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  1. Hi everyone,

    Wow! This has been an experience far beyond words. I can’t even begin to express sincere thank yous to each and every one of you for surfing the AWESOME wave with me over the past four years.

    I’d love to hear what you think about the #1 awesome thing and what’s awesome to you. I thought about #1 a lot was trying to say a few things:

    1. You can be happy focusing on little things. That’s all we have! Between high highs and low lows there’s so many tiny pleasures… here, there, everywhere, with all of us, right now. It is literally anything we want it to be.

    2. It goes on forever. As we hit #1 the AWESOME movement is inspiring Plays of Awesome, Books of Awesome as school projects, and entire towns reading The Book of Awesome together. The books are at the top of the bestseller list, I’m speaking to families, businesses, and universities, and just tonight a 9-year-old boy told me he’s been rereading the book over and over for two years. The AWESOME movement won’t end now. Maybe it’s just beginning.

    3. Awesome is… what’s awesome to you. This has been one of the themes throughout 1000 Awesome Things. It’s the reason The Books of Awesome don’t have author photos, dedications, or bios. Because it’s about you! It’s about what’s in your heart. We can always share together but your #1 may change… and I know we’ll always love hearing what it is.

    I am so incredibly happy, grateful, sad, and hopeful about hitting #1 on this blog.

    Thank you forever and ever.

    With lots of love and high tens,


    p.s. There will be a special announcement on 1000awesomethings.com in June.

    • Laura

      We love you, Neil! Thank you so much for this, for everything.

      • I can’t believe there are already over 200 comments this morning! Neil, that is proof that this blog has meant so much to all of us. Thank you so much. We love you, keep being awesome!

        • Julia

          Thank you so much Neil! #1 for me is definitely Smiling! You have made me smile so much reading your blog everyday. You are a truly AWESOME person. Thank you again. So much love to you,

          Julia :)

    • Thanks for the signed book tonight Neil! Keep being awesome.


    • Thank YOU, Neil. You deserve the Number One spot. ;)

      I have loved following this blog for so many years. You were one of the main reasons I started up my own blog, and have had a ball doing it!

      Thank you so much for reminding us all to remember those little, awesome things that make life great.

      • And don’t you just love that this post has been live for about ten minutes, and already there are 44 comments? Probably more, by the time I push the “Post Comment” button. ;)

        • trixierix

          Want to sign that empty space do freaking bad!

          TrixieRix wuz here!

          • Kathy

            I know, right?! LOL! It feels so momentous that it requires signing!

          • I admit, I stared at that white space for longer than I am proud to admit, waiting for my slow computer to load an image. :P

            Speaking of slow computers, my poor old beast is having so much trouble reloading this screen each time, because more and more comments are flooding in! (85 in 25 minutes, by my count. AWESOME!)

            • JT

              Your first sentence made me laugh out loud. I know what that’s like!

            • JS

              I definitely stared at the blank space thinking that my computer was still loading ….

            • I was curious, so I just went on a joyful journey through Neil’s posts until I found this:

              “NUMBER 251: When none of the peas fall off your fork on the way to your mouth.”

              While I had been following 1000 Awesome Things for far longer than #251, it was on this post that I first shared a comment as “Love The Bad Guy”.

              Prior to that, I shyly left several comments (few and far between, I’ll admit) under the name “A. Nonny Muss” and before that, simply “Jess”. (*le gasp!* Love The Bad Guy has a name!) Ahhh, the memories!

              Speaking of which, while I was searching for my first ever comment, it was so amazing too see all the familiar names: jdurley, Freddo, wendyofaurora, Bekah, simone — been around for a long time, huh?

              Also, does anyone remember “idon’thaveaname”? He left a few comments back in the day — a rather cynical bloke whose comments caused quite a bit of stir amongst those who took him too seriously.

              I’m telling ya, the memories are incredible!

              • jdurley

                Wait….YOU were A. Nonny Muss? I remember that! Yep, I’ve really been here since broccoflower! Amazing, eh? I haven’t commented on every post, not by a long shot, and I did go AWOL for a couple of months once, but yep, it’s been a long time! I’m sure if I went back through everything again, I would be amazed at how we’ve all grown as commenters.

                For example, when I first signed up to comment I thought “jdurley” was my login name – I didn’t realize it would appear with my comment, and then take on a whole life of its own! (such a noob…)

                Oh my gosh! I miss “idonthaveaname”. He (or she!) had the best dry humour!

                • Haha, the first line to your comment makes me think that I blew your mind just a little bit! :)

                  (And yes, of course, “idon’thaveaname” could have been a girl. I wonder whatever happened to him/her…)

              • You! It was you, A. Nonny Muss!! I remember you!!
                Yeah I been around for quite a bit. Not since Broccoflower, but shortly after. I didn’t comment though until the blog was about a year old, I think.

                • Same here. While I don’t remember which post was my first to read, I know that I went back to Broccoflower to read it all the way through, then slowly, tentatively, began leaving comments (changing my name all the while!).

