#1000 Broccoflower

A few years ago I noticed something funny as I flipped through a grocery store flyer. On the produce page was an ugly, green-looking cauliflower, with the caption “$2.99! Broccoflower!” It was hilarious. A green cauliflower labelled as a Broccoflower. The bizarre misfit child from two of nature’s most hideous vegetables. The best part is that people usually don’t believe me when I mention it and, to top it off, I’ve never seen it advertised since — like the mutant Broccoflower was shunned by society and has since flown home.


Here we go again! Starting today we’ll be reposting all 1000 awesome things with new updates, contests, and stories from readers.

92 thoughts on “#1000 Broccoflower

  1. WELCOME BACK!!!! :D
    A huge thank you for making me smile everyday! Mr. Pasricha, you are truly AWESOME!

  2. Really glad to see you’re back! My days were not the same without your emails :) and seeing a whole new 1000-awesome-things beginning makes me real happy! Keep doing a great job:)

  3. So glad you’re back! Looking forward to spending time with you again! And… here in California we also call it Romanesco and enjoy it, although it looks like an alien toad! Just don’t over cook it! :o)

  4. Very happy to have the awesome countdown back! And yes, I agree that there is already too much sorrow in the world already, and that we don’t need green cauliflower too.

  5. Oh My Gosh!! I am seriously dancing in my office right now. I would have never guessed that this was the surprise! I love it!! Thank you so much Neil!!

    Ok.. as for the broccoflower…I still have yet to see one in person.

  6. Well look who’s back! This is awesome and just made my day!! Been checking in every so often, wondering what the surprise would be. Can’t wait to continue this once again. Welcome back Neil!

  7. Let’s just say that AWESOME is………..starting over again!!! Welcome back! And yes, I too, was so very surprised this morning!

  8. So happy to see this in my Reader feed again! I felt that something was missing every day.

  9. Things to do with Broccoflower:
    1. Steam and smother in cheese.
    2. Sautee 1 chopped onion, 3 celery stalks, 2 fresh minced garlic cloves, until tender. Then add 2 vegie bouillon cubes, 1/4 cup flour, 1 cup milk and mix until base is blended. Move to large pot with 6 cups water, 1 cup shredded cheese of choice and 3-4 cups diced broccoflower. Cook until tender, stirring regularly so cheese does not stick to the bottom. Delicious- nutritious Broccoflower soup.
    3. Clean, cut and with your most bestest Awesome friends in the whole wide world…DIG RIGHT IN AND DOUBLE-DIP:)

  10. I’m wearing a big smile now! I can definitely ue some more of your awesomeness, Neil. Now I can say I was here from Broccoflower 2.0! Hey, it’s like the best reruns of Lost in Space or The Brady Bunch…you just have to watch them over and over and… :) Thanks! Awesome sunrise, too! *Kathy

    1. I love how you compare it to reruns. Its the awesome rerun.
      I do watch A LOT of reruns. Just recently I’ve been rewatching all the Friends episodes. I swear I’ve watched them so many times I can basically quote every one.

  11. FANTASTIC NEWS!! What a wonderful surprise in my inbox this morning. It will be delightful to smile at the 1000 Awesome Things all over again! Thanks Neil. Have an AWESOME day!

  12. Remembering something vaguely about and awesome surprise sometime this summer and being compelled to type in the URL 1000awesomethings.com just for the heck of it only to find that TODAY is the day of the surprise. Awesome.

  13. Experts tell us that repetition helps us to learn and remember, so I’m certain we can all benefit from a repeat view of your 1000 Awesome Things. Welcome back!

  14. I never commented much the first time around. I didn’t notice until the last couple hundred that there was a whole new world of awesome in the comments section. I get the daily awesome from the app. It looks like I’ll be doubling up again!

  15. Seeing an awesome thing in my inbox is like having an old friend come to visit. Nice to read you again!

  16. I have read the awesome book through three times now. My son and I read a few each night before bed. He says he can’t sleep without it
    Glad to see these postings again. AWESOME!

  17. Thanks Neil for bringing it back, I was really starting to miss my moments of Awesome every day!

  18. Wow! With the app of awesome, the book of awesome, and the book of (even more) awesome AND 1000 awesome things starting over again, that’s so much awesomeness I don’t think i can ever be sad cuz all I gotta do is think about all the awesome things that get posted that day! Thank you sooo much for restarting this!

  19. Yay!! I’m so excited for this! I started reading this blog waaaay back at #871… finding out your birthday is on a Friday or Saturday next time around. Mine’s on a Monday this year (2 days away!) but getting to watch the countdown all over again is even better than a Saturday birthday AND it’s a bangin early birthday present.

    Here’s to another 4 years of sweet, sweet awesomeness!! Thank you Neil! :D

  20. Yay!! Yay you’re back! I’ve been missing 1000 Awesome Things posts, although not quite as much as others because I have the 1000 Awesome Friends website, but it’s really good to hear from you again! I have been checking every day since the 20th because I was alerted on that day that it was the day I’d predicted- but nup! You posted on the 22nd. I was afraid you’d put it at the very end of the month and I would be away on Outward Bound and I wouldn’t be able to comment for about half a week. Now I’ll be able to properly follow the ENTIRE countdown, without having to come in half way. Now I see why everyone is celebrating being here from Broccoflower 2.0!

      1. Me too! Although I am missing our Eisteddfod Gala night, I will not miss the restart of the Awesome countdown :D

        1. Happy Birthday Emmy, Zosia! You just gor an AWESOME present, eh?!*
          Stay safe, warm and have fun at outward bound. You should totally write a song about Mr. Grope around the camp fire with your ukelele and yodal it on you tube! Yippee-eye-eah…happy birthday Sunshine!

            1. Haha thank you both! I did get your cheque/card Wendy and let me say you are the loveliest person on the internet ever! I love your writing too :P I probably shall write a song about something on outward bound, but i couldnt during the week because i was only allowed my uke on the last night, in case it got damaged during the trip. I got back today and got your card! Thanks both :D I’m now sweet 16!

              1. Getting something hand-written in the mail~ Awesome eh? My days are better every day for people like you in it! Bless you, Emmy! Bless you Neil for creating this sacred space and connecting such wonderful people~ thank you:)

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