#820 Making it out of the bathroom at work before anyone realizes you made it smell that way

bathroomStinking up the can at work is terrible.

Let’s face it: there are no fans to turn on, windows to open, spray cans to spray, or matches to light. No, you’re on your own in this non-anon, dimly lit den of suit-and-tie hellos and on-the-job head nods. Whatever dark cloud you’re releasing in there hangs heavy as you bow your head in front of the mirror and scrub your dirty, dirty hands. Everyone knows what just went down and no one is happy about it.

But that’s why it’s so great when you can scram real quick and get out when the bathroom’s empty and the getting out’s good. Three cheers for the anonymous call of nature.


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22 thoughts on “#820 Making it out of the bathroom at work before anyone realizes you made it smell that way

  1. The last time I read this, a commenter…and if I went back I could tell you who, I just remember it was a girl. She said that she flushes the toilet right when she’s done so then you end up with 2 flushes and no bad smells. I learned something that day.
    The girls room also has some spray in there. I don’t know who puts it in there. Its not like Lysol spray, its perfume spray. Although sometimes I really hate walking in the bathroom and getting hit in the face with the perfume smell. Some people go overboard with it.

    1. Unless it’s one of those automatic flushers, in which case you’d have to stand up and move to set off the sensor before it’ll flush. LOL!

      Oh, and that perfumey spray?! GAG! I’d actually rather just smell the deed than the deed mixed with rose & hydrangea scent…ugh! There’s just something about perfumed stink that makes me nauseous.

      1. What’s even better is when you have a daughter like mine who demands you close the lid after a BM b/c the poop particals can fly as far as 12′ …I mean how far is YOUR toothbrush from your toilet?!* SO groase!

          1. Geez, my toothbrush is on the counter next to the toilet. Now I have to rearrange my bathroom, for crap’s sake! LOL! Who comes up with this stuff about particles flying?!

          2. When I went to college, this one girl was in the bathroom throwing a fit because a girl had to really go. She said that she couldn’t believe someone would do that in a public bathroom knowing that the particles would fly everywhere and she was screaming that now she has breathed in the particles. So… while she was throwing her fit… I skipped her in line to the toilets. If it was that big of a deal to her, she should have left.

        1. You guys crack me up!
          There this one girl who leaves her toothbrush in the bathroom at work. I think that is gross. As for our toothbrushes, I make sure everyone has a cap or container to put theirs in so its not exposed.

          1. AS usual, brilliant super mom, Bekah:)
            The housework has been neglected due to a lot of travel this past year and this weekend I discovered squatters in the bathroom near the sink, no not anywhere near the toilet…I imagined how many times they had run over the toothbrushes for the only food source in there, morsels of sweet colgate…Yes, people, I found mouse poop all over the place and where there is mouse poop, they have also peed! Reminded me of Neil’s incident with the spider!
            New toothbrushes and caps, TODAY! Seriously, I thought caps were only for travel~thanks Bekah!

  2. I’m pretty fortunate in that about half of my work is done on my pc at home…so I can do whatever I like in that work bathroom!

  3. I hope I’ve never made a public washroom smell bad. And if I have, I am sorry. Anyway, I usually try to avoid public washrooms if I can, but sometimes I have no choice but to use one. C’est la vie.

    1. I have a brother, who for the longest time would not use a public bathroom. This goes for at school, church, restaurants, you name it. He just held it until he got home. He is finally over that because he works out on the road and all he has is public bathrooms.

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