#128 Whispering reviews of the movie trailers with your friends as they happen

Making movies ain’t easy.

Script ideas are batted around in basements, screenplays are slaved over under dim desk lamps, edits are massaged for months in coffee shop corners, ideas are pitched in glassy boardrooms, storyboards are drawn in dusty studios, phone calls are made and meetings are had, and months and months and millions and millions are spent assembling a cast and crew, scouting locations, and shooting every single second of the next big Hollywood blockbuster.

But all bets are off when the trailer is finally screened before your movie begins.

Slurping your Coke, elbowing the armrest, your eyeballs flash with explosions before whispering to your friend.

“That looks terrible.”


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16 thoughts on “#128 Whispering reviews of the movie trailers with your friends as they happen

  1. Oh yeah, totally. You don’t want to be “that person” talking through the movie, but hushed analyses of the previews are definitely acceptable. And by acceptable, I mean awesome.

    1. Woah Laura you were up early =P

      This is awesome though, I have a friend who just bags out movie trailers to the point where your face hurts from laughing. But I do know what you mean – I hate it when people analyse the sheeet out of a movie when it’s playing, but during trailers it’s okay… I do it a lot, too actually. I guess, in my opinion, it’s all about timing if it’s during a movie and you only should do it once and quietly to your friends – not shout it in front of everyone to show off.

      Best example of an awesome movie comment: A friend whilst watching Paranormal Activity (1) was so engrossed in the movie she didn’t realise she said her comment out loud, lol. When the demon was going “BOOM BOOM BOOM” up the stairs she said “Omigod IT’S A FAT MOTHER…” and I kid you not, the whole cinema broke out in laughter.

      1. That’s just awesome. I love when the cinema audience reacts to someone in there, and not to the movie.

        It’s like when I watched Spider-man 3:

        Peter Parker hits MJ. (Audience goes “awwww….”)
        One guy, being a special individual, shouts, “Yes!”
        And suddenly we’re all laughing. And didn’t that just make us look like sadistic bastards… :P

        1. YES. During Twilight (to which I was dragged):

          Edward: I can read everyone’s mind in this restaurant…except yours.
          Me: (loudly) That’s because there’s nothing to read!!

      2. I love perfectly timed, witty comments during movies but not full commentaries, guesses about what will happen, or questions (ugh!).

  2. My husband and I always do that. And we get super excited when it’s a trailer for a movie we’re dying to see, like the Harry Potter ones, or something else blockbuster style.

    Totally Awesome Moment!

  3. I do this alot. Its mostly me just saying whether or not the movie looks worthy of me watching it. Its been a while since I’ve done this. I haven’t been out to the theater in a long time and I don’t really watch commercials on tv anymore to criticize the previews on there either.

  4. Feels like you’re breaking the silence “just a little bit” and “just a little bit” is all right, so long as just enough people hear about it!
    The “Millions and millions spent”, is just too much!

  5. Oh my God this is my friend and I’s absolute favorite thing to do while we watch them, it’s like you get be a movie critic for 20 minutes, and how awesome is that?

  6. Any post about movies is terrific! Couldn’t get by without flicks…as Woody Allen says, “All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.”
    Reviewing the previews as they’re shown is so great, especially when it’s a movie about which the group has a strong opinion. Sometimes, my preview review is just about the preview itself if I’ve already seen the movie. “This preview makes the movie look soo much better than it really is.”

  7. I love horror movies – in fact I have thought of a few story plots myself – but of course that is as far as it goes!

    We watch the previews and then look at each other and say ‘yep want to see that’ or ‘not my cup of tea’. We make a list and add it to our netflix account next time we sit down at the computer – great life :-)

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