158 thoughts on “#87 Weird food combinations that only you love

  1. Vegemite, cheese and avocado on toast.

    Cheese and jam (jelly) is nice on toast, too.

    As for Cold Rock (cold stone), I love bubblegum ice cream with mini M&M’s and Nerds. Yum.

    1. Cheese & Jelly on toast is my childhood favorite! It grosses out most people, but I still LOVE it!

      Also, I can’t wait to try your ice cream mixture – it sounds amazing!

    2. Cheese and jam on fresh white bread with a generous amount of cold butter is also SO yummy! Or banana, peanut butter and honey. Or fetta cheese and honey on fresh Turkish bread. My husband likes bacon and marmalade. Before I became a vegetarian my absolute favourite pizza was bacon and banana. Go on, try it…

  2. I don’t know how I obtained them but one time in Grade 7 I had the oreo cookies, just the cookie parts, and leftover tuna from my sandwich or something and decided to eat them together. 12 year old me thought it was amazing! Six years later, I still haven’t tried it again… time to be adventurous I suppose.

  3. Ever since I was young, I’ve put ketchup in my macaroni and cheese. Good stuff! I had a friend who loved bologna and peanut butter sandwiches. Never quite understood that one.

    1. Ah, yes… I too have done this. Happened by mistake the first time. I was having chicken nuggets and mac & cheese and some of the ketchup for the nuggets seeped over onto my cheesey goodness. I was young, I gave it a try, and I really liked it!

  4. Peanut butter on nacho cheese Doritos, don’t know what possessed me to try this one as a child but it’s really good! Think of it as being similar to those peanut butter cheese crackers, you know the orange ones, only better! Of course I’ll eat peanut butter on pretty much anything!

    1. I’m with you on the peanut butter. Banana bread, carrot muffins, breakfast cereal, you name it. Sometimes when I need a quick snack, I just take a big spoonful of it. It’s also how we get the dog to take pills. Too bad my parents didn’t figure that tactic out when I was a kid.

  5. Mmmm pickle and cream cheese sandwiches. Every day for lunch through the first few years of elementary school. :)

    1. Add a little lunch meat to that- salami or pastrami in particular are awesome. I use the meat as a foundation, smear it w/ cream cheese, add a spear of dill pickle and roll it up. Oh yeah!

  6. When I was in elementary school, the cafeteria would often serve a sugar cookie alongside a hamburger. I don’t know when or why, but I guess one day I decided to lift the bun and add the cookie to the patty. I loved it so much that I would watch the menu calendar to find out when I would get to taste it once again. It’s been many years since I’ve indulged in that particular combination, but just thinking about it makes my mouth water all over again.

  7. I love that so many people have already put their examples. (:

    Which is another awesome aspect of this already awesome thing – finding someone who likes the same weird food combination as you!

    1. Sounds delicious! Love yogurt instead of mayo on almost anything that has mayo in it. or instead of sour cream too… tart and yummy. try adding pickles and olives – two of the world’s most perfect foods.

  8. I like to put Ranch dressing and hot sauce on just about anything.
    I also like to put anything I can into a sandwich. If dinner will fit between 2 slices of bread, I’m super happy. Last night I had a steak and cheesey rice sandwich.

  9. Potato chips and cottage cheese. I have my grandmother to thank for that one. Fifteen years later, and I still love it:)

  10. Chocolate spread (similar to Nutella) on olive bread -yum for the combined flavour of chocolate & olives…! oh, and also : liquid honey on goat cheese :D

  11. 1. Graham crackers and aerosol (sp?) spray cheese
    2. Cheese wiz and bread & butter pickles on saltines
    3. Poutine with vinegar
    4. Mashed potatoes with cheese, gravy, and cooked broccoli all mixed together.

    In summary: some tasty carb + cheese + something else that is tasty :)

  12. Oh, and I totally agree that PB in a stir fry is really tasty. Try making the sauce PB + apple juice + soya sauce…. soooo good!

  13. Don’t know when, but somehow I learned that marshmellows in salsa is amazing! I also love crackers with my icecream. Any salty/spicy & sweet will do it for me *awesome*

    1. LOL… I actually have a pretzel picture in my smile folder from where we made our own chocolate covered pretzels the other day. I am just waiting for the right time to put it up. Good eye Wendy!

  14. Mustard on watermelon
    hot sauce on cheetos
    Pickles and peanut butter
    Peanutbutter cookies and ketchup
    Balogna and maple syrup
    Raisins ad cheese whiz

  15. Two slices of toast that is so toasty it’s almost burned, a lot of mustard and BBQ sauce and sometimes (even though it’s seldomly around) just a splash of some sort of a light sandwich sauce.
    Pizza with salami or all inds of cheese & peanut butter is awesome too, especially if you add a littl bit of hot sauce to it. :)

  16. apple butter, sharp cheddar and a cracker like thing. not the most unique, but apple + cheddar rocks my world.

  17. Applesauce on/in most anything! For instance…

    spread on mashed potatoes like gravy
    dip fries in mixture of ketchup and applesauce
    stirred into veggie soup to thicken it (it thickens any soup into stew!)
    mixed with ketchup and stirred in mac-n-cheese
    dip for sandwiches, esp. grilled cheese
    topping any meat along with/instead of gravy
    stirred into pretty much any veggie, esp. potato dishes, corn, baked beans, or cabbage

    The only things which don’t accommodate applesauce are ice cream and cereal!

    1. Oh Kathy… I knew someone out there must have the same obsession with applesauce that I do! My husband thinks I’m crazy when I dip my grilled cheese in it… I also love to dip pretzels or wheat thins in applesauce!

