#108 That one guy who starts the standing ovation

Standing is big.

After all, we’re the audience here — we came, we paid, we get to sit down. The deal is we put our feet up, spill popcorn everywhere, and whisper to our friends while you prance about trying to entertain us. Dance your little dance, speech your little speech, play your little play, because we came, we paid, and we get to have our way.

A deal’s a deal.

Oh sure, when everything’s over we’re going to stand up and walk out of here anyway, but our end of the bargain is so scrimpy that standing up thirty seconds earlier is a huge deal. It’s a special sign that this audiences cares, they really care, and it’s not something that happens every day.

Now that one guy who jumps out of their seat before everyone else to get the standing ovation going is pretty gutsy. Blocking views to become the focus point leaves them temporarily naked and alone. Yes, there’s a chance everybody else at the 3D cartoon, library reading, or local debate may just shove past them as they wipe hot tears off their bright red cheeks.

It’s a risky move.

But that’s what makes it so great when that guy gets the whole crowd roaring together. Girl in the hat starts clapping, guy in the jeans starts slapping, then you feel a little rustle as the row behind you stands up … and now it’s on. The theater is rumbling, the music is blaring, and everything’s crashing into


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20 thoughts on “#108 That one guy who starts the standing ovation

    1. Me too. So many times I’ll want to give a standing ovation, but I just sit there thinking, “PLEASE someone stand up!” That’s one reason why it’s so fun to watch buskers: you’re already standing.

  1. I’m the girl that starts the chant at the end of concerts. I’ve done it at all the concerts I’ve been too, once resulting in an encore. Pretty awesome feeling, starting that kinda thing. I’m planning on doing it at the concert I’m going to Sunday. :3

  2. This is awesome! I work in a theatre in Dublin, and whenever we have a seated theatre show in, I can watch from the lighting desk for the people brave enough to start the standing ovation! Good times! :)

  3. I don’t care… I stand up. I don’t care if I’m the only one standing and clapping and cheering. If its deserved, I always give my standing ovation. I always try to be the first person clapping, too.

    1. I have jumped to my feet during the final blackout and stood alone, clapping until my hands tingled, and at other times been the only one sitting.

  4. Do not be afraid, be victorious and Just Do it! It’s not about you, it’s all about them and showing gratitude for their entertainment!

    “Dance your little dance, speech your little speech, play your little play”…
    Now, how can you say all that and not expect this from me:

  5. I got to do this on Saturday :) My friend plays viola, and did a fabulous recital, and we totally gave her a standing ovation. Ok, I can’t be sure that *I* started it, because EVERYONE was jumping out of their seats to give her the praise she deserved, but I definitely participated. And I’m so proud of her!!

    1. I don’t believe it!
      I think “you” are an imposter!
      And you best return “our” Awesome Magda, Toot-Sweet;)

        1. I was going to contact Sir Hawksley, say he neglected to include aliens!

          Standing “Oh” for another xoox’s miracle in Awesomeland!
          So glad you’re back in full wit! BIG Applause=D

  6. Oh-energy! Love it!
    I’m usually standing with sopping hot red cheeks:)
    Where did the book shop gang get their Awesome t-shirts?

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