#808 Coming home after a long day to the smell of someone cooking dinner

Time to check out for the dayBrain boggled, pants greasy, heels too high, or tie too tight?

Can feel your heartbeat in your temples? Does your bad breath taste like paint? Is your carpal tunnel syndroming? Because if so, Office Joe, then then maybe it’s been a long day. Maybe you stapled too many TPS reports, got buried under too much homework, or had an inky run-in with a jammed photocopier at the end of the day.

Who has half an hour to sort this out?But you scrape by, you scrape home, you scrape up to the front door — tired and sore, aching from war — as the sun sets behind you, the traffic jams behind you, and your stomach rumbles inside you. That bagel you scarfed seven hours ago is a distant memory but you’re much too exhausted to do anything besides dial for pizza.

Not doing the trickAnd that’s what makes it so great when you pop open your door and catch a hot whiff of something sizzling in the kitchen. Even though your clogged-up, toner-infused brain can barely soak up anything more, you somehow manage to piece things together: Dinner me eat. Food yes now.

And suddenly there is new life.

Your lips slowly curl at the corners, your nose slowly sniffs at the nostrils, and there’s a faint and distant chime as your eyes flash a quick cartoonish sparkle. Yes, you’ve got new energy now so you kick off your shoes, peel off those sweaty socks, and let the saliva start to flow for some tasty eats cooked up hot and fresh by someone you love.



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10 thoughts on “#808 Coming home after a long day to the smell of someone cooking dinner

  1. I have a daughter who is on mat leave and she often calls mid-day to say she has made supper that day, what she made and to be there by………And my senses are awakened long before I walk in the door…as is my heart to receive the blessing! Truly awesome!
    btw. The Cliff’s in Enderby BC. makes lasagna that looks that good and tastes equally awesome!

  2. I made some lasagna the other day and it did not turn out like that picture! It was probably the worst lasagna I’ve ever made. I don’t know where I went wrong.
    I’d love to come home to dinner cooking. Its nice when I make dinner in the crock pot/slow cooker and the aroma fills the house during the day and I get a big whiff of it when I come home. MMMmmmmmm…..
    If I don’t use the crock pot, there’s no way I’d smell dinner when I get home. Maybe after my daughter gets older, she’ll be one of those kids who cooks when she gets home from school. I can dream, can’t I? The thought of hubby cooking dinner and having it ready/almost ready when I get home makes me laugh. The thought of him just cooking is comical. He grills, but its usually late night after I’ve announced that I’m too tired to cook. He uses a flashlight to see to grill.
    When I lived with my grandma for a few months while I was pregnant the first time, she always cooked me something right before I got home and it was wonderful. It didn’t matter what shift I worked, she would cook. I never asked her to, but she did it anyway. She’s the kind of person that thinks you’re hungry all the time too. Every hour she’ll ask if you want something to eat. Even when we stop by for just a quick visit, the first thing she asks is if we are hungry. Love her.

    1. My boyfriend cook?! LOL…if pouring Fruit Loops in the bowl and adding the milk is cooking, then he is a chef! However, my ex was a terrific cook. I used to arrive home to all sorts of wonderful aromas, my fave being risotto!

      1. Yep.. that’s hubby… cereal in a bowl, but only for himself though. Most times though, when I decided I’m not cooking, that’s when we get to order pizza.

  3. Just getting home after a long day is awesome for me. Getting home to the smell of food is even better.

  4. Coming home to smell dinner is fantastic, agreed, but even better is when you remember the cover sheet on that d@#% TPS report without multiple reminders allllll dayyyyy!

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