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    1. Not Kidding next time you make Chili or bbq ribs try putting in some of those little orange slices in or over the top of it. when in the chili mix after the chili is cooked and you’ll get a hot and cold tangy meat flavor that is my favorite thing in the world. :)

  1. I like to put hot Cheetos on my tuna fish sandwiches, I can’t eat it without them. I also like to wrap fruit roll ups around pretzel sticks. Also hot sauce and ranch with hot wings. Yum!!

    1. Hot sauce mixed with Rance is one my FAVES!!! Try bbq sauce (I usually use a sweeter one like honey bbq or brown sugar mesquiet bbq, or even Jack Daniels TGIF’s sauce)….mixed with Ranch is great too!

    2. I love ranch and hotsauce. Have u ever tried ranch honey mustard and bbq sauce together. Yum!

  2. Dill pickles dipped in clam chowder.
    Pear dipped in clam chowder.
    My mom eats bread-and-butter pickle and peanut butter sandwiches.

  3. My sister LOVES weird food combinations… she puts regular yellow mustard on every green vegetable imaginable… she even has mixed coke with orange juice, which I think is disgusting.

    Now, this may be a Canadian thing, but my parents put butter, salt & pepper, and ketchup on their French Toast — NO syrup and NO powdered sugar. And it’s not that weird, really, since you eat eggs and toast all the time, and usually dip the eggs in ketchup… think about it!!

    I don’t like any weird food combinations because I get grossed out easily.

  4. mmmmm ear wax with a little salt or shit /w piss and tomatos and mustard put a little piss and mix it with your ass

  5. Carrots and chocolate frosting. A few years ago, my friend had a bag of carrots and a chocolate-frosted cupcake as part of her lunch. Being silly, she swiped a carrot through the frosting and took a bite. She immediately declared it as the best thing ever, so the rest of us decided to try it. She wasn’t lying. Maddie, why did I ever doubt you?

  6. 1. Chocolate chips mixed with cereal (And sometimes marshmallows)
    2. Mustard on pizza
    3. Peanut butter on ice cream
    For the last one, it’s not peanut butter flavored ice cream, it has to be a scoop of peanut butter on vanilla ice cream!
    My brother loves mayo on french fries!

      1. My brother puts Mayo on hotdogs! I thought it looked gross….but he somehow managed to get me to agree to try it….and it was soooo good! So I can totally see the mayo and french frie combination!

    1. i like peanut butter on strawberry ice cream. is that weird? and gummy bears are really good on coffee ice cream

    1. when I was really little we make a banana boat we would put PB on a plate and then we would put the banana on it and then we would eat it.

  7. 1. Devour an oreo. Let its chocolaty goodness coat your mouth.
    2. Take a bite of a granny smith apple.
    3. Enjoy the instant gourmet party in your mouth.

  8. ripe hawaiian papaya with peanut butter, cheese and cinnamon. I swearrrrr to God I’ve eaten it for breakfast nonstop for like a month

    1. oooh, and I meant to clarify I usually use a white cheese or greek yogurt if I have no cheese. Ya gotta try it if you like sweet/savory combos

  9. I tell my husband these aren’t strange they’re brilliant. He remains silent, raises his eyebrows, and shakes his head…
    Peanut Butter and Bacon on a bagel
    Maple Syrup in my coffee
    cocoa crispies (or any cereal) on vanilla ice cream
    Italian dressing and marinara sauce on a salad
    a bit of ranch dressing in my chili instead of sour cream
    a bit of ranch dressing mixed into my salsa
    (and this last one will change your life….)
    beef jerky garnish in my bloody mary

  10. Strawberry and herb flavoured cream cheese sandwiches also roasted carrots and green beans on a chedder cheese sambo,Yummy!!

  11. Whilst it could be classed as unusual, this one’s traditional in parts of North England (esp Yorkshire)…. Wensleydale cheese and fruit cake

    Personally I also like corned beef hash on toast, but i think that’s probably alot less common!

  12. All these excellent…
    1/2″ ketchup on toast
    cheese curds with maple syrup
    Fruit Loops (just the cereal-no milk) with cheddar cheese slices
    plain chips and chocolate
    pizza and vinegar
    toast with ketchup, bacon and cheddar cheese
    olives and milk (at same time)
    McDonald’s sausage & egg mcmuffin with strawberry jam and ketchup

  13. i lovee pretzels with peanut butter. and pretzels with cream cheese frosting. and fried cabbage with ketchup. and bacon with pretty much anything. and coffee ice cream with gummy bears

  14. Nutella and Fitz crackers, applesauce and Mac n cheese, baked beans with brown sugar and potato chips, and (not technically) a combo but I always need a cup of ice water when eating any kind of ice cream

  15. french fries dipped in a Wendy’s frosties or any kind of ice cream
    potato chips and ice cream
    peanut butter and pickle sandwiches witch frosting on them

    This one is my favorite when i was a small in elementary school i started dipping ham sandwiches in Pepsi cola MMMMMMM were they good

  16. I thought I better share my experiences with strange things too seen as everything on here sounds really nice!

    1) I remember ever since I was a toddler my grandad would get a pint glass and fill it with vimto or blackcurrent then he would add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream which then all fizzed to the top of the glass, then you’d eat all the froth with a big spoon it was amazing.. Unfortunately 15 years on he passed away the other month and me and my family had them at the wake, hasn’t changed at all and a great memory whenever I have it.

    2) the ‘quavers’ crisps with Heinz sticky BBQ sauce

    3) 2 diffrent cheeses, grilled chicken, ham and bacon all in 1 toastie!:D

  17. I just had a sandwish wt beacon,eggs,cheese,pickels,lettuce,jam,tomatoes n shrimps…….with a ice cold soda….

  18. I absolutely love strawberry jam with cheese and butter sandwiched between two pieces of fresh white bread! Yum!

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