                  I also remember that when I was signed under “Jess” and “A. Nonny Muss” (using the same email address), my pic was an ugly yellow colour. Not sunshine yellow — more like a green-tinted bile colour. Not at all pleasant. I much prefer my mini-Voldemort.

      • Rach

        I agree so completely! You really do deserve the Number One spot, Neil. Thank you so, so much for sticking with the blog for all 1000. You are truly AWESOME.

      • Love your blog, lovethebadguy… hope you keep it up. (I’ll keep my eyes open in the future for a book from you)

    • OMG NEIL YOUR A LEDGE !!! congrats buddy !!

    • You’re the best, Neil! Thanks for an amazing ride!

    • Rawan

      My number 1 thing is YOU Neil! I cannot believe that this blog is actually over! I have been clicking refresh for the past 10 minutes because i couldn’t wait to see the all awaited #1. But you definitely surprised me with that!

    • Hailey Hll

      Thank you Neil :)

    • Kathy

      Thank you for everything! My life is better for 1000 Awesome Things.

    • Nicholas

      Neil, that was so awesome! Thank you for this blog. It was honour being there tonight to hear you announce this in person. Glad I got to meet you (and that I pronounced your name right :P )

      All the best in the awesome adventures that lie ahead!

    • Shaun

      Thank you Neil, for the most unexpectedly fantastic journey of my life. You are awesome!

    • I agree with another noter that you deserve to be #1. I didn’t discover this blog until recently and I’m incredibly sad that I wasn’t there for the whole awesome ride. I’ve been trying to change my life with positive thoughts and your blog has helped me so many times! I’ve given your book and told numerous people about your story. My #1 awesome is finding people with a positive outlook to share. Best wishes for your future. May the awesome always be with you.

      • That is wonderful thing to have as your own personal #1. Positive people are out there and this blog helped bring many of us together and helped turn most into positive people.

    • Hi Neil,

      Thank you so much for putting in so much effort and taking the initiative to turn such a simple idea into an amazing blog. You have changed so many lives including my own and helped me to help others see the awesome in their lives. Both you and this blog have brought so many people together. This blog has helped us feel important, heard and helped us realise so many amazing things about this world that we share. Again, I seriously appreciate all your blood, sweat and tears that have been incorporated into this blog. You’re an amazing person. I can’t say it enough – thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Big hugs, love and a high-ten,


    • Becca

      You have touched so many souls, and helped so many people. We as readers laughed, and cried, and thought, and experienced a whirlwind of emotions, especially now that it has ended. But it’s not an ending, it’s a beginning. We can all now go out in the world and remember to look for all the little awesome things surrounding us. Because good things are everywhere. Thank you Neil. You are truly Awesome!

    • Kathy

      P.S. You explaining #1 as the first comment=Fantastic! And Laura’s first civilian comment=Perfect!

    • Alec

      Your blog has helped me so much over the past half of a year, ever since I discovered your 3 A’s of Awesome video on Ted.com. Thank you one million times over for your guidance and simple reminders. You sir, are awesome!

    • Dor

      Thank you Neil, for your wonderful blog, and for inspiring me to open a (personal) blog of my own. Dor, Israel

    • swoosh

      i’ve been following this blog almost since its inception in 2008; i’ve read every single awesome thing–all 1000 of them, from good ole broccoflower to anything i want. if i missed a string of them, i would go back and read all the ones i’d missed. i’ve discovered quite a bit about myself by reading this blog, and it encouraged me to try new things. it gives me a better outlook on life and a finer appreciation for life’s little pleasures. it has most definitely made an impact on my life, and i want to thank you sincerely for that. as you’ve said, it’s just the beginning. please keep being awesome!

    • I remember back in 2009 or 2010, your telling me that the #1 Awesome Thing would be announced in April 2012. It felt comically far way. Congratulations! (My #1 awesome thing is make-outs.)

    • I’m going to miss receiving your daily awesome posts via email. It’s the first thing I read every morning before I start my day. Thanks for the blog Neil! And good luck…us Torontonians are very proud of you!

    • Gage

      Tis has been the most awesome blog ever. This is a great end to this blog. Thenk you Neil.

    • Lee

      Thank you Neil, for starting my day with something awesome every day. I hope whatever you do next is just as awesome as this.



    • Percy

      Falling in love

    • Mr. Pasricha… I just wanted to let you know that I wrote you a little something over on my own blogs

      Its the same thing. I thought it fitting to put it on both.

    • Thank you so much for writing this blog. I’m so sad that it’s over, can’t believe it! It was insanely awesome while it was here though :) You’re truly inspiring. xoxo.

    • pam

      thanks for the time and effort it took to get us to remember and think about what is awesome ..

