28 thoughts on “#77 Catching a glimpse of the first parade float coming around the corner

    1. Wonder if someone could you tell me what is the mention in the Weight Watchers magazine? Do they talk about this Blog & which issue ?

  1. LOVE THIS! We’re already planning our Mardi Gras festivities around here. You just can’t beat a free party.

    Quick question: Why do other states have parades and the floats not throw anything? If floats didn’t throw anything here no one would bother showing up. Just a thought.


    1. I happened to be in France at the start of the Tour de France one year, and before the race starts, all the sponsors come whizzing by, and I mean driving fast, and throwing stuff at the people lining the race route. You have to have your wits about you to avoid getting hit in the head with a bottle of water or something being thrown from a speeding car. It was crazy!

      1. @trixierix, I’ve had a life long dream to be a part of Mardi Gras. Lucky you!
        @jdurley, flying water bottles- OUCH!!!

  2. GEAUX TIGERS!! other states don’t throw things off of a float? and yay for king cake season!

  3. I remember the first parade I took my daughter to. She’s been in a couple, but this was the first one she actually got to watch. It was so funny. On our way there, every time I’d go a block to turn to find a parking place, someone would be there setting up a baracade. We ended up following the float that Santa was going to ride in. She was laughing at me the entire time.
    When we finally parked, we went closer to the beginning of the parade to stand and watch. It wasn’t all that cold when we left the house, but the temp was dropping. Luckily we were right outside the mall, so we ran in and I buy her gloves, earmuffs, and a scarf. By the end of the parade, she’s wearing my coat over hers. She laughed and ran after candy and pointed out all the funny stuff to me. As soon as the last float went by us, it began to snow.

    We didn’t get to see the first float go around a corner since we were right at the beginning. We were watching them line up, which was fun too.

  4. I’m going to attend the Chinese New Year parade and festivities in Vancouver this year.Since it is the year of the Dragon, I imagine the first to round the corner to be exactly like the one illustrated…*Magnificently!*
    I can’t wait!

    1. Do you have any plans to be at Indigo Chapters on Robson, for another book signing around that time, Neil?!*

                  1. Catching a glimpse of oneself rounding; looking like a float in a parade!
                    No wonder heart month is February!

                    1. btw- this really is my new crown! Neurologist approved. My situation is very complex and along with pro-lo, I’m so happy to report I’m having positive results! This IS all about sharing something awesome: http://www.cefaly.com/en/

  5. One of childhood’s magical, great expectations…waiting, waiting…

    Still remember my much older big brother playing the drum in the parade band and being thrilled and scared as the sounds thumped so loudly I could feel it in my stomach. Thanks for the memory!

    1. Well now, your memory sparked one in me of an oldest sister tap dancing and twirling a baton with the Evelyn Ward school of dance in the PNE parade when I was really young! (She was even on Amateur hour on t.v.) My Famous Sister coming around the corner, dancing down the street, Awesome^.^

  6. Everytime I read each post, at the end a chorus voice in teh back of my mind yelled Awesome!! Truly living life in this way is Awesome, good job and good work.
    One word AWESOME!!!

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