#514 Seeing a license plate from really far away in your home town

Every plate has a story.

Maybe it’s a cab of college kids on an endless summer road trip. Beef jerky wrappers, stained T-shirts, and a sweaty cooler fill the backseat of the rusty Volvo as they cruise cross country to soak in some sunny freedom before school starts. You see them laughing in front of you and softly smile at distant days gone by…

Or maybe it’s a couple retirees enjoying the first few weeks of a brand new life. As you pass their big boxy RV in the slow lane, you peek in and notice a wrinkly driver in a tight ballcap and baggy pink shirt steering fiercely with big twinkle in her eye. Your brain backflips as you daydream about your last day of work …

Or maybe it’s a family station wagon filling up at the pumps with a canoe on the roof and sleeping bags in the window. Two kids are playing video games in crumbs and juice stains as baby chews Cheerios and falls fast asleep. You glance at your boyfriend riding shotgun and he looks up innocently and smiles…

Yes, seeing a license plate from far away is a reminder we’re all tied together from the edge of our driveways to the edge of your driveways. Dusty towns, big cities, open fields, and tree-lined lanes may lie between us… but the truth is we’re all in this together: bouncing in cars, swerving down roads, spinning in place, flying through space.


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103 thoughts on “#514 Seeing a license plate from really far away in your home town

  1. Hey!

    Why not talking about european plates? I was astonished when I saw US license plate here in Czech Republic! Don’t remember which state it was, but definitely US one! :)

  2. I just love your way with words in this one Neil.
    I’m such a curious, I always wonder when I see the signs of the well-travelled-mobile and sometimes the folks are open enough to have a chat and share.
    Last summer we met a couple who were from southern Texas; had driven to Florida, then up the states to New York, took a wrong turn, came all the way across Canada and were now here in B.C., in this enormous RV, telling us they had decided they may as well carry on to Alaska! Said, if they ever decided to take such a trip again, they would consider flying and renting a car at destinations, although they’d seen some great sights this way. They were in there 70’s; leaving us both impressed, flabbergasted and in the dust as they drove away.

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