    • Carly

      Thank you for making me remember life will always move forward because it’s the little things that make it bigger, better and brighter. Much love and stay awesome xoxo

    • Sujitha Kannan

      thank you for all 1000 awesome things.there are a lot more awesome things in life beyond the 1000. i think that’s awesome#1. we’ve kinda gotten addicted to 1000 awesome things so much that hopefully we’ll keep finding more awesome things.Awesome job Neil.have a good life.thank you for showing us how to smile more often than we used to

    • akuriakose

      So sad that I won’t get an awesome daily email anymore! Thank you so much for what you’ve done!

    • Hey Neil,

      We’re gonna really miss those little rays of sunshine in our inbox each day; moments that put us back in touch with life and the little things we all too often take for granted. Thank you for it all. Rock on Neil,

      Kate & Ron (living & chasing our crazy, awesome dream in SW France)

    • Robin

      #1 is simply brilliant! Thanks for the gift.

    • DreamerGirl

      Hey Neil, are you going to do another blog soon? I was so sad when #1 came…i made your blog my homepage! :-)
      Thank you for making my life a little more AWESOME! each day.
      You are a truly AWESOME! person.


    • jen325

      I missed this post last week because my grandfather died, and I was surprised to see what you did with it. I still maintain what I said in a comment on an earlier post: the #1 Awesome Thing is LOVE. Love comes in many forms, and they’re all wonderful.

      Neil, thank you for this creation. I’m happy to see it’s taken on a life of its own. You’ve given us so much; now you can sit back and enjoy everyone else’s awesome things. :)

      To Neil and all the awesome commenters: It’s been quite a ride! Have a long and awesome life!

    • YOU Neil are awesome!
      You have made me look at my blessings in a totally different way. Thanks for the laughs, tears and soul-searching nights on the couch….each time I became a better version of myself and for that I am grateful. Life is truly short as you have described and today I kissed my Daschund, voted, ate a raspberry- filled chocolate and will BBQ fish for dinner….AWESOME!

    • Jane

      Every entry brought a smile to my face and many triggered a happy childhood memory. Saw your interview on CTV. You are AWESOME!!
      Keep writing more awesome things!

    • When you are channel-surfing and BOOM! YOUR movie, you know the one. The one every time your friends are over you say casually, ” Oh, how about [enter fave movie here] ?” And your friends all yell, “God no, we watched that the last 1000th times we were over!” The one that that you watch at least 3 times a week.But the reason it’s the most awesome is when it JUST started and you have a bag of cheetos right beside you and a bottle of coke pepsi. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!!!!!!

    • Helen

      1,000 awesome things ended on m birthday, 4/19! THAT’S AWESOME! :]

    • MysteriousAwesome

      It’s June….

    • MysteriousAwesome

      THANK YOU SO MUCH NEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the special announcement.

    • Jolanta

      What about love? Saying and hearing: “I love you” must be most awesome
      thing. When you really mean it and you say it feels soooo great, however it feels even better when you hear it, when you really want and need to hear it…Awesome…ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Simple. That’s my #1.

      XOXO Jolanta

  2. lauraannjohnson

    This is great! I love it! What a good, open-ended, mysterious way to bring it to a close. I know people have kind of pegged this blog as a ranked countdown (you know, like broccoflower < colons < the far corners of your mind, etc.), anxiously waiting to see which awesomes will fall where. But I don't think that the number means that one has any significance over another … until this one, that is. I love what you chose — ultimately letting us all choose, since we all have different #1s in our minds and lives — the most awesome thing there will ever be is whatever's most awesome to you! My #1 awesome is different than yours, and yours different from his, and his different from hers, and so on. Our #1s are also more than likely ever-changing.

    I'm sure going to miss this place.

    *eats spoonful of Nutella*

    See y'all at Freddo's! Kathy: loot bags ready? Everyone else: grab your colons.

    P.S. Are we doing Facebook friends? Private group? Nutella blog? Did we ever decide on that???

    • trixierix

      Yeah what’s the final decision? I’m not on Facebook but I’d make one for this. I want to stay updated on you guys

    • Kathy

      I’d enjoy keeping in touch as we’re all able…any ideas?

    • Let’s all go over to MY BLOG!

      *gets punched in face for shameless self-plug*

      Hey, if worse comes to worse, we can just hang out here, in what will surely become an amazingly long comment thread for #1. ;)

      • Kathy

        LOL…I already thought about how we’d keep coming to #1 and eventually it would be the web’s longest comment thread! Hey, that’s not a shamelss plug! I’d love to go to your blog and Beckah’s smile blog! :)

    • “Everyone else: grab your colons.” One of the better lines in a comment I can remember.

      Great post, Laura! I’m up for keeping the AWESOME! love going.. though we probably need some method of having newly generated content each day to chat about. If it’s just an open forum, I think we’ll devolve pretty quickly into a non-stop cycle of self-referential jokes about Nutella.. (not that we’re not pretty much at that stage already!)

      We’re all smart, funny and creative.. I’m sure one of us can think of something good! And as a last resort – Neil, I’m sure you’re good for another 1000, right? RIGHT??

