#155 Correctly guessing which pocket your keys are in while standing at your front door

I used to have a man purse.

Somebody bought one for me a few years ago and I found myself strapping it on around town while I was in school. Once the cell phone and wallet got tossed in there everything else was fair game. I’d stuff a burrito in before the movie, skip plastic bags at the corner store, and avoid taking a backpack to class. “So practical,” I’d find myself saying to friends. “I feel like a new man.”

And when I was toting the man purse around I always had a specific pocket to stash my keys. It was on the front for easy access and I preferred having them there instead of stab-jabbing my thighs through a day of classes.

But sadly, my friends, those days are gone.

See, I left my man purse in the back of a cab one night by accident and it sped off into the distance, leaving me in a cloud of dust, never to be heard from again. It was like that tragic scene in An American Tail where Feivel gets separated from his family. Only I was Fievel. And my family was the man purse.

These days I’m back to my thigh-jabby self again with assorted wallets, keys, and phones poking out of pockets all over the place. Random folded pieces of paper, bus transfers, and jing-jangling coins come along for the ride too, strapped right onto me, everywhere I go.

It’s always a tense scene when I get to the front door and suddenly go on a frantic Pocket Search to find my keys. Winter coats, sweatshirt pouches, and┬ácargo pants┬ácomplicate matters and there are times I’m stuck searching for up to two seconds.


People, that’s what makes it great when I manage to correctly guess which pocket is holding my keys at the front door. Call off the search party and scrap the mission because now we ain’t going fishin’ — we’re just getting in, getting comfy, and getting


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17 thoughts on “#155 Correctly guessing which pocket your keys are in while standing at your front door

  1. why dont you just buy another man purse?


    anyway, because I have such a huge handbag (i need to, to be able to carry all those things in the last post) – it makes it very difficult to find my keys!
    BUT – i do have a small pocket on the inside where I usually put my keys – the only problem is that sometimes, it comes out – thats when the big search party starts!

  2. OMG! “An American Tail”! What a blast from the past…

    But yes, I agree with Simone – why not invest in another manbag? Then your key-struggling woes would be over! :D

    1. LOL, I love the fact that us Australians have the ease of getting to the awesome thing of today first, due to our time location :)
      awesome indeed :)

  3. “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” ;-)
    that’s why this man would like to give his personal
    today to… the cargo trouser!
    Thanks to this two-legged multipouch, us guys can spread the welter of daily trappings comfortably in one garment all over the place, without that taxi-based risk (or motorway services, airport gates, you name it).
    Only disadvantage – no more Mae West saying
    “Is that your wallet in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”
    Thanks for the
    AWESOME blog, Neil
    -Seb H-G.

    1. This was like an extra awesome Seb. Thanks:)
      Much more difficult to lose than the purse, that is unless you “BIG BOY,” are an easy push over to the likes of a May West;)

  4. My keys have a specific place on every purse I have owned and even on the diaper bag. On the purse I have now, there is a metal ring that connect the strap to the purse.. and that’s where my keys hang. They are always right where I can reach them when I have my hands full of the baby filled car seat, diaper bag, purse, and who knows what else.
    There have been times where I’ve put them on the wrong side of my purse and I have to stretch around the carseat to try to reach them, almost turning the poor baby upside down in the process.

  5. I solved that problem for me (and my purse) by putting a carabiner (sp?) clip on every purse I own. I bought them years ago as an advertising giveaway for my then-business; they even have a little capsule attached (with my URL on it) that holds ibuprofen, etc. So handy! And yes, my keys are always *right there* when I need them. AWESOME!

  6. FEIVAL!! Gosh, it must be sixteen years ago now that we babysat my 2-year old niece for a weekend. We took her to the neighbourhood video store (that’s right, vid.e.o.) and let her pick out any kids movie she wanted. With “An American Tale” firmly grasped, we made our way home.

    Not understanding toddlers AT ALL, we figured this movie was “new to her”. Wrong. Later we found out that she’d been obsessing on that movie, and could have just brought her well-worn copy along for the weekend. Or just acted it out for us – I’m pretty sure she had the dialogue memorized. ah, we were such noobs.

  7. Remember Joey on Friends “The Man Purse!” episode.
    Although they do tend to get caught up in the hoodie a bit, they are hot and you should totally get a new one:)

  8. I enjoy this, as well as having them in the pocket that I can actually reach (as opposed to the pocket near the hand carrying the 4 bags of groceries and my purse and cell phone or something like that! When they are in the other pocket with perhaps the milk jug in that hand it works out beautifully! Yay awesome!

  9. This is why I’m compulsive about where my pocket contents go. Wallet on the left, keys on the right, phone on the right, etc.

    …it’s also why I nearly panic when I mistakenly put something in the wrong pocket.

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