#58 When the band comes out for an encore

What a show.

Flashing lights, sweaty shirts, and screaming crowds get loud while guitars jam, voices scream, and everyone sings along. Now the song’s all gone and we’re suddenly left with a hyped up scene in the afterglow of the show.

Screaming for the band to give an encore is like screaming for extra pudding when you’re a kid. The main course is done, you got your money’s worth, but now you want a little more. Encores are olives at the bottom of the martini, sugary milk at the bottom of the bowl, or like those little extra scene after the movie credits roll.

So cheer and chant, clap and stomp, and let’s get them back for one last song.


Congrats to my good friend Mike Dover for his book “Wikibrands” getting nominated for Marketing Book of the Year! The book even features a nice writeup on our awesome community. Congrats Mike!

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    I saw Jay-Z and Kanye West on tour last month and they came back out on stage and performed their hit song like 10 times! It was so ridiculous but really cool at the same time because they really didn’t have to do it, It was like 2am and they did it with the biggest smiles. I love when I can tell they artists love making us happy and giving a good show.

  2. This is so awesome, because even though you’re almost positive they’ll come back out … even if you’ve seen them before and they did an encore then … there’s no way to know FOR SURE that they’ll come back out for this show. You may even be thinking, “WAIT! They didn’t do the best song! They HAVE to do an encore!” But there’s never a guarantee.

    Then your cheers and screams are met with more cheers and screams becaaaaaause … they are back for more! :D Phew, what a relief!

  3. One encore is expected, but what’s really awesome is when they do more than one. I forget who it was, but I saw one concert where they did four!

    1. We saw *Blue Rodeo* in Nelson, B.C., in an arena. At the end the crowd were pleading for an encore. When it seemed as if it was not going to happen…it was all over… the lead singer announced anyone who wanted to could leave their seats and come on down to the floor to dance. Then collaberatively with their back-up band played at least 4 more songs with the most magical light show…of stars and snow-flakes… I’ve ever seen! It was so Amazing! Lovers were swooning and swaying, some were swing-dancing and boogying and some people just stood there crying!

    2. Yep! If the crowd’s good – which they usually are – an encore is always expected. Hmm… I saw one with four encores as well – were you at the same music festival that I was at?

      1. It definitely wasn’t a music festival; it was a single artist. It wasn’t too long ago, so it might have been Paul Simon, which is the last concert I went to.

        1. WOW! You should totally call Paul and have him and Simon at the Awesome party. Kathy could work on Pink Floyd. jdurley, Bruce Cockburn.
          Bekah, Tom Petty, (I think should bring Stevie Nicks). Magda has major prof org skills, and I think she’d be happy to make some of the favs come on out for the cause! Add Bon Jovi, Hedley, Springsteen~imagine “The Rising” with “Magic” and “Human Touch”…”What a wonderful party this would be”!!!

          1. and Neil Youg and Neil Diamond and Neil Armstrong and all the great Neil’s to honour “our” Awesome Neil Pasricha:)

  4. The SECOND encore is where it’s really at though… I’ve been at two Bruce Cockburn shows where we’ve gotten him back out twice. Double Rainbow Awesome!

  5. Last concert was, (no surprise here), Bruce Springsteen! And the encore song was, MY SONG, “Born to run”! While I was chill, everyone went WILD;)

  6. It is great when the band gives an encore. But the crowd has to ask for it. I live in a place where the most stuck up crowd lives. I have never been to a performance in my neighbourhood where the crowd has gone wild. Mild applause is the best any performer can get here. No cheering, no wild clapping or shouting “more more more”. It is unbelievable. And a lot of times I want to jump up and shout YES, give me another song!!!
    I live in hope.

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