      • Laura

        Bahahaha, yeah Neil, another four years, coming up, right? That’s what I want it to be, and you just told me that was the number one thing. Sorry buddy, that’s on you ;D

        I agree, Freddo, we’ll need some sort of content, probably. Maybe we could take days. So we’ll need 31 people, at least, each of us with day, and it’ll be our jobs to come up with a topic o’ the day. Nutella clause: Nutella can only be a topic 10 x’s per month.

        Ok, we can fine-tune the details about that in a bit … ;)

        Anyway, really, maybe now that we don’t have someone doing all the leg-work for us (AKA thinking of and writing about awesome things), we could get a place to share anything awesome that happened to us recently and find/share awesome pictures/news from elsewhere on the Interwebs. Hmmm. We can keep thinking. I’d say stay here, but eventually we run out of “Reply” options and it gets a bit confusing!

        • Kathy

          I like your idea, Laura, and what a smashing way to keep the awesome going! I can’t help but think Neil would be pleased that his blog inspired us to continue sharing the Awesome!

        • Becca

          I want to join any group where we can keep thinking of awesome things! Just tell me where to go.

          • pratikm23

            Hey! Yes this is pretty cool . Please include me in this . It would be an experience to start awesome things again…I am 100% in. keep me updated would be fun!:)

            • I haven’t replied on here much at all, but when I do get a chance to read the comments, I love how everyone is so friendly and you all share your awesome things with each other.

              Having a forum/webpage where everyone can put forward their awesome thing for the day/week/month would be well…. awesome! Hope you guys find the place for it to happen, and when you do let the rest of us know, because I’m sure like me, there are us part timers who would love to help contribute to the awesomeness of life!

              THANK YOU NEIL!!!

              (did a post on my blog dedicated to you today too xx)

              • Hey Beck!! Its been a great community on here and I’m going to miss it, but I am hoping that we’ll get something together soon so we can continue.

            • pratikm23 and Becca, I read your posts (and everyone else’s) too this morning, looking for a place to carry on the discussion, so I threw together a blog called http://1000awesomefriends.org/ for friends and fans of 1000 Awesome Things! Thanks for asking for it; I hope we can make it happen together :)

        • We can all start a blog and have access to it so we can post on it and then we’d all leave each other comments. Pictures, stories, our awesome thing of the day….. no trolls and no negative attitude allowed.

        • Laura,
          I totally love this idea and just went out and created a blog called http://1000awesomefriends.org/, for friends and fans of 1000 Awesome Things! Let’s see there how we can keep the Awesomeness going!
          I personally love the idea of at least 31 people writing one post a month that would get published and that we could chat about. I think that could work great!

      • Emmy

        Bahaha I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like to grab my colon. It’d be a bit slimy…
        But I would love to come on facebook to see jokes about Nutella! I like the facebook idea, just because I have one already and live on it basically :P But yeah we could also come back here :)

    • Kathy

      Loot bags are ready, including little single-serving cups of Nutella, bakery air, farts, dangerous playground equipment, bike rides late at night, taking out the ponytail, and all of the rest! Dont’ ask how I did it, it’s a secret! But remember, bring your own colon! OK, someone’s gotta help carry these things…they’re heavy!

      • Laura

        On my way!!

        P.S. I feel the need to go ahead and say that I’m SO GLAD your surgery was not scheduled in conflict with the reveal of #1. Wouldn’t be the same without you here right now!

        • Kathy

          Thanks so much! No way I’d let ’em schedule it today/Thursday! Though, I have to admit I’m wishing I’d had the surgery earlier so I’d come home looking forward to more Awesome countdown to give me warm fuzzies.

      • Mary

        I imagine your loot bags are like Hermione’s extension charm in HPATDH, when she brings all of the books, a change of clothes a tent, and everything else they need to defeat that bad guy that is so loved by lovethebadguy.

    • Yeah I’m keen – I’m happy to make a page where everyone can join in on FB? Yeah?? Or do we just add eachother randomly? Wait… Does anyone even want me as a friend? 0_0

    • I clicked on your name to go to the link and it said you were no longer available. lol

        • No, on lauraannjohnson

            • Wendy-inthelightofthedeep

              “Sew, a needle pulling thread! La, a note to follow sew…” Seriously, I just really want and need to be a part of this thread! Want to say, I do hope you know how I feel, Neil and all you awesome people,how grateful I am and will always be! I’m also here tonight because I miss you all and am hoping to re-link into keep an eye the final count-down as well as the June surprise:)

              • Awww :) Big love to ya Wendy!

