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The Book of Awesome

Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket and Other Simple, Brilliant Things

By Neil Pasricha in April 2010 from AEB/Putnam, a division of Penguin Publishing.


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“Strangely heartwarming… perfect for rainy days.” – The New Yorker

“Little things, it turns out, are extremely important to happiness, and THE BOOK OF AWESOME will remind you of a thousand little things that will make you happier.” – Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project

“Neil Pasricha is to blogging what Jerry Seinfeld is to standup.” – The Globe and Mail

“Laugh out loud funny, tinged with just enough sarcastic nostalgia…” –

“Pasricha emerges a committed but inviting optimist, combating life’s unending stream of bad news by identifying opportunities to share a universal high five with humanity.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Even a cynical white person can’t deny the appeal of THE BOOK OF AWESOME.” – Christian Lander, author of Stuff White People Like



From neighbors with pools to ordering off the menu at fast-food restaurants to fixing electronics by smacking them, The Book of Awesome takes on life’s sweet feats with all the honest humor and winning enthusiasm that has earned Pasricha’s blog its millions of followers. But while powered along by Pasricha’s distinctive, fresh, and hilarious voice, The Book of Awesome isn’t about one man’s favorite things, but rather a catalog of the universal little pleasures we all share. With its focus on the many things that bring us together rather than the few things that split us apart, it’s a book that will appeal to people from all walks of life — housewives and college kids, children and senior citizens alike. Arising out of Pasricha’s riffs on popping bubble wrap and getting a trucker to blow his horn is an unexpected, genuine sort of inspiration, as The Book of Awesome offers up a hearty cheer for all the little things we take for granted.

. Barnes & Noble IndieBound Penguin Walmart



Neil Pasricha never imagined that writing about the smell of gasoline, thinking it’s Thursday when it’s really Friday, or wearing underwear just out of the dryer would amount to anything. A self-described “average guy” with a typical 9-to-5 job in the suburbs, Neil started his blog 1000 Awesome Things, as a small reminder — in a world of rising sea levels, global conflict, and a troubled economy — of the free, easy little joys that make life sweet. He certainly didn’t anticipate that his site would gain a readership of millions of people, win two Webby Awards (“the Internet’s highest honor” according to The New York Times), be named one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Sites, or become a place where people from around the world would come to celebrate the simple pleasures of daily life.

. Barnes & Noble IndieBound Penguin Walmart



It’s difficult to overestimate the response that Pasricha’s countdown of awesome things has elicited amongst both critics and readers. Delivered with an irresistible mix of spirited humor and unchecked optimism, “like a snappy Jerry Seinfeld monologue by way of Maria Von Trapp” (The Vancouver Sun), Pasricha’s optimism has proved to be utterly infectious. “Life really is awesome after all,” wrote The Guardian; “Read it and you’ll feel good about being human,” said Jim Hedger (host of Webcology, Webmaster Radio). Housewives and college students, senior citizens and professionals, people from Chile and India and Bangladesh, flood Pasricha’s inbox daily with letters about what the site has meant to them. Teachers have had their students generate their own lists of awesome things. Bedridden hospital patients have written to say that the blog has shown them a new perspective; individuals struggling with depression claim the site has given them new hope; and fans from all over the world have checked in simply to say, “Keep up the awesome, man. It makes me happy.”

Now, Pasricha’s awesome things have made their way into the world of books with THE BOOK OF AWESOME (Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam, April 15, 2010). Combining classic entries from the website with a hefty chunk of brand-new content, and accompanied by photos throughout, The Book of Awesome is a much-needed reminder of life’s happy little moments, a hilarious and heartfelt thumbs-up for the awesomeness of everyday life.

