#111 Double dipping amongst friends

Man, that’s one long celery stick.

I’m not sure if just one dip in our communal bowl of ranch dressing will be enough to coat that big green stick with enough sauce to get the job done. No, you better dip the second half in too, wet stringy bits and all, so you really get some creamy flavor on that bland crunchiness left in your hand.

Sure, maybe a couple spit molecules slip into the bowl for your best friend or little brother. But we say that’s a small price to pay for well-sauced veggies, salsa coated nacho shards, and dip-covered potato chips.


Thank you to Santa Claus for making a surprise appearance at The Book of (Holiday) Awesome book event last night at Chapters Brampton! Thank you to the staff for the awesome T-shirts, cookie decorating stations, and photo-booths! By the way, we had Santa read this entry, of course.

Next event is at Chapters Oshawa on Saturday at 2pm!

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34 thoughts on “#111 Double dipping amongst friends

  1. I love when my friends don’t mind me double-dipping. That teensy bit of salsa just isn’t enough to cover that whole tortilla chip! Silly people who care too much about germs that they can’t enjoy the wonder that is double-dipping :)

  2. I’m with GraceFace. I definitely don’t mind the double dip! I do have some friends though that won’t touch the bowl if they see someone do it!

  3. I’m glad this is considered awesome in our completely germaphobic world! I’m all for the double-dip. Sharing germs = building immunity, right? :)

  4. Folks, it’s always polite to ask first. But don’t be discouraged – I’m pretty sure that I’ve had a 100% success ratio when asking “do you mind if I double-dip?”. Who can resist politeness?

    1. Yes, it’s pretty rude not to ask first. I always ask too, and have also had a 100% success rate. YAY MORE DIP FOR EVERYONE!

  5. Double-dipping WITH real-bearded Santa, now that would be AWESOME! Double-dip a xmas cookie in a bowl of fudge or xmas frosting…mmmmm

  6. Veggies, salsa, nachos AND potato chips. It all sounds like the perfect invitation to eat up some tasty, tasty pub food! Yum.

  7. At an authentic traditional Russian gathering everyone eats everything out of the same bowl, even the bortsche and I’ve heard they have longevity.
    Mind you they also share vodka so could be preserved a wee bit!
    As for double-dipping ’round the children’s table, well…immune building gauranteed!
    Frankly, I’m game for it all:)

    1. To help you out Wendy, my grandma has this great community Borscht recipe where all our neighbours are invited to bring an ingredient. It’s delicious, fun and a novel approach to cooking. I’ll see if I can find it.

      1. If it’s vegetarian, creamy with lots of dill, we could be sisters! Or at least related Doukhobors…fun and novel!=D

  8. I always break my chip in half, thus getting the benefits of double-dipping without the risk of George Costanza-esque social ostracism.

    1. Way to think creatively, Lucy! :) BTW, I’ve been listening to my Peanuts Xmas CD already and Lucy reminds me of the Peanuts…very cool name!

  9. LOL, you should try this the next time when you have to double dip. Dip one side in, eat it, then you flip it around to the other side, where you didn’t bite, and just dip it into the sauce again xD
    Now I think that’s awesome >w<

    1. That’s what I do when people don’t agree to double-dipping or when I don’t know the other snackers well enough to ask them if I can double-dip.

      Or alternatively, you could break the item to be dipped into bite-sized pieces.

  10. Eww…sorry guys, but just…no.

    I do not want to eat 15 people’s saliva with my guac.

    Dip, bite, rotate to unbitten side, dip. You get your double-dip and no one gets your germs.

    Of course all of this food handling should be done after a good hand washing.

  11. i remember in preschool we had a no-double-dipping contest and i came in second because they caught me dipping both ends of my celery in the dip that should not count as double dipping

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