                • Wendy

                  Awe… so sweet. Loves to ya’ too, Lizzie! Imagine if a whole lotta’ people started trickling back in and this blog morphed and grew itself some wing’s and took on a new life…”Wouldn’t it be nice!”
                  I read an article that dragonflies… oh here it is: http://sync.sympatico.ca/Bell.Sympatico.CMS/404.aspx
                  and so, I rest my case….the gates of Awesomeland must be open eternally:)
                  And get this, the day after #1, I was in a computer professionals office where I saw a tall spoon propped in the largest jar of Nutella, EVER…empty!I laughed and mused, said, “Oh, wow, you were with the awesome party last night!” She said she had worked all night but said she didn’t know the reference. She said she was not an awesome blogger, just LOVED nutella, but did not know what had overcome her the night before when she cracked it and couldn’t stop! I told her I knew what got into her while she worked the night away; told her about the blog and the Nutella fest going on here the night before and she roared with laughter! I believe this just goes to show the pure truth of collective consciousness and that the paradigm shift is happening!!! I’ve overcome a great deal of adversity by acknowledging such things for many years. Most would say not so nice things about the enthusiasm I had over such things so this wonderful place that truly gets it, is well, awesome:) WE must collectively keep it going!

                  • Emmy

                    That sounds SO AWESOME! And also… where can I get a nutella jar that big please????

                    • wendy

                      “Hello, hello, hello, Is there anybody out there…”
                      Neil, Kathy, Bekah, jdurley, Freddo, Love the badguy, Emmy, Lizzie, Magda!!!
                      Merry Christmas Everyone! Sure do miss this Awesomeland-community!

                    • Emmy

                      I love that you quoted Pink Floyd :D
                      Merry Christmas to all you beautiful people!! <3

  3. First off: Thank you, Neil! It’s been 4 years of daily laughs (and some tears). I don’t think I had any idea what was in store when I clicked on a link that took me to a page titled: “#1000: Broccoflower”. Well, some 4 years, 3 books, almost 50 million clicks, a few webbies, and enough positive press to cut down a small forest.. it’s been quite a run, and I’ve loved getting to share in all the fun! You deserve every bit of success that you’ve experienced, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store next! And all of us fans, who have loved getting to share the sunny side of life with you every day, will be right there!

    Second – what a fitting way to end this blog! The very nature of this site almost compels participation.. not necessarily as a commenter.. but as a participant in being an optimist, and noticing the little things in life that make us smile. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent this blog to someone, and immediately have them respond with a few awesome ideas of their own. It’s contagious – once you start seeing the world through AWESOME! glasses, it’s tough to stop… and now you’ve sent us off on our way, with a blank sheet for us to fill out our own lists!

    I saw in yesterday’s post that Marrisa commented that she thought the #1 thing was going to be Love.. and I know that for me, that’s my answer. The love between friends, family, even fellow-blog-commenters is the thing that helps us feel connected with others and know that we’re not alone in this big world. And it’s surely no secret to those who have read some of my comments over the past 1000 posts – but the love I feel for my (nutella-covered, snuggie-wearing, Twilight-reading) wife is without a doubt the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. My life is 100% awesome every single day, and I have her to thank for that.

    It has been a fantastic time getting to know all of you over the past few years. Here’s hoping that we find a way to keep something like this community going somewhere else so we can all stay connected.. but regardless what happens after today, I’ll have some pretty great memories of trading posts, jokes, puns and stories with all of you!

    Keep on being AWESOME everyone – It’s been fun!

    • Laura

      Freddo, I knew you’d have the perfect comment and you didn’t disappoint. Spot-on, as usual!

    • Well said, Freddo. :)

      This is so spot on. There are so many awesome things in the world — both what has been presented from number 1000 to 2, and all those things we have in our heads for No#1 (for example: love, family, friends, counting down awesome things, sporks, and, of course, NUTELLA) — so to end it with an ambiguous, mysterious, “pick-your-own-adventure” style response for that coveted Number One spot was so well thought out.

      …That being said, I think I shall still go and weep openly when I turn on my computer tomorrow at 2pm and find a distinct lack of awesomeness.

    • Kathy

      Thanks for so eloquently stating what was in my heart, too! Oh, except for the wife part. I’m sure she’s nice and all, but I’ll just ditto your #1 &#2. :)

    • Nicholas

      Thanks Freddo and all frequent posters. I never knew you in person, but I enjoyed reading your comments. Was hoping some of you would be at the ending event tonight in TO, but not sure where you guys live. Anyway, all the best…

      • Laura

        I am so jealous you got to go! I would have LOVED to be there. Was it amazing?!?!

        • Nicholas

          Yes, it so was amazing! So cool to see Neil as just a guy like us, able to make such a huge change in the world for the better. It makes us think that each of us can make a difference in our own little and big ways too!

          Any yes, there was chocolate milk on tap, AWESOME! Thanks Chad :)

      • trixierix

        I wanted to go so stinking bad. I’m in New Orleans unfortunately.

      • I wish I was there. It would have been great to meet some of you that did get to go. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Canada. I’m in the itty bitty state of West Virginia.

      • jdurley

        I was there! I was on the balcony too, just a bit farther towards the front. You might have noticed a red-haired girl with an “I’ve been here since broccoflower” on it – that’s my daughter. I was standing beside her. Your question was great! Hope you had a chance to talk to Neil.

