#91 Just staring up into the sky

Pink sunrises over shimmering seas, cracking storms booming over mountaintops, deep blues dimming as the winters freeze, stars twinkling high as your brain just … stops. How high is high, how far does it go, why do clouds smear like that, what makes a rainbow? Yes, it’s a freeing feeling zooming out of your brain and into the unknown — staring up into the sky, as the clouds roll by, way past the trees, deep into the stars, as our spinning world reminds us how small we all are.


51 thoughts on “#91 Just staring up into the sky

  1. I did that today. I was thinking about how the sky isn’t the same in pictures… it’s like it ends. Looking up at the actual sky… its amazing. Makes me dizzy. :)

  2. Star-gazing, cloud watching, finding double rainbows… The sky is awesome. (:

    And how peaceful is it when you look out your window and find a huge, orange new moon? Beautiful.

  3. I’m a sky fiend and take way too many photos. It’s completely amazing and mesmerising to me. I’m always in awe of the cloud formations. I’m also a big lover of sunsets and how the sun sends down its goldeny, afternoon rays which look like butter, peeking through cauliflower clouds, on broccoli trees and glistening on crystal waters… Ah, Australian sunsets are just beautiful… Mmm…

    1. your AMAZING with words (im not hitting on you) are you on shadowtale??? cuz im searching for me gf and shes on shadowtale and her name is “Lizzie”

  4. Exploring the unknown, learning new things, trying just a little bit harder to understand, this is just as much that exhilarating feeling, but it’s quite the contrary of zooming away. It’s more like a homecoming.

  5. Okay, this is a small, hilarious and embarrassing story, but it just happened to me JUST now as I was sky gazing and brainstorming some ideas for work in my head. I have to share with you guys… I just have to, it’s too funny!

    I had written down some notes on my hand and then lent on my hand when I was looking out the window and began brainstorming. Then when I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, the notes were stamped onto my chin from my hand! Now I know why I normally write things to remember on my wrist! I’m such a dilbry (Aussie slang for dork/idiot/goober).

    Times are hard for dreamers :P

    1. hahaha! Don’t feel bad. Yesterday I was doing some work with a Sharpie marker and it got on my hand. Well…I forgot about it and went to do my usual internet surfing. I usually do rest my head on my hand, and I did this time. I had blue marker on my chin and cheek and didn’t know it for the longest time. I was at work too.

      1. Oh gosh. We’re terrible :P luckily no one saw me or you! I must say I got a fright when I saw my face in the bathroom mirror! That ink was there for a good 3 hours.

  6. I love looking up at the sky to watch clouds, lightning, airplanes, birds, or just to gaze at the stars.
    Yesterday when I picked the kids up from day care, we were walking back to the car and the baby leaned back and was just looking at the sky. He was cracking me up. He’d look up, then look at me, look up, look at me, up, me, up, me… then he pointed toward the sky and said some babbble and laughed.

      1. Yesterday when I picked him up from day care, he did almost the same thing. He leaned as far back as he could while I was carrying him, I almost dropped him, his face toward the sky and just laughed.

  7. “When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” Buddha.

    This was a great reminder to just stop and get into a place of awe at how magnificent everything really is. You don’t like your office? Oh really, well have you seen the sky/ocean/clear nighttime sky?

    I must admit though, I do feel more wonderment when I’m standing and tilting my head back than if I’m just laying down looking at the sky, which I haven’t done in some time. Thanks for the reminder :)

  8. I’m SO happy this made the list! I LOVE this!!!
    How far is Heaven?: When a loved one has gone to the other side, we like to go to a meadow, lay on our backs; reminisce and wonder this.
    I like to watch, and listen to the winter chickadees wild behavior when clouds turn into, make-snow-machines.
    ***When the Aurora Borealis are on display, we go outside, whistle and clap hands. This makes the northern lights grow, come closer, shine brighter and the colours more vibrant! Apparently this winter will be the best shows in fifty years. Look for them on a cold crisp night. Stop, clap, whistle and dance with them…you will be blessed<3

  9. I LOVE this one! I am originally from Kansas and we have the most magnificent thunderstorms and beautiful sunsets too. More than once I also used to go out in the country for midnight picnics to look at the stars with friends. And now I am dating an artist whose specialty is clouds – he paints great sky vistas on ceilings and in the studio he painted for me, I lie on the floor and can almost feel the wind on my face. :-)

      1. Wow- don’t tell the pixie and fairy believers. Hahaha!

        Seriously though, this information could be very helpful to pre-migraine as well!
        “RELAX! They’re only little sprites!” AWESOME~ Thank you=)

  10. This is one of those things that can completely restore my hope, my joy, my love for life. Staring at the heavens slows me down and, just like taking a deep breath expands my body, it expands my soul.
    Thanks for this post today.

  11. It’s a good day to say something:
    Full moons fascinate me.
    Peanuts constipate me.
    Elephants and Zeppelins descend from the sky.
    Red sky at night, sailors delight.
    Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.
    The raven flies high making noise in the sky.
    The hawk gaurds his kokanee pool,
    Whilst I swing my paddle at the sky to fight him for my supper.
    Hey diddle-diddle, the cow jumped over the moon.
    If you saw an albatras, then you are VERY old!
    The end

  12. That makes me think of the time I lived in the countryside. I spent countless peaceful moments looking up at the stars… I’m a city person, but I really hate the light pollution that makes proper stargazing impossible! I do look up to the sky as often as possible though :) I especially love it when the sun breaks through the clouds, spreading a faint light of awesome!

  13. Thus always helps me to think. When I smile to the sky, I always think about someone somewhere else on Earth doing the exact thing. Then it’s kind of like we’re smiling at each other.

  14. *This is not the same crystal-rainbow-boy story. But, another true story:
    There was a little boy in our care. He had cerebral palsy and sleep was unwelcome for *the darkness* it would bring him, he cried, “Every single night!” However; we all need our sleep. My daughter, Melissa, tucked him in, sat beside and told him a story of angels, the love of Jesus and God. How he was always protected, even if he couldn’t see them.
    When he awoke, with a beaming big smile and bright starry eyes, he excitedly announced that he slept! Said, “I looked out at the sky. There was music and singing. Then I saw a really nice man! He told me not to be afraid. That I would never have bad dreams again. And I slept, and I had good dreams!”
    *My daughter had not shown him pictures with the story, nor had she described any, yet this precious little boy described Jesus, exactly as he, Jesus has always been depicted.

  15. Can’t believe I recently discovered this site.

    Anyway, this is definitely a good one. I enjoy just lying down on grass or sitting on my balcony. I can’t wait to see the rest.

  16. And listenening to a toddler learn “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”~
    “upabub-da wor-d—HIGH! SKY!”

  17. I like to do this almost every day. :) it really puts things into perspective and reminds me that beauty surrounds me every second of the day, whether I know it or not. :)

  18. when ever i look at the sky its just peaceful and awesome it just takes away all the bad thanks going on

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