#109 Lying in a beam of sunlight coming through the window

You’re like a cat.

Maybe it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re exhausted after a long week. Teething babies, bickering boyfriends, everything’s taken its toll. So when you spot that bright sunbeam shining through the window pane it’s time to collapse on the dusty carpet in the front room again.

Dirty dishes and doing laundry can wait.

Now it’s time to feel the warmth on your skin, see the red on your eyelids, and let your brain slip somewhere far, far away.


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29 responses to “#109 Lying in a beam of sunlight coming through the window

  1. simone

    Hello everyone!
    I’m Back!!!!
    I’ve missed you guys, although I did have the time of my life on my honeymoon! It was amazing!
    I must thank all of you who wished me well bit over a month ago, I have spent an hour reading & catching up & now I’m up to date & ready to go!
    Now to todays post… I had plently of time to catch the suns beautiful rays in tahiti! ahh it was incredible!
    Oh & the wedding went perfectly! I’m so happy with life right now & looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the new hubby!

    • WELCOME BACK!! (:

      Glad to know that you got hitched without a hitch. That is, without a doubt, AWESOME! ;)

      • Emmy

        ‘Hitched without a hitch’. That is an epic phrase. But yes! Welcome back Simone :D I’m sure your lovely husband is feeling pretty lucky!! Glad you had a great relazing time.
        I on the other hand, am experiencing the end of Spring so I try to stay out of the sun. But Tahiti would be awesome now :)

        • wendy

          HELLO SIMONE=D Thought you’d be appearing as *MRS.* anyday soon!
          So good to hear your dreams all came true! No bananas anywhere???
          THAT IS AWESOME!
          (Gottalovethebadguy’s prose on wedding perfection!)

    • Welcome back Simone….even though I am a day late. I’m super happy for you!

    • Kathy

      Congrats and Best Wishes!

  2. CeeDee

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented before…but I’ve read plenty. These awesome things have helped me through some awful, not-so-awesome days. When I saw this, I just smiled :) This is sooo true. Just last week I tweeted: “Cold classroom + warm patch of sunlight = awesome drowsy cat moment”

    It was on a day I was feeling down + horrible, but soaking in the sunshine made me feel like….well, like sunshine! Awesome sunshine!! ^_^

    **btw simone, I don’t know you…but CONGRATS! :)

    • wendy

      So CeeDee, your tweet was posted! Now that IS awesome! Thank you for sharing your special beam of light to help us all in similar times:)

  3. KITTY!

    Oh, I love lying in the sun. Except when you make the mistake of doing it during a break at university. Then you go to your next class feeling content, but soooo sleeeeepy…

  4. I used to love doing this all the time! That is, until I moved houses… so sadly I can’t get a nice beam of light to lie in anymore.

  5. jdurley

    Here are some capshuns for that LOLcat:
    I said, “NO PHOTOS”
    “Talk to the paw”
    “I has a sunbeam”

  6. Julia

    Just the sunshine in general is AWESOME!

  7. Kathy

    Could use a little sunshine on this rainy Monday.

    BTW, was in a coffee shop over the weekend which featured a Nutella Latte!

  8. wendy

    A streaming slice of heaven:)

  9. GraceFace

    Someone please send some sunshine my way?! All I see when I look outside is melting snow… And as much as I love snow, I like the sunshine better :)

    CONGRATS SIMONE!! So happy for you :)

  10. Magda

    This is a sweet post, almost tender.
    I love the image of bright sunbeams shining through windows.

  11. wendy

    if kitty could sing (and liked water), for all who need some sunshine today…this ones for you~

  12. Yes! I do this all the time when I’m home from my ship. You really appreciate sunlight after living in a windowless cabin for 6 months!

  13. That’s one happy feline!

  14. Chantelle

    Warmth to the bone :)

  15. Nothing better than laying in front of the window and having the sun shine down on you. Especially for me…because I’m ALWAYS cold !! Give me that warmth!!

  16. Hannah

    I ♥ this book it is so awesome! my teacher recommended this book and web site to read and it is tolaly awesome!

  17. Sitting in that little bit of sunlight and reading for class makes the painful a little better….also in the middle of the winter when that little bit of sunlight warms you all the ways to my toes!

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