      1. Sooooo cool that there are two others inthe world who appreciate the super food applesauce! I love to dip potato chips in applesauce, but I’ve never tried pretzels or crackers…that’s now on my to-do list, Scooter. :) It never occurred to me to use it on yogurt and granola. That absolutely counts as applesauce with cereal! Good one, Mary!

        Ya know, I’m convince I was a pretty healthy kid and still a healthy adult due to my consumption of applesauce. Anything apple really is awesome!

        1. I Just adooore applesauce with random foods ! for instance , applesauce on pork chops or my all time FAVES applesauce with panda express’s sweet fire chicken smothered with honey…TO DIE FOR !!!!!

  18. mmmmmm strange foods! I don’t know if i can hold a candle to some of the things listed above, but a few of my favorites:
    1) Chocolate frosting on graham crackers (must be dipped in milk)
    2) Dunking an open faced peanut butter sandwich into a hot bowl of tomato soup
    3) Miracle whip on cottage cheese

    When I was little, my sister and i swore we didn’t like any salad dressing, except mom’s “special recipe”. I got older and found out it was ketchup mixed with miracle whip. yum! Now I just order 1000 island / russian.

  19. Grilled dill pickle sandwiches with mustard and ketchup. This came from loving the warm pickles in McDonald’s cheeseburgers when I was a kid. Hated the meat, loved those pickles.

    And curried chicken salad with olives and avocado on raisin toast. Yummm.

  20. dipping nutella with pretzels. it’s like chocolate covered pretzels but 1037420 times better since nutella is just about the best spread there is! :D

  21. My big brother and his friend made “odd” sandwiches and then tried them out on me. I still love peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches. My mouth is watering, just thinking about it.

      1. Yay, I’ve found someone else that likes it! :D My family think’s I’m weird. I got some of my ketchup-rice at Thanksgiving this year, and got quite a few odd looks. Whatever, more for me!

  22. Whenever I bought Lunchables as a kid, I randomly put the chocolate pudding on the slices of cheese. I found it to be quite delicious. Tried it again years later, and still awesome. Sharp cheddar is best.

  23. When I was a kid, I had a peanut butter and pickle sandwich for lunch every day. It was delicious, AND no one ever tried to steal my lunch!

    1. Oh sure! I see heart shapes everywhere! And I see a smiley face too:)
      My question is this~ Who is that masked man anyway~ is it The Lone Ranger, Batman’s buddy- Robin, Zorro or Don Juan De Marco…Just which masked-man-brand chunky peanut butter is that anyway?

        1. Of course if it were a cookie, well in that case I’d chase him down and tackle him. There’s nothing I love better than cookies with superhero peanut butter. You can’t be stealing those. mmm

          1. Now be honest Magda, you’re running after “C-hunky” mysterious super-hero…you know what I’m talking about~ right:)

              1. Lol, or, after a loud thump and slide as I tackle. . .”Señor C-hunky, Creo que usted tiene algo los míos” :)
                (Depends on the language of our masked cookie thief) ;)

                    1. Oh, I’m fairly sure there’s some chivalry “here”!
                      *I hope you are surrounded by love and good cheer!
                      If you’re in the neighborhood, you know where to find us, right?!*
                      Happy Christmas to you too, Magda<3

  24. 1. Sardines on saltines w/hot sauce & mustard…the best!!
    2. Ketchup mixed into pinto beans.
    3. Hot cornbread crumbled into a bowl, pour buttermilk over it and a sprinkle or 2 of sugar…my Dad turned me on to this combo(we are from the south)
    4. Mixing scrambled eggs into rice or grits for breakfast.

    @Marci…an old friend of mine once made a sandwich of sardines, bologna and cheese w/mustard, thought it was gross til I took a bite…asked him to make me one LOL

  25. Cucumber, Peanut Butter and Mayonaise Sandwich…. mmmmmm. Unless you took it for lunch and it had sat for a few hours getting soggy. Yuck!

  26. I have a question for everyone who is about to comment or who has commented with their favourite combinations: WERE YOU ALL HIGH?!

    Lol =P

    1. LOL! I wasn’t high. I remember exactly why my odd habit started: I had to clean my plate at meals, even eat foods I disliked. To manage that, I topped yuck foods with mmmm food applesauce. Realized then that it would be great on foods I love, too!

  27. Gelled Pig’s feet with ketchup and vinegar.
    Ketchup and Jam on bacon and ham- dangit, on pretty much anything edible!

  28. Peanut butter and marmalade on toast is the best breakfast! Orange marmalade is the standard although lemon is pretty good too. Me and my bro love it, we inherited our taste for it from our Dad. Not sure where he got it from though!

  29. 1. Bananas and toast (wrap the banana in the toast like its a sausage)
    2. Mangos and rice
    and a newly discovered one
    3. Hashbrowns and vanilla ice cream


    1. In Whistler, I once had a wrap with golden browned curried prawns, rice, mangos and a sweet sauce. It was so scrumptious! Think I’ll remake that one, one day soon. Thanks:)

  30. Always lots of comments on the food Awesomes.

    Bless my mother, she’s the only one who ever made this, but spread peanut butter on one slice, mustard on the other, and a couple slices of balogna in between, and it takes me back to my youth every time. Yum!

        1. Nothing says comfort like Mama’s famous chocolate cake soaked in budwiser ….she was a drunk …she had a problem ….so instead of drinking alcohol , she soaked our food in it and used it to cook with…..yeeee

  31. @Magda~ “We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.” Tim McGraw.
    “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”~ Author unknown.
    Been good fun “singing” with you.
    No on will hold a *miracle avatar* candle to you.
    Happy trails, Magda. Peace out <3

    1. Thanks :)
      Not on the blog, but still in this for the count! I’m counting on you to bring this home, and I’ll be right beside you in spirit! <3

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