#771 Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left

Peaceful and extremely quietDark windows, dead silence, dim moonlight dancing on the walls. The night is calm and quiet and peaceful.

And then BOOM: your eyes burst open and you bust out of bed in an adrenaline-gushing, brain-rushing, heart-crushing state of emergency. Dizzy and blind, you urgently stumble over to the clock as thoughts whip through your head — am I late for work, did I miss the buzzer, do I have time for a shower?

You swipe the clock, zoom it up to your squinty eyeballs, and get a good look.

“4:56 AM,” it screams in its trademark crisp, bright-red florescent silence. “4:56 AM.”

Thump Thump, you're alrightStunned, your wobbly brain slowly pieces it together. “That is too early much than I thought,” you think. “I should back into go to bed.”

And then a slow, thin smile curls on your lips as you turn to stare at your crumpled cocoon, readying yourself to flip the pillow and dive back into Bedhead Paradise. Oh, you know that sweet cruise into dreamland will be a doozy for a few big reasons:

  • Ready to rock. Hey, the bed is pre-warmed, the mattress pre-dented, and the cool side of the pillow just waiting to hug your hot, salty head. Detangle the sheets a bit and you’re good to go.
  • Dare to dream. If that rocking dream you’re having is still fresh in your head, you can clench your eyes, squeeze your brain, and pop right back into it.
  • Take a break. Hey, your body woke up early because it felt pretty rested, so the extra sleep is just its way of saying “Go ahead, take a long lunch.” People, this is like a snow day without the shoveling — just a big, wet puddle of free time to soak up guilt-free.

Yes, waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left is a great thing. Sure, your heart pulses and your brain convulses, but you quickly realize there’s a long time left for a lot more sleeping.

And you know what we like to call that around here.


Looks good, don't it?

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14 thoughts on “#771 Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left

  1. I prefer just not waking up at all until, miraculously, your eyes blink open, you feel wonderfully awake, and you look over to your clock and realise the alarm was going to go off in one minute. It’s like, for once, your body and your clock have become one…

    1. Waking up because your brain woke you up not due to a nightmare is great. Doesn’t happen much for me. I like my sleep and that buzzing of the clock always rings in my dreams and wakes me up. If I do happen to wake up with a minute or two left, I just lay there and wait for the clock to beep anyway….. I’m lazy like that.

    2. This is like magic – waking up one or two minutes before the clock. I guess it has to do with overpowering the thing that usually overpowers me – Sleep. Waking up just in time to undo the alarm and enjoy my little victory in peace.

  2. That is an awesome feeling. Unfortunately, I can never get back into that awesome dream. No matter how hard I try. It always seems lost forever.

  3. On nights when baby sleeps through the night, I still wake up and it is so nice knowing that I have hours left before my clock goes off. When I wake up and there’s only half an hour or less left, I start freaking out. “hurry, you have to go back to sleep to get these extra minutes in.” And then I end up staying awake because I’m trying too hard to sleep.

  4. Once when I was a kid I woke up a little past midnight, thinking that it was 12 PM and I was late for school. I guess my brain, having been woken from a deep sleep, just didn’t process the obvious fact that everything was dark, so I hastily got out of bed and started getting dressed, half asleep. It wasn’t until I got to the kitchen that it hit me. I can’t be the only one, right?

    1. It’s happened to me, too! Especially in the winter when it’s dark night and day, an analog clock’s 12:00 could mean anything.

  5. Oh I wish. I usually wake up 10 minutes before the alarm. The other half sleeps on and on but I wake up. I do like to stare at the blinking red numbers though.

  6. I WISH I could do this! I wake up far too early and have only slept in about 2x in my life! In the winter I can’t take my dog for a walk at 3:30-4am. b/c it’s too scary in the dark. When I wake up before I should be up, my mind starts going in many different directions, not always good and then I can’t get back to sleep. But when it’s happy and positive, I can come up with 1000 things to creat and then if I can remember them all in the daytime, it’s awesome!

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