#152 When someone bakes you a cake on your birthday

Grocery shopping, cake making, and cake baking means somebody’s big wet eyes are twinkling like stars for you. Hey, they went to the store, dropped coin on flour, and waited in long lines before coming home and sweating up a storm in the kitchen. Beating eggs, mixing bowls, and pouring out big pans of batter is one thing. Smearing icing on top, sticking chocolates on there, and spelling out your name is something else altogether.

Congratulations, my friend.

Somebody loves you.


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54 thoughts on “#152 When someone bakes you a cake on your birthday

    1. Magical cake powder makes it sound soooo much better than just cake. Anyone cake make a cake, but to make one with magical cake powder is extra special! I love your description!

  1. Today is my birthday and I check 1000 Awesome Things every day and I’m SO excited that this was today’s post!!!! :D :D :D

    1. Happy Birthday to you,
      Happy Birthday to you,
      Happy Birthday Dear Catherine…..
      Happy Birthday to you!

      HIP HIP……

        1. I knew you would finish my sentence! :D
          thank you very much!

          Catherine, I hope somebody bakes you a cake today!
          I dont know where in the world you live, but if it were in sydney – I sure would!
          I love making birthday cakes!!!

      1. Happy Birthday Catherine! i think the fact that complete stranegers are greeting you on your special day is awesome enough. i hope you get spoilt rotten by your loved ones.

        1. All of these Happy Birthdays are AMAZING!! :D This is the first birthday I haven’t had with my mom and family, so this really means a lot to me :) Thank you so so much, you guys. <3 :')

  2. When i saw todays post i was very happy because it’s my birthday and when i see the comments i was even more happier to see someone with a name like mine make Birthday too! Happy Birthday, Catherine!

  3. Love it! One of my friends makes the best cakes I’ve ever tasted – and she makes one for my birthday every year.

    1. Happy Birthday, Kelly! What a great day to have a birthday, when it matches the post! Hope yours is extra special today and you have yummy cake!

  4. I love baking cakes. The last birthday cake I made, though, was back in March for my little brother’s 18th birthday. I’ve always wanted to be able to decorate cakes and I just recently bought me some stuff to do that. Hopefully I’ll be able to make that firetruck birthday cake for my son’s first birthday in January and than a butterfly cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday in March. I don’t just want to draw the picture on a cake with icing, I want the cake to be shaped like the objects.
    It’s been a long time since someone baked me a cake.

    1. Wow, what a loving mom you are! Your kids will always remember the special cakes you make them, Bekah. I hope that this year someone bakes you an extra special birthday cake! Hey, when’s your birthday?

      1. You know what? I could bake a cake here, take a pic and post it, and then y ou’d have a really extra special cake! You do like chocolate, right? :)

          1. Ah, Bruce got me. Yes, if you got back to #224 is all revealed there, but I’ll go ahead and tell ya Kathy. My birthday is on June 13.
            And yes I love chocolate!! chocolate on top of chocolate with chocolate inside!

  5. This comment really brought tears to my eyes. I remember we had done the same thing for my dad’s birthday….it was so nice…..may be the cake was not that good but the feeling and the bonding was simply…..AWESOME!!!

  6. My mom is awesome at remembering birthdays. She’ll even know the age of the person too. Even after they’re gone. Eg. “oh, did you know that today would have been Great Aunt So-and-So’s 104th birthday?”. She found out one of our neighbour’s birthday was on Halloween, so every year when he’d bring the kids around to trick-or-treat, there would be a special cupcake for the birthday dad. And just this week, she was out delivering birthday treats to 2 of her elderly neighbours. On Friday, mom turns 79, so I hope she gets a lot of cakes!

  7. When somebody shows their love for you, it is always awesome!

    Happy birthday to the people celebrating their birthdays today! May you receive lots of love.. And cakes, too!

  8. My best friend and her mom baked me a batman cake for my birthday, it was awesome! (my own mom didn’t even make me one.) haha

  9. It was my birthday a week ago, and two of my friends surprised me by bringing me cupcakes in the Student Center. Since they don’t have cars, this means they hiked a mile to the grocery store to buy ingredients, cooked up a pile of gooey, candy-filled cupcakes in the basement kitchen, and then somehow steered me into the right place at the right time. Love :)

  10. My mom always made the coolest birthday cakes when I was a kid. Once I had an underwater themed party and she made a cake with chocolate fish and coral on top. She used scrunched up bubble wrap as a mold for the coral. My favourite part was decorating my sister’s cake (if Mum didn’t have plans of her own). The one year she didn’t bake a cake was when she was sick so she bought one instead. It looked alright, but after the dog ate half of it, it lost its appeal.

  11. My real sisters and I were 3 years apart; 2 exactly the same day, me 2 days earlier…ALL January. As if this is not difficult enough just to articulate, when we were really small, we were a family, together. Sometimes our mother would bake AND decorate each one of us a cake. I can only imagine the stress and hullaballoo for our mom in one weekend! And an extra surprise was hidden between the layers… coins wrapped in waxed paper. I guess so nobody would swallow them. Mostly 5-10 cent pieces, which bought candy or a toy at the nickel and dime, but the really big prize was 25 cents, one quarter!
    Thanks be to my mama-butterfly for our birth- days and the cakes she baked.
    To everyone who gives this thoughtfulness…God bless!

  12. I just wanted to put this out there.
    I use to not like to celebrate my birthday. No one made a big deal out of it when I was little, so I didn’t see the reason to really like and enjoy them. (I’ve always made a big deal out of my kids birthday…I love celebrating other people’s birthdays)
    I am a volunteer for Relay for Life which raises money for the American Cancer Society and they turned me on to liking my birthday. They have a campaign that I am a part of now, Celebrating more birthdays. It makes me happy now that I am able to have another birthday. Whether or not anyone else celebrates it, I will now, every year.
    “You can create a world with less cancer and more birthdays”

  13. What is REALLY awesome is that I actually baked my sis a cake for her birthday yesterday and didn’t see this until this morning. AWESOME!

  14. Yes, I love it when this happens.
    My favourite birthday cake was home-baked, and it was the yummiest cake by far…to heck with fancy ice cream cakes (even though they’re delicious), the one my own Mom made is the sweetest to me.

  15. Im 31 years old, and never had a birthday cake tho I asked my mother every year growing up, she always told me I didn’t deserve it. Being an adult I thought that would change, So since I never gotten a birthday cake, that means no one loves me and nobody wants to celebrate my life. I’m 31 but I have felt dead along time ago! :(

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