        • Nice, I heard him pointing to the shirt, that’s soo cool! Unfortunately I had to run to choir right after the event, so I couldn’t stick around. But hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet him again when he does his next awesome thing! I heard something about a big annoucement in June on here: I wonder what that could be…

    • Hear, hear, Freddo Frog!

    • You certainly said it, Freddo! I mirror all of what you said… replace wife with hubby and we’re all set.
      I just don’t want to say goodbye on here again… its too hard and sad. It has been tons of fun and I do hope we can all find a way to keep this going. Its breaking my heart to think that I won’t talk to you guys again. I want to still be able to tell stories and joke around… and I hope that when we finally get something going, Mr. Awesome himself will join us.

      • Wendy

        Freddo, ftr, not sure I ever clarified properly and hope this comes out as I wish. When I referred to professor poo in Japan, I meant that you are so awesome even your poo could be turned into something awesome! ok:)
        Still on dial up here; computer’s running so slow, you should receive this pony express, sometime in May:)
        Your passion is refreshing, funny and beautiful!

  4. Kathy

    And now for some Nutella…TADA!

  5. Awesome. Thank you Neil for an amazing adventure!

  6. Oh my God… It’s over.

    It’s actually over.

    …Now what? o__O

    • Laura

      And now … we go spread the awesome! There may not be any more posts coming out, but this whole thing will exist for eternity (I presume) online for the world to continue to enjoy!!

      OH, also!! Our next mission is to aggressively Tweet, Facebook, and email Ellen DeGeneres until we’re able to get Neil on the Ellen Show! GO TEAM!

      • Kathy

        Absolutely! Can’t wait to see the movement on Ellen!

      • Emmy

        Lovethebadguy I was thinking along similar lines… But Laura, your comment has inspired me and given me some hope! And also, I don’t watch Ellen and I’m not too fussed about her, but I would DEFINITELY watch if Neil was on there :D

    • Rawan

      Now… I think I have a void, a hole in my heart :(

      • Think of today as a celebration, Rawan. Its like we’re graduating into a whole new world of awesomeness. Its now up to us to spread the happy!

  7. Thank you Neil, for everything. Keep being AWESOME. You, me, everyone.

    Be awesome to each other and everyone will be awesome to you back.

  8. Dear Kathysio
    Im not sure what I should write, but il just keep putting down

    words and see what comes out. Im sad that this list is now over,

    cause it gave me an excuse to text you randomly so many times.

    Thanks for sharing it with me. One of these days we are going to

    write to Neil Pasricha, altho I’m not sure how. Maybe he will even

    read this comment some day…well all I can say is that if you are

    reading this comment Mr Pasricha, peas (please) write to your two

    biggest fans from Ireland if you have the time:) and you’re more

    than welcome to come to Billies with us for a swirl and Kids meal

    some time.:D:D

    Remember these Kathy ? :D

    Sigh (winky face). I couldn’t bear to tell you again in a text

    cause it makes me so sad to think about it, but Lego man seems to

    be lost forever. not winning. I think we should call him Jupiter

    tho. Today is the 19th April 2012, and im up really late waiting

    to see what the last awesome thing is. Now I want you to do me a

    favour peas. Get out your A4 pad and write down every single

    detail about today, from what you had for breakfast (more than

    likely sausages or baby food) to any legendary quotes Sarah or my

    gang said today. And then I want you to put it in an envelope and

    seal it and throw it behind your wardrobe. It will seem like a

    strange thing to do now, but in months or years to come when you

    happen to wander onto this blog again and read this comment, you

    can remember everything you did on this day and think to yourself

    “BOOM…whata day, winning, il think il give Pat a call”. Il even

    buy you a swirl for been such a good Sport if you do it:D:D

    Its funny Kathy isn’t it, that your reading this now and you’re

    the only person in the whole wide world who this comment means

    anything to or will be able to understand. So to the people who

    don’t know me or you, my best friend Kathy, and happened to come

    upon this comment by complete accident and are still reading, let

    me tell you something……I had to pay someone to give Kathy a

    high 5 last weekend, buuut ssshhh dont tell her that :D:D:D:D

    Anyways buddy I better finish this comment up, I’m having a mighty

    chat with Cian as we speak:D agus it would be rude for me to

    continue writhing:P:D.

    Best of Luck in ur German oral next week kiddo, agus always

    remember l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n :P

    Your Best Friend

    p.s. Don’t be mad but I poked you back on facebook :D

  9. What a great, final awesome thing. Feel free to send your millions of fans over to 1000 UnAwesome Things (http://1000UnAwesomeThings.com). We’ll happily carry on your spirit.

  10. Alex

    Avery awesome end to a very awesome blog.

  11. Becca

    That is perfect.

