple and beautiful. thank you.

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  20. Neil, in my case, my cat loves to sleep on my sandals. So whenever I’ll go to work, the warmth the cat left on those sandals are pretty much awesome!

  21. Emmazcool

    The only pet I can remember was a cat named Nigel. He was really violent though so sharing a bed wasn’t an option:(. Ah, well. The spot where he was was still warm.

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