#1000 Broccoflower

About two years ago I noticed something funny as I flipped through a grocery store flyer. On the produce page was an ugly, green-looking cauliflower, with the caption “$2.99! Broccoflower!” It was hilarious. A green cauliflower labelled as a Broccoflower. The bizarre misfit child from two of nature’s most hideous vegetables. The best part is that people usually don’t believe me when I mention it and, to top it off, I’ve never seen it advertised since — like the mutant Broccoflower was shunned by society and has since flown home.


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    1. That is genius! I’ve never heard that, but it makes so much more sense!!

      I love it!

      CauliColi it is, from now on..

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  2. I grew this in my garden, but the plants were labeled Heirloom broccoli. It’s the best tasting broccoli I’ve ever had, not to mention the prettiest in terms of the fascinating formation!

  3. I love broccoflower. Our store had it one time and my husband and I just loved it, but after about a week, it’s nowhere to be found!! Where can I find it or seeds?

  4. Did anyone notice that the broccoflower gained international attention during the olympics…. I’m pretty sure they gave it to the althletes with there medals

  5. The love child of two of the most tasteless vegetables – Broccoli and Cauliflower. No wonder it was banished.

  6. I’m sorry guys but if you are thinking that these foods are tasteless, then you are cooking them too long. Microwaved is best but only for 2 -3 minutes depending on the quantity. Steamed is OK but boiling the nutrients out of it is how it tastes so bland.

  7. I live in Rome, and this is Roman broccoli — broccolo romanesco in Italian. Delicious. Whoever said it’s tasteless hasn’t tried it cooked Italian style with orecchiette pasta, garlic, and peperoncino.

  8. As the wiki link shows, the broccoflower and Romanesco are two different veges. Saw the Romanesco for the first time in Pike Market and immediately bought one! Took it home and photographed it in different ways…it is truly a beautiful vege in its weirdness. And as someone above mentioned, do NOT overcook. If you must steam it, only for a few minutes. I prefer to do ALL vege with a little olive oil and fresh garlic in a cast-iron skillet, and then only for about 5 minutes on high heat. It stays crunchy and absolutely delicious!

  9. Trust me, Brocoflower definately hasn’t gone away… Unfortunately my mom loves it… I think there can’t possibly be anything more disgusting on the planet!

  10. Wow. Broccoflower. That’s got to cure herpes or have some greater value than just being a cross breed. I’ve never heard of this.

  11. Ah, yes, The bizarre Broccoflower! . . . my Mom started bringing these home in the late 80’s. She was convinced that it was twice as healthy for us to eat as cauliflower because it was GREEN, and she also kept encouraging us that it would also taste better than the original.

    The truth: if you close your eyes, it tastes exactly the same.

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  13. I believe you. Broccoflower: the ugliest vegtable thing known to man, woman, and frogs. Nothing can beat the invincable broccoflower! Now for only $2.99!

  14. In Italy we cook it in different ways: One is this: Put it in boiling water for about 15 minutes, (it depends by the size) then cut into small pieces and, after drained, put it in a pan with 2 tablespoons of hot olive oil and garlic, adding bits of sausage, and little chili, for 10 minutes …. try it!

  15. Hi there, this BroccoFlower is called “BROCCOLO”. (here in Sicily) – We cook it with a raisins, pine nuts, breadcrumbs and so on ….and this first course is called “Pasta con Broccolo Arriminato”. Veeeeeeeeeeery good !! If you want it, come here (in Palermo) and try it !!!! Greetings MANU

  16. That eye contact that sends chills through you, the look that melts and that stare that seduces…. It’s more than awesome….

  17. Awesome is being out and randomly popping into your favourite jeweller (just because you are going past and have the time), seeing THE RING, trying it on, it fits, texting your partner asking to buy it and he says yes. That’s awesome.

  18. I haven’t tried one, but I do think I’ve seen one. Cauliflowers are my all time favourite veggie – don’t know why, just love love love cauli season! I’m going to hunt one down now – I want to try it.

  19. Hahaha, I coincidentally saw Broccoflower in the supermarket for the first time ever just the other day, before reading stumbling across this post – and yep, when I saw it, I thought “Awesome!!” :-P

  20. C’mon over c;mon over be there.. c’mon over c’mon over be there! c’mon over c’mon over be there. YEAH MOLDY CHEESE!

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