    • Becca

      One of the best things about the open endedness is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one thing. So in no particular order: my mom, dad, brother, grandparents, my dog, aunts, uncles, cousins, all family members, my friends, teachers, animals, the sun, books, mystery novels, comedians, Nutella, chocolate milk, ice cream, pizza, Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, Meg Cabot, when clouds look exactly like something, summer days, winter nights, spring mornings, fall afternoons, snow, music, drama, painting, imagination, libraries, Vincent Van Gogh, drawing, my bed, my room, my town, waking up to sunlight, walking along frozen rivers, laughter, babies, this blog, Neil, the commenters on this blog, happiness, joy, excitement, curiosity, love and Awesomeness! And a lot more!

  12. Noah

    #1 Neil Pasricha – AWESOME!

  13. Kathy

    Hey, this stuff is pretty good after all!

    • Laura

      YAY! I’m glad you like it! I’d hate for this to come to a bitter end where Freddo uninvites you to the after party. That might be awkward. No, on second thought, I believe Freddo would be able to put aside your differences over Nutella. Then again, he really loves it. Well anyhoo, I’m just gonna say, I’m glad that potential disaster was averted!

  14. Marrisa

    BRB. Crying forever.

  15. LS

    what an amazing end to such a great journey

  16. smar

    wow! i was actually first! coolness… so that’ll be my awesome thing for “anything you want it to be” – commenting first on the final post of the coolest blog ever. thanks neil for adding a nice bit of awesome spice to our lives.

  17. Cherie'

    Thank you, Neil. Tears in my house tonight :)

  18. pam

    I LOVE IT!!! Thank you neil for opening my mind up to all of these small simple pleasures that i never give enough attention to. I can honestly say that this blog and everything that goes along with it, the book, the app, have all changed the way i look at life for the better. This is so wonderfully optimistic, i wish everybody would think a little more like this. I am definitely sharing this with all those that need a little more awesome in their lives, just like you’ve done with everybody who reads your posts. I cant say enough how much I love this blog!!

  19. Rox


    Thanks, Neil

  20. Hailey Hll


    Thank you for everything. You make my days brighter with every post and your books. I am honored to say that I have all of your books and got the privilege of seeing you speak at KCVI in Kingston! Please stay awesome and good luck with you future projects.

    – Hailey Hll

  21. Alana

    That just made me tear up a little.

    How apt.
    We have the power to create and recognize our own “awesome”

    Thanks Neil.

  22. That is without doubt the ultimate # 1

  23. So I was watching House
    …and someone died again… :(
    …but then he came back to life after House revived him… :D
    …and then he died again… :(
    …but he came back to life after House revived him again… :D
    and the episode ended, happily ever after! :D

  24. trixierix

    I’ts been a pleasure everyone. Thank you for taking me on for the ride. Everything I coul say and every tear I could cry has happened. Love you guys. Thank for great memories!

    • Kathy

      It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, too, trixierix! Best wishes as you embark on your very bright future, wherever it takes you!

      • Laura

        Oh you guys stop this. We’re still going to virtually hang out, we just got temporarily evicted is all. Guess we didn’t pay enough rent or something! Anyway, we’ll find a new place to chill. It won’t compare, we all know this. But we have to form some sort of support group to wean ourselves off the awesome. Withdrawal will surely follow.

        • No goodbyes allowed. “see you later” is in order here.
          Ah man… I hate that we’re being evicted. I knew this job wasn’t paying enough!

    • trixierix

      Oh and my #1 Awesome Thing is us! People. Human beings. We don’t give each other enough credit. For all the slop, there’s enough of us making sugar too and that’s AWESOME to me.

      • Angela

        I am sure that as much as I am going to miss 1000awesomethings, I just might miss the regular commenter more. You guys rock. Thanks for letting the rest of be part of your lives. So many smiles and giggles! It’s been a great run – I hope you do find somewhere to virtually carry on…and share it with those of us who have followed the comments all along :)

  25. Mavis

    Thank you for reminding us that happiness is in the appreciation of everything in life, no matter how big, small, insignificant, personal, funny or weird!!! WE LOVE YOU!! :)

  26. Kathy

    This is the perfect #1! I’m sure I’m not the only one here who has been noting personal awesomes in a journal. So, I already have many personal awesome things to fill the blank space and will continue with my list! I love how this blog has inspired so many of us and will continue to inspire!

    • Laura

      Agreed, Kathy!

    • Yea.. Neil inspired me to spread the happy, so I started my smile blog, which I am neglecting today so I can comment on here. I also keep a list of things awesome to me and update it almost daily. I also have been putting my awesome thing of the day on my personal blog….which I am neglecting today too.

  27. This sent chills down my spine. It’s perfect. There couldn’t be a better number one. Thanks for all the smiles Neil. I put a little tribute to you on my blog!

  28. Magda

    Love. I choose love, and the 1000Awesome forms it takes. Thank you Neil for bringing us this blog :)

  29. Wow, I go to this page, and I’m about to be the first to comment. For one second I stop to get a drink of water, and there’s almost 40 responses.

    Best. Post. Ever.

    Now I should really go to sleep.

    • Oh, and my #1 awesome thing is going to bed feeling fulfilled because your mind is at ease with your body (or you just stayed up to read this post). It’s a blissful, simple feeling.


