#790 Seeing somebody giggle in their sleep

the-moonIt’s late, it’s dark, it’s quiet.

You’re tossing and turning, wrapped tightly in a mummy’s tomb of crumpled sheets and flat pillows, while your bed buddy blissfully slumbers on. Maybe you try laying perfectly still, flipping the pillow, or taking deep breaths timed to Subconscious Sam’s snoring beside you.

You might be frustrated, you might be tired, you might be ready to pack it in and scream — but sometimes, once in a while, it’s at these perfect moments when the person laying next to you starts laughing in their sleep. And what a bizarre and hilarious sight that is because it’s like — what’s so funny?

I mean sure, we’re used to laughing at things we see in our waking life. Your roommate drops a hammer on their toe, crazy Uncle Lou starts dancing at a wedding, sure. We get those things. But when somebody’s laughing in their sleep it’s a different kind of funny because it’s the most inside of inside jokes. You aren’t in on it and frankly, they aren’t either.

So whether it’s baby in the crib, the guy next to you in the tent, or your girlfriend wedged beside you on the futon, there’s something just so hilarious when you see them laugh in their sleep and try to imagine what’s running through their head.


Wait, wait, wait, hold on, last question: do you ever try to influence their dreams by whispering little things in their ear and stuff?

Me neither.


Remembering something funny from the womb

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