#622 When the dog’s really excited you’re back home

Greasy forehead, sore ankles, and a dull headache cap your traffic-jammy ride home from a long day at work. Dragging yourself to the door your stomach rumbles and grumbles as you picture the bland frozen burrito you’re gonna nuke for dinner.

Yeah, the day got you down, the day knocked you out, but suddenly you unlock the door and your mood zooms sky-high as there’s a loving and waiting BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK.

Someone’s happy to see you.


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104 thoughts on “#622 When the dog’s really excited you’re back home

  1. I was babysitting my neighbor’s dog, Oreo, this week. When I came home from work and opened the garage, I called out Oreo-e-o-e-o to her, and as soon as I opened the door, I got the wiggle happy dance from my girl. Everything negative about my day evaporated when she greeted me with that happy dance…..

  2. Millie my darling goes crazy and jumps everywhere and does flips and jumps onto me when i come home and goes more crazy when my mum comes home

  3. Aw, it’s like that video when the guy comes home from war and his dog is terribly excited to see him. :3

  4. Six dogs. Six wiggle butts. Smiles and BARKING.
    Mom is great… but NOBODY loves you like the dogs!

  5. As a new puppy owner I love all the information listed here. I really want my four-legged friend to get properly trained and have a healthful setting to live in. Thanks for the info.

  6. It would be awesome for me if it was only when i came back from a week at my dad’s, but it’s not. D’you know why? Because my 12 year old Jack Russel barks and runs and jumps at you frantically EVERY. FRICKEN. DAY. lol and he doesnt calm down so we have to yell shut up at him… But alls good afterward :)

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  8. It also reminded me of my childhood. Everyday when I went back after school, my dear puppy snoopy( I named for him) would lick me… This is my beautiful memory forever. Awesome article!

  9. I love it when I get home and my dogs are so happy, that their butts start wiggling all over the place! It’s so cute!

  10. My dog died last summer… Now, especially when we get back from vacation, I always miss this. However, there is a new man’s best friend in my future. :D

  11. That sounds very awesome !!! I wish i had one puppy waiting me home .. Too bad an aartment wont allow one :(

  12. I think dogs are dumb and they don’t excite me…. If thats the best thing in your day you are a sad person with a sad meaningless life… Go get laid

  13. Yes! And I’ve had several collie/sheltie/shepard breeds who add a song, dance and a big hug too, especially if/when feeling lowly, as TrixieRix, so delicately and sensitively, (not heavily), shared.
    Just real and honest:)
    As if Christmas isn’t an emotional enough time~ I hope you’re doing well.

  14. this rememberd me of a joke. Lock your wife and your dog in the boot of your car for a hour and see whos happy to see you lol

    1. Hilarious truth about this one-only in my case it would be husband!
      Thanks for the smile Gus. Awesome=D

  15. This sucks, what’s so awesome about this? What a shit post, like anyone gives a fuck about this. You know what’s awesome? Dinosaurs, and space ships, and fuckin’ how synapses work and shit. Who has a door like that? Dogs can’t even fuckin’ open doors so the scenario is just fucked from the start. & barks are annoying as shit. I have a dog, and he’s annoying. Cats are better. Dogs just wanna pee when you. This is something for the people who wish they had a dog so they can imagine something other than their useless life. Perfect is not a reality.

    Anyway, check out meat spin.org for real cool stuff &

  16. My dog can open doors, and he is so cute. He’s a German Shepard so he is a great guard dog, ands all the houses except ours got robbed on our road. My other dog is defiantly smart too. And they both love it when me and my brother get home. so shut up.

  17. I can finally say I know what this is like. We have a 7 month old Lab and he gets excited over everything, especially when we get home. Its great!!

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