#137 Laughing when you’re at home by yourself

It’s a Solo Chuckle.

Laughing when you’re by yourself happens when you’re watching a forwarded video in your dimly lit dormroom, lying in the La-Z-Boy catching a TV Treasure Chest Moment, or just having a little Laugh Echo as you’re about to fall asleep.

Now there’s something special and something sincere about laughing when nobody’s around or watching you. Group laugh attacks, fake business laughs, and contagious laughs are all ruled out. Now it’s just you and you alone enjoying a little side-splitting moment on the couch.


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36 responses to “#137 Laughing when you’re at home by yourself

  1. simone

    spot on!
    Anyway guys, sorry on a personal note, Todays post will be my last for a few weeks! – going on leave for my wedding this saturday & wont really have internet access & will be way too busy on thursday & friday to check back here…
    so good luck with the awesomeness – I shall grace your presence once again in the near future!
    all the best!

  2. Solo laughing is brilliant.

    No need to be self-conscious.

    No need to hold it in.

    This is laughter at its loudest and best. :D

  3. Kim

    I laugh hysterically when I’m home alone and reading the “Damn You Autocorrect” posts on Facebook. Good thing no one can see the tears running down my cheeks! Those things are a riot!

  4. wendy

    And here’s one for every…BODY=D

  5. i always found it a bit weird laughing on my own, maybe i need to try and enjoy it! :)

  6. wendy

    “The women of SNL”, one hour special…gauranteed!!!

  7. jdurley

    Holiday Awesome? HOLIDAY AWESOME?? Christmas list, you are officially put on notice!

  8. This could be a sign of insanity as well! Just kidding…

  9. Rhonda Konrad

    A little recommendation about # 137. The laughing alone is great and is awesome but NOT with a picture of a toddler. Let us hope that the toddler is not home alone as you comment suggests. This would be a criminal matter. I would suggest you change the picture to an older person. Thanks.
    ps. love your books.. keep on being awesome!!

  10. Jen

    The best is when you laugh while reading a book. For some reason, it just feels more special than a television laugh. By the way–super excited for the new book! Woohoo for holidays!

  11. AA

    Laughing alone is AWESOME!! Except when you’re doing one of those alone while around others activities, such as “studying” alone in a library…sipping coffee alone at a coffee shop…sitting on a bus…yeah laughing alone then is not so awesome…

  12. A holiday book?! Really?! I must have it!!!

    I’m rarely home by myself anymore, but I can appreciate this. I do have my few tv shows that I only watch at night time when the kids are asleep and hubby is out or in the shower and I’m all by myself in front of the tv.

  13. JT

    Once I had a laughing attack alone in my bedroom, my family was home though. They thought I was crazy but I couldn’t stop laughing and the best part was, I didn’t know what I was laughing about. It was pretty awesome…even though it sounds crazy. =)

  14. Karen H.

    I was alone and laughing while reading this blog tonight.
    Actually, I was guffawing.

  15. tish16

    oh my i always laught to myself wether im alone or not. kinda weird but if i dont make myself happy who will?

  16. Laura

    I’m glad this is classified as awesome, because I do it a lot. A LOT.

    OMG, Holiday Awesome! I’m giving some mega-awesome for Christmas this year, because I have a bunch of (Even More) Awesome books lined up for gifts … now I’ll pair them up with some Holiday Awesome for a SUPER GIFT! Then all my friends will have the awesome trifecta like I will.


  17. Oh the life of an only child.

    Yes, this is me.

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  20. i’m doing it while reading your blog right now! :D

  21. just discovered this blog recently! it’s more like outrageous laughs than chuckles while reading this! HAHAHA!

  22. I was reading through some of your blog posts on this website and I believe this web site is very informative ! Keep on posting .

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