74 thoughts on “#147 When those little stringy things come off with the banana peel

  1. I was thinking this very thing today as my grandson ate his first banana fresh out of the peel! I did NOT want him to taste the bitters…only the sweets!
    His eyes were popping with delight! AWESOME experience for sure!

  2. YUK!
    lol, sorry neil, I can appreciate the awesomeness – but I shall be doing my appreciation from a well, far, far, FAR away distance! – even the smell of a banana makes me sick!

  3. YUK!
    lol, sorry neil, I can appreciate the awesomeness – but I shall be doing my appreciation from a well far, far, FAR away distance! – even the smell of a banana makes me sick!

  4. YUK!
    lol, sorry neil, I can appreciate the awesomeness – but I shall be doing my appreciation from a well far away distance! – even the smell of a banana makes me sick!

  5. woah, sorry guys! silly computer, must have kept posting the same comment above! – ok I dont like bananas, but i dont hate them that much to make three comments about it!

    1. Even frozen bananas? Soo good, especially when they’re very ripe then frozen (with peel and string bits and brown thing at bottom off). Almost like an ice cream.

      1. ahahaha my bad guys!!!
        but yes I dislike all types of bananas & banana flavoured things!
        fresh bananas, frozen bananas, banana lollies,
        to be honest, I don’t even like typing banana, cause I have to always check it make sure I didnt put to many ‘anananas’ in it.

          1. “I’m your venus, I’m your fire, your desire”
            LOL, yep I know them! – But thank goodness I don’t have to spell ‘bananarama’ on a daily basis!

  6. Now you know, you can have those always come off if you peel from the non-stem end. We did science to it, so it must be true!

      1. Yes, yes, I eat bananas every day and love it when the strings come off by themselves! And I’ve also heard that it helps to peel it from the bottom, but it’s just so much more difficult.

        1. My grandpa has always told me to peel from the bottom. He says that’s how monkey’s do it… I don’t know…I’ve never watched a monkey peel a banana.

        2. Seems to me that peeling the banana from the bottom is a lot more difficult than pulling off a couple of peel strings… Also too much risk of mushing up the whole bottom part trying to get it to peel from there.

          1. How often can you use the phrase “that’s how monkeys do it” and actually have a point :) very helpful and so rare!

          2. For the record, that’s the “top” of the banana, and it’s not only monkeys…most people in the world open their bananas from that end. Americans are weird!

  7. I’m with Simone, times three. I hate bananas, even the smell! I think I tried a bite once when I was a kid and that was it. No more nanners. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I also haven’t eaten a PBJ in my entire life. That combination of food stuffs just makes me ill to think about. And yes, a thousand people have asked me what’s wrong with me.

    1. LOL
      to be honest I can’t stand the idea of PBJ too!
      ok maybe its because I’m an aussie & we call jelly – jam & our jelly is your jello, so its just weird to us all together

      but seriously, people think I’m weird when I make a nutella & peanut butter sandwich – when PEOPLE – they’re both nuts!! – those americans are having Jam & Peanut butter – now thats weird!!!

      1. Wait.. who said anything weird about nutella & peanut butter sandwiches? This is a totally acceptable manner of eating Nutella, and I’ll have serious words with anyone who disagrees. It might not be there preference, but it is well within the realm of normal ways to eat nutella..

        And as we all know, as long as you’re getting nutella in you somehow, who are we to complain about your preferred method!

        1. I agree!!
          hmm, now nutella goes with anything!
          my favourite would have to though, plain corn chips & nutella – or salt & vinigar chips with nutella.
          hmmmmmmmmm… yum! :)

          1. Now, I love Nutella and salt & vinegar chips, but I don’t think I am bold enough to try them together…. and I mix and match my foods all the time.

  8. You know I think my friend would get on with the people here that feel sick at the smell of bananas. Someone put one in her hand once with her eyes closed and she slapped them.
    But I love when all the strings come off. It’s especially annoying when they’re still on and I get strings in my mashed banana :(

  9. I love bananananananananans!! I don’t really mind the stringy things… I kind of like to peel them off seperately from the peel. My daughter will freak out if the stringy things are still on hers though.

  10. Ah yes, it’s really awesome when the stringy things come off! my rabbit pet will eat them avidly, though…haha :D

  11. I can’t stand a stringy mango! Absolutely nothing you can do about that!!!
    I don’t like banana’s much either!
    “Here comes the bride………….slipped on a banana peel and went for a ride!”
    Oopsie-daisy, I got in BIG trouble from my dad when I was 5 for singing that and promised to never again!

    1. now that sounds like a funny song!
      BUT if anyone has a banana peel anywhere near me when I walk down the aisle – I’ll freak out!!

  12. I can never understand how some people can not like bananas. What’s not to like? (Aside from when they get all bruised and smooshy. Yuck.)

  13. Banana purchasing trick:

    Buy a few different bananas from different bunches, according to ripeness. If you buy a few that are perfectly ripe, you can eat them when you get home.. then also buy a few that are greener and they’ll ripen in a few days!

    If you buy them all from one bunch, they’ll all be ripe at the same time and you’ll have to go on a banana eating frenzy! (or invite a bunch of friends over to help – just don’t invite Simone.. I hear she’s not a very big fan..)

    1. ahahaha
      but you may invite me over when you have a mango eating frenzy!
      i’ll be sure to appreciate the awesomeness of that from a VERY close range! :)
      mangos = yum
      bananananannanananas = yuk.

  14. You know in the back of my mind, I always noticed the strings, but never cared much either way, sometimes I eat them, sometimes they magically peal off…shrug…does this make me weird? Lol

      1. hmm on that post there’s a comment from an “A” who also has a green icon…can’t remember If I started writing comments by Dec 09, but I did have a few “trial” names hmmmmm

        1. Too funny.. that’s a weird thing that happens with the internet.. you can see something from a few years back, and not be entirely sure if you actually wrote it or not.. I doubt that happened 50 years ago, where someone would pick up an old letter and say: “hmmm.. did I write this? I can’t tell because I used a “trial name”.. :)

          Glad you settled on AA, so we always know its you!

    1. the annoying thing is, my fiance loves bananas –
      but when we get married and settled into married life at home, I’m not sure If I want to buy him bananas from our local fruit shop cause I know the smell will just erk me!

        1. ps. you have 17 comments on this day…but who’s counting?
          Wedding’s and babies are love!
          Step up to the spotlight…bride and wife-to-be:)

          1. thank you numb -bum! – I am seriously looking forward to our honeymoon! – finally a chance to relax!!!
            & wendy, wow, first I stalked Freddo, & now you’re my stalker!

            :D LOL.
            yay! only 11days left till I walk down the asile!
            so excited!! – but I will miss all you guys!

  15. Ugh, so true. I hate when I miss one and it just hangs on my lip *gag*

    And one time, I stopped to wonder why I never eat the last little bottom piece and realized that it was only because that’s how I see everyone else do it. So one day I ate it. Then I understood…

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