  30. Gina

    A fitting end to a remarkable 1000 posts.

  31. pam

    for me, its LIFE! because of this Awesome Blog, i can say that life, for me, is awesome!!!!!

  32. Awesome idea, awesome execution, awesome finale!

    Thanks for sharing the awesome Neil!


  33. AWWWW last post… is the end of the world? Hey, wait, I haven’t got married yet! :D
    Good luck with your future projects!

  34. I was expecting something a bit grander, I suppose. I’m a little disappointed. Well, for me: life, and love. And loving life and living for love.

  35. Tom

    Congrats, Neil! And congrats, us. I’ve been reading since near the start of my freshman year in high school, yet this is my first post ever. I’d just like to thank you so much for making my every weekday a little more awesome. Ever since I stumbled across your blog in the middle of algebra one morning (somewhere around #660: Stomping dry, crunchy leaves on the sidewalk!), this site has become a source of endless positivity when I’m feeling down. Each of the little things you appreciate is another reminder to me of why sticking around to experience them will always be worth it. I’m a junior now, and it’s truly been an awesome journey. Here’s to these past 1000 awesome things, and here’s to what number one means to me…

    #1 Finding another 1000 awesome things!

  36. Marrisa

    Oh, and my number 1? Love. Love for this blog, love for my email awesome group (where a bunch of my friends and I discuss the awesome thing of the day), love for my family and friends…. love for everyone and everything! Thanks for it all Neil. Now go take a deep breath! You did it! And we are all so thankful. :)

  37. Dumblebee

    I scrolled up and down the page thinking it didn’t load. Thank you for giving all of us a blank slate. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

  38. Thanks for being such a happy piece of the internet. Each day I checked your blog was made happier because of the latest awesome thing you posted. I’ve really enjoyed reading it and will miss your daily reminders to appreciate the world around me. Thanks for being such a great reminder. I guess it’s time to start rereading!

    Here goes…. #1,000 Broccoflower

    what a weird vegetable.


  39. Julia

    Thanks for brightening up my days with a little bit of awesome! I have really enjoyed it. :)

  40. Kathy

    For today, my #1 Awesome is Life and Love! My bro-in-law had emergency open-heart surgery yesterday, so I spent the day at hospital with my sissy yesterday and today. He came through with flying colors! He’s alive, with a second chance at life. Living each day with those you love…Awesome!

  41. Oh, Awesome! Glad to be a part of this for the past years! I can’t even remember how I found this but I have been reading since the ‘broc’. I will miss your daily doses of awsomenes. Thanks!

  42. This is my first time commenting on a post, but I figured I’d better post now or forever hold my peice. I was one of the late comers to this site. I first heard of the blog after seeing Neil do an interview in a Maxwell House commercial (I now buy their coffee out of gratitude to them). I want to offer my thanks to Neil for brightening my day evertime I looked at one of his posts. You really helped me through some rough times in my life. I would also like to thank everyone who commented on the blog. Every comment made further enriched the awesomeness. It’s funny,even though I own the books I never read them because I’d rather read them online so I could see all the awesome things you all have to say. I’m thinking of placing one of the books in an air tight container and burying it in my yard for future generations to find. Wouldn’t it be a cool way for future generations to learn about life during our time? As much as I love the ancient history courses I take, I think a book of awesome written by an Ancient Roman would be even better way to understand history.
    Even though I have not commented before and am relativley new to the site I would still like to know if anyone is forming an book of awesome facebook page, website or something similar. I would be honoured to get better acquainted with my fellow disciples of awesomeness so we can remind one another that everyone has a little (make that a lot of) awesome inside. I have a feeling that if I ever have grandchildren one of the stories I’ll constantly tell them will be about the book of awesome. I can hear myself now “back in my day we didn’t have new fangled gadgets like the kids of these days do. We had to play outside on rusty playground equipment and we loved it. The rustier it was the better. And when he got hurt he counted it as part of the fun”. For the record, imagining yourself telling stories to your grandchildren is Awesome.
    I’m extremely grateful to Neil and the rest of you for helping me see the awesome in every day. Like my friend always says “Today is the happily ever after of yesterday, and the once upon a time of tommorow.” Even though it’s 12:30 in the morning I feel like playing some old fashioned Mario games or going down to the nearest MacDonalds to order a Neapolitan milkshake right now. Heck, maybe I will. Thank you all for everything.
    Hundreds of hours spent sharing the spirit of awesomeness with others.
    Definitely AWESOME.

    • Kathy

      I’m sure wherever we all end up, we’ll post the location here. I would welcome the opportunity to get to know you better, andrperr44!

    • The books hold a lot of awesome that wasn’t mentioned on the blogs. Get to reading, you’ll love it! We’ll figure something out on where and how we can all keep the awesome movement alive and well.

  43. Sgt. Pepper

    This site is so steller an I think that the #1 awesome thing is throwing breakables long distances

  44. Tasha

    There is nothing else that #1 could possibly be… AWESOME!

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