#777 Reading the nutritional label and eating it anyway

go-ahead-have-a-fewSometimes you just gotta peek.

As you unwrap the Lindt truffle, peel open the McDonald’s cheeseburger, or scoop that second bowl of ice cream, you can’t help turn the package around to glance at the nutritional information panel on the back.

And guess what’s waiting for you over there? You got it, baby: 64% of your daily saturated fat intake, 76% of your cholesterol, and a couple big buckets of carbs.

Then there’s the quick pause, involuntary eye-twitch, or guilty look at the person munching salad beside you. But I hope after that brief moment of self-doubt, you just keep going, man, you just keep scooping it in. Sure, you might have to turn the label away, avoid sodium for the rest of the day, or give your shoulders a shrug to say “Hey, it’s okay,” but I hope you keep going, hope you savor it slowly, and hope you enjoy every last bite.

Sometimes you just gotta read the nutritional label and eat it anyway.

Sometimes … you just gotta live.


Don't turn the package around

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15 thoughts on “#777 Reading the nutritional label and eating it anyway

  1. Well said! :D

    Life’s too short for calorie-counting. Imagine the life we would lead if we didn’t indulge every now and again!

    …On a random note, I’ve never eaten Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, let alone Bohemian Raspberry flavour. American thing?

    1. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is awesome! I’ve never had that particular flavor, but oh, do they know how to make ice cream! My favorite are Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Half Baked….ooooh there’s just so many good ones!

  2. This year is the year of me losing weight. I’ve been watching my portions, calories, salt and fat intake…. but you know, every now and then a Big Mac just tastes so awesome. Its these healthy eating habits that make the bad foods taste so much better. At least once a week, I allow myself to have a no diet day and its really been paying off. I don’t give in to temptations and eat the whole box of chocolate or sit and eat half a bag of chips or sneak that candy bar.. I wait unti my one day and eat like normal, but without watching how bad it is. I still don’t sit and eat a whole box of chocolates, but that day is the day that I do allow myself to eat chocolate. A greasy cheeseburger once a week is way better than me giving in and having one whenever I’m craving it.

    1. Hey, you know what? I’ve done the same, and the more time you spend eating the good stuff, the less you want the bad. I agree that every now and then a QP with cheese (my McD’s weapon of choice) tastes great, but I find if I eat one more than once very couple months I’m grossed out. I actually look forward to certain SALADS at meal time! Though some have goodies like bacon chopped up in them…anyway, your strategy works, keep it up.

  3. Bohemian Rasberry ice cream! Max want. Anyway, yeah, ignoring the nutrition label is indeed quite awesome. Stay active and stuff, and you can really just eat whatever you want.

  4. oh, reading labels make me feel so guilty, but sometimes i eat it anyway.
    Those are my favourite Lindor chocolates. Yesterday for example, couldn’t stop eating Lindor. Ate 4 pieces back to back and then spent the rest of the time fighting guilt

    1. Lindt truffles are The. Best! It’s an entire amusement park of chocolatey fun in a little ball!

      1. To emphasize their deliciousness, I wouldn’t care if they had a full week’s fat and 2 days’ worth of calories in one little ball…I’d eat ’em anyway!

        1. P.S. Hey, writing this post I did NOT have to see how popular ear wax chunks are! Nope, enough comments on this post that my response is right next to the recent comments section. :) Peace out.

  5. I never realized how much I like the number 7 until today, especially in a row, standing there looking all straight, tall, clean and covering such an awesome topic…
    I know bizarre eh!

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