#63 Shaving breaks

When I first started shaving I had a brief honeymoon phase where I actually enjoyed it.

Yes, The Wolf Man walked into the bathroom and a few minutes later out popped a fifteen year old babyface wearing too much aftershave. It was about six months before I got tired of the whole deal. And ladies, I’m guessing you’re feeling the burn too since sliding a razor up and down your legs all the time sounds like even less fun.

Nowadays I’m running late before work wishing all my coworkers went in with two days of cheek fuzz. Other times I’m coming home on a Friday night and realizing I need to shave again before heading out, so it’s back to the bowl for me.

This is why I love taking Shaving Breaks.

They let us temporarily escape our civilized social norms and return to our beautifully hairy roots. And we both know they give us a nice mental break too. Got a scraggly weird beard growing on the beach? That means you’re officially relaxing. Rocking some hairy legs under the sweatpants? Just enjoying a cozy cabin weekend in the middle of winter.

Yes, sometimes it’s great to get away from it all, stop taking things too seriously, and smile and welcome back your inner Wolf Man. When you get the chance just relax and enjoy those little moments of being your hairy self.


30 thoughts on “#63 Shaving breaks

  1. For us Greek women, we take a break from shaving but instead of re-shaving we just wax it off. We really don’t have a choice of whether we can take a “shaving break” or not. Oh the woes. :P

  2. How bizarre this comes up today! I just read in the news, some Med students at Memorial University in Newfoundland have dubbed next month as Feb-U-Hairy, and are refraining from shaving their legs to raise money for cervical cancer screening. Although I appreciate people’s efforts to raise awareness for health issues, this kind of thing seems like a non-effort to me (it’s literally doing less [shaving] than what you’d normally do in your routine). But hey, any reason for a shave break I guess! (which I agree can be quite awesome)

    1. I’ve heard from some “movember” participants, it’s the flack one goes up against, (that which goes with the territory), is the effort and sacrifice:)
      Especially if ones hair grows in/airs on the prickly side!

  3. I can’t do it. I hate to see anyone, male or female, with hairy pits especially with deodorant. I shave every other day. But beards are AWESOME! My friend grew out his beard for a Halloween costume and decided to keep growing it. He looks just like the Travelocity gnome now.

    1. Well that’s just all kinds of awesome. :)

      I tried so hard to convince a friend to grow a handlebar moustache for Movember, but in the end, he had too many people teasing him that he would look like a 70’s port star, so he shaved it. Damn.

  4. No shave November was a good month … not to mention hockey playoffs. I sometimes wait for the point where the irritation of the beard outweighs my laziness.

    1. I think it’s called “Movember” in most places. Although longer, I like “No Shave November” more … also because I (and quite a few others) grow more than just a mustache.

  5. Winters in Wisconsin are cold, so it’s absolutely pointless to shave one’s legs since it’ll just come right back with those dreadful goosebumps! Not shaving my legs is one of the best things ever. =D


  6. This post made me chuckle! Every time my brother takes leave from the Navy he grows some sort of facial hair. Sometimes it’s mutton chops, sometimes it’s a goatee, but usually it’s some weird mixture that only he could have come up with, and it usually changes on a daily basis.

    1. Hahaha! This is the reason I am wearing black tights and a long skirt today. I have been sick for weeks, which is a perfectly good reason not to shave and I can’t say I miss it!

  7. Some people really have a fetish about hair, so shaving breaks can mean a natural break from a number of things…you know what I’m talking about…things such as kissing and really messy foods…like ice-cream;)

  8. Yes, Shaving makes us more “like a women”:). Sometimes, last-minute leg shaving before going out just make me mad. SO i dont do it at the eleventh hour:)

  9. Shaving breaks during the work week is even better. Getting away without shaving for a few days is golden!

  10. you know what’s even better than shaving breaks? full-on beards! i’m always bummed when my boyfriend shaves off his full growth beard. I wish beards would come back into fashion. I think they are so much better than clean-shaven faces.

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