#92 When someone makes the bed with you in it

Do you ever get the Sheet Twister going?

That’s where you open your eyes in the morning to discover your pajamas halfway up your stomach, your arms dented with pillow zippers, and most of the sheets mysteriously twisted around one of your legs? Now you only have two choices and neither of them are great:

1. Get up. Whip the bed into a freshly made rectangle of coziness and get back to sleeping in. The only problem is that during the 15-second reset you may accidentally wake yourself up, realize you need to pee, and jostle your brain just enough to prevent falling asleep again.

2. Stay down. Keep the coziness but settle for the chills. Sure, you might try to peel the blanket back over you, but then the sheet doesn’t come up with it or your feet are suddenly feeling open air. Maybe you have one of those five-second freakouts where you kick your arms and legs like a wild animal trying to get everything organized. But this just gets your heart rate motoring and ends up in a crumpled sheet explosion.

Now, neither of these tricks does the job which is why it’s great when someone makes the bed with you in it. Suddenly your sleep-in gets extended into a tightly fitted sheet trapping, pillow flapping, body wrapping moment of


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28 thoughts on “#92 When someone makes the bed with you in it

  1. I can’t say that I’ve ever had this happen, but I’d be into it. Every night, my daughter “makes me” (I love it) tuck her in so tight she winds up being totally cocooned in her blankets, and then we talk about how she’s going to be a beautiful butterfly, and then about how she already is, etc. There’s definitely something about being in bed and having somebody “work” around you. Makes you feel like royalty.

    1. PRECIOUS!
      I am SO using the cocoon~butterfly metaphor with my grand-babies next sleep-over and here on in!
      Thank you:)

  2. I didn’t use sheets when I lived alone for the simple fact that I always got tangled up in them. Its kind of hard to get up with a crying baby when you’re trapped in your bed. Hubby insists on using sheets, but since we’ve been together, I haven’t gotten tangled up.

  3. One thing I miss about sleeping alone is cocooning myself:
    1. Pull the blankets up to your chin.
    2. Roll to one side, taking the blankets with you.
    3. Roll to the other side, onto the slack you created in step 2.
    4. Roll back to where you started, onto the slack you created in step 3.
    Now you’re all tucked in on both sides!

      1. Jesus! Even goldfish have their cute little rocks to tuck in behind when they want to relax and rejuvenate. Come on Jen admit it, intuitively you know this kid is all right :)

                1. Well, I LOVE that story book. Especially when the pigs have taken over the principal’s office!
                  Happy ending’s????!
                  With peace, joy, hope, love and faith we’re able to experience more awesome:)
                  I think!

                    1. p.s. Megan agreed not to let the pigs out, but is shown pondering over an elephant’s cage door on the last page…now that’s my idea of a “happy ending”…always up for and open to new adventures, on the journey, in and of life itself!
                      I’m crying with my chin up!

    1. You’re also a burrito now, which is all kinds of awesome. That is how I fall asleep, but never how I wake up of course. But I do like falling asleep as a tight little package, as you describe above. And if you can get someone else to tuck you, even better. Tucked is love.

  4. Oh man, when I was a little kid, I used to beg my mom to do this for me after she had washed the sheets. I’m not sure why I was so interested in feeling like I was in a straight-jacket, but the feeling of being tucked right in used to really do it for me.

  5. There is something so beautifully nurturing and comforting in that post. I for one slept like a baby last night just thinking about it – best sleep in months :)

  6. Can not disagree with that. Almost every night my mom, or my dad, come into my room silently. I wake up most of the time, but i pretend that im still sleeping. They put my t-shirt, destroy my hole bad, that is almost 100% destroyed, and then they straighten it up all over again. I feel much more cosy, much more home.
    If you a still a child like, you should definitely try this out.
    I am going to sleep now, hoping for the visit today!

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