. Barnes & Noble IndieBound Penguin Walmart



“THE BOOK OF AWESOME reminded me of past pleasures, like an old friend, and left me looking for new joys today.” – Frank Warren, author of PostSecret

“Neil’s writing is funny, sweet, and filled with just enough nostalgia-laced goodness to bring out your own Pollyanna. I dare you to read this book without compiling your own list of Awesome Things to add.” – Jen Yates, author of New York Times Bestseller Cake Wrecks

“Neil Pasricha is the guru of small joys.” – The Toronto Star

“THE BOOK OF AWESOME gives me 14,001 things to be happy about. Bravo for taking note of the sunny side of life!” – Barbara Ann Kipfer, author of 14,000 things to be happy about

“The awesomest part about THE BOOK OF AWESOME is the realization that if you enjoy the simple moments in your life, you will be happier.” – Ben Huh, author of #1 New York Times bestseller I Can Has Cheezburger? Barnes & Noble IndieBound Penguin Walmart


584 thoughts on “Book

  1. wow! every once in awhile you stumble on something late at nite while you surf the web that makes an impression and expands your world view. this site is one of those. can’t wait to read the book. congrats to you

  2. Will The book of AWesome be sold in Australia because it think it is an amazing idea and know that the blog m akes my day every morning…………….

    it is the best birthday present EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice to be reminded that life is awesome… it’s too easy to forget that simple things make up great moments of happiness.

  4. Thanks again, Neil, for this awesome book.
    Last night when we went to bed, my husband and I took turns reading to each other but we had to stop because we were laughing too hard! Everyone that I gave a copy to also love it. Today we’re donating the last copy to the local library. (I hope you come out with a 365 day calendar for 2011. It would make a great office Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer.) Keep up the good work. You’re awesome.

  5. Purchased the book yesterday as a gift for a friend. Think I will have to go today and purchase one for myself as well. Excellent reviews.

  6. Hey Neil! I was holding off purchasing your book as my birthday was happening a few days after the release and ta da! My sister did the right thing and bought a copy for me plus, one for herself! She wasn’t aware of your blog but saw you on BreakfastTelevision on Citytv in Toronto. I bet you’ve gained more fans from your appearances — couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more talented fella. My friend’s birthday is this week so I, too have done the right thing… I purchased her a copy of your book too! :)

  7. when you come in on a cold winter day and your feet are frozen, then you take your wool socks out od the dryer and put them on!!! awesome!!!!

  8. AHHHH! I’m squealing like a little fan-girl right now. xD Mainly because… I JUST PICKED UP A COPY OF THE BOOK! ^_^

    I have standardized testing for the rest of the week unfortunately. But! You are allowed to have a book to read in between portions. :D I will definitely make sure to cram in as much reading as I possibly can! I can’t wait to come across “Your colon” too! ;)

  9. Just picked up the book yesterday! Love the site and I have no doubt will enjoy the book many times over.

    All the best!

  10. A friend of mine told me about this book today…have’nt read it yet but surely looking forward for it.

    God Bless Neil

  11. I read “The Book oF Awesome” When I hit a rough patch in my life, It made me smile and just forget about all the bad things going on. I laughed so hard I cried at some parts of the book, And aslo said to myself multiple times “HEY! I do that TOO!!”

    So here I say to you,
    Keep writing and please stay incredibly…


  12. Neil: you are the man. This book is truly awesome and I enjoyed every page of it. Read it the day that it came in the mail. It is bestseller material. Best of luck for your future, I have no doubts that is will be a great one.

  13. Awesome when : you get caught for shoplifting and the amount of items they found on you is $299.99. And they didn’t find that underwear that will make your misdeamenor a felony. That’s fuc*ing awesome.
    Misdeamenor under $300.
    Felony over $300 even if over by a penny.

  14. For a second, I thought Lockley said Hockey for the Canada Media Inquires and I was like, “LOL We Canadians are so obsessed with hockey.” And then I felt like an idiot when I realized what it said. =.=

  15. I just discovered this website, and I want to thank you for it. I’m going to add it to my favourites, and any time I’m feeling down, I’ll go and read some awesome things.

    Here are some awesome things I’d like to add (I hope they’re not already on the list):

    Cracking the spine of new book.
    New baby smell.
    Surprise visits from a relative that you actually like.
    Chocolate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Phone calls to or from a loved one who lives far away.

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