#629 When it feels like the lyrics to the song you’re listening to were written just for you

Maybe a quiet haze drifts in your dorm as you worry about upcoming exams and patchy friendships. Maybe your heart just got flattened by a runaway relationship and the knots in your stomach are twisting and burning. Or maybe you’re trekking cross-country with a backpack and a dream and are suddenly sucker-punched with a jabby stab of loneliness.

When you’re pumped up, pumped down, shaken sideways or rattled around, it’s always comforting to share a moment with a song or lyric that perfectly reflects your mood. Sometimes it seems like they’re singing right to you.

So come on and smile along, nod quietly to the song, and push ahead, plow forward, and soldier right on.


Turn it on and soak it in

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11 thoughts on “#629 When it feels like the lyrics to the song you’re listening to were written just for you

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  3. Don’t you sometimes listen to a song and it just reminds you of a moment that brought so much happiness. Sometimes you can’t even remember the exact moment but you know they were some good times

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