#365 Getting dressed straight out of the dryer or laundry basket

Hands up if you’ve ever been a bachelor.

People, if you’ve been there you know the lazy-boned joy of sleeping in a bed half-covered in clothes, eating breakfast over the sink to avoid using one of your three plates, and getting dressed straight outta the dryer or laundry basket.

Yeah, you know how it goes: Alarm clock buzzes and you’re suddenly grog-sliding around your cramped apartment as a Bedhead Nude. Next it’s time to pop open the dryer door or eyeball the assorted clump of clean clothes in a basket and start fishing through your wrinkly clothes for a wrinkly wardrobe.

Balled-up underwear, twisted T-shirts, and crumpled jeans that are still a bit wet fit you jusssssst fine and before you know it you’re looking hot to trot.

Now just make sure when you pull off this classic move you take a second to nod in the mirror and smile slowly while congratulating yourself on saving some valuable time. Ironing shirts, rolling up socks, folding underwear?

No thanks.

We’d rather fill our days with an extra five minutes of


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