#448 The smell and feel of bedsheets that dried in the sun

Drift and dream into that crispy clean.

It’s always good when you can leave the sheets outside and let the sun do what the sun does best: be hot, heat things up, keep being hot. Just clothespin your business to the line, point up at the giant fireball in the sky and say “Over to you.”

Soon you’ll be spreading those sun drenched sheets over your mattress and curling into their warm wind-swept arms as you slip and fade into a cozy little world of


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Because real estate is a special social product, in many countries, as the first social policy, the real estate configured in the process of social policy to economic policy. In China, when the lack of new sources of growth in the economy, various economic interest groups turned to real estate. Real estate kidnapped Chinese economy driven by various interests, not many years, real estate seems to have become the main body of the overall GDP (gross domestic product). Economic structure, because it involves so many industries, real estate is China’s basic industries. Once the real estate problems, associated with the industry, will be varying degrees of impact, financial impact at the local level, the income from land and real estate, has been a major source of local government revenue. Real estate if there are problems,sac lancel, the local fiscal crisis immediately noticeable. 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Various vested interests actually use their unlimited the kidnapped ability, procure infinite appreciation of real estate. The higher the price, the higher the profit margins of real estate developers,abercrombie, banks and investment (speculative) by the local government’s fiscal revenue along with higher. In the interests of the chain driven, real estate, manufacturing growing bubble,isabel marant sneakers. Everyone knows that, to be real estate infinite appreciation is an impossible mission, especially in China. The real estate was a social product, the majority of the society to purchase and consume. China’s real estate is clearly away from the “supply and demand balance in the economic sense, on the one hand is a large backlog of commercial housing purchase the other hand, most people can not afford housing. The subtext here is: real estate in China is artificially hype up, and therefore implies a huge bubble “. 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Once the land is sold, if not its local governments to impose real estate taxes, they will create a variety of shops and “fees”. This situation not too long ago staged in rural areas. Real Estate resistance either developed early or later in Japan, emerging Asia economies, China’s industrial upgrading reaches a certain stage in the industrialized, industry keywords is “industrial upgrading. In Asia, from Japan, government departments,lancel, there is a new concept that is “industrial policy”. Industrial policy in order to promote industrial upgrading, of course. Conscious of the industry, coupled with strong government to promote industrial upgrade of Asia’s emerging economies, faster than early developed economies. But in China, despite the tremendous tasks and challenges facing the industrial upgrading and economic restructuring, but either industry or government, the key words in these years is the “real estate”. A certain extent, real estate has become a major resistance to China’s industrial upgrading. As long as the real estate is less profitable, and will continue to attract a lot of investment, reduce investor input on the above research, education. It is investment in these areas, in an economy to be able to achieve sustainable development. There is no doubt that, despite the real estate can bring huge short-term interests to the vested interests, it has become the obstacles to sustainable development of the national economy as a whole. At the same time, real estate is also damage and destroy the foundation of social survival and development. Chinese people since ancient times, has a “Home Ownership Scheme” concept, it is not difficult to understand. From the front is more and more people can not afford to buy a house, or even can not afford to rent a house,air jordan pas cher. In the long run, it will lead to social stability crisis. 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Victims Ryu at 6 o’clock the next day,The girl picked up the Apple phone to play a self-portrait i,abercrombie france, the Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen Futian Branch South Park police station, accused Song Mountain wood on its implementation of the rape. The forensic identification, the victim Liu vaginal swabs and underwear crotch pad seized substances see semen stains, which Liu the pantiliners stains on Sperm Song Mountain wood STR typing the same identified probability greater than 99.99 %. Song Mountain wood left Shenzhen at the incident the next day at noon, fly from Guangzhou to Beijing to participate in vocational colleges principals training courses. Song Mountain wood girlfriend firewood at 6:00 pm on May 4 Song Mountain wood office computer hard drives to be replaced,hollister outlet. May 12, 2010, Song Mountain wood to the Lo Wu Public Security Bureau Dongxiao police station surrendered. The public security organs seized Song Mountain wood to carry the camera inside only after May 4, 2010 photo. Song Mountain wood behavior caused by incidental civil plaintiff Ryu economic losses 4205.87 yuan. Luohu court held that the defendant Song Mountain wood contrary to the will of the victim Ryu, the use of coercive means to force a sexual relationship, his behavior constituted the crime of rape. Prosecutor accused Song Mountain wood rape victims Ryu facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, and should be supported. After the incident, Song Mountain wood itself to the public security organs to surrender, but denied the the rape victims Ryu fact, by law can not be identified as surrender. Song Mountain wood by means of coercion, rape of women a starting point for 3-5 years, and comprehensive consideration of the Song Mountain wood modus means, pleaded guilty attitude and voluntarily surrendered to the plot, decided sentenced to four years. Luohu court held that the prosecutor accused the defendant Song Mountain wood rape victim Li Mouting another crime that on March 9, 2008, the public prosecution authority has determined that the evidence of the facts, only the victim Li Mouting statements and witness testimony undrawn remnants of on-site, the public security organs nor forensic identification, Li Mouting of patient medical records can not confirm its damage, Jinan City, MCH inspection report single display the endoscopic not find sperm. So the prosecutor accused the defendant Song Mountain wood rape victim Li Mouting unclear facts, insufficient evidence,hollister france, the court shall not identified. Whether the conduct of the prosecution and the defense focus A Song Mountain wood constitute rape Rape against her will, to use violence, coercion or other means, acts of forcible sexual intercourse with women. The essential characteristics of the rape is against her will, as long as the acts against her will, and should be punished for the crime of rape. Finds that rape can not be said with or without resistance to the murdered women as a necessary condition, as long as the women expressed reluctance,louboutin pas cher, although not for the resistance or revolt is not obvious, should the normal relations between the two sides,abercrombie, the sex environment, after the incident the woman’s attitude the facts and circumstances, denounced conditions for a comprehensive analysis. So, Song Mountain wood sexual relations contrary Ryu will it Court from the following three points. 1, the basis of the feelings of both sides: before the incident, in addition to know do not even know the real name of Liu, Liu called the “golden Allen, Song Mountain wood, he was not saved Liu’s phone number,abercrombie, they did not date, there is no personal relationships. Song Mountain wood even have a crush on Ryu Song Shan Mu wishful thinking, did not Ryu recognition. Therefore, before the incident, they do not have the emotional foundation. 2, the light of the specific environment: May 3, Liu Song Mountain wood submitted his resignation, Song Mountain wood repeatedly retain are Ryu refuse. So, Song Mountain wood that as an excuse to clean up to Ryu to the geographically remote Pine Springs apartment 3 809 rooms, indoor only Song Mountain wood two men with Ryu. In such a strange, closed environment, Ryu as one in the internship has not really out of the campus, inexperienced women face alone usually irascible, president of Song Mountain wood inevitably produce isolated, afraid of situation,グッチ. 3, Liu’s performance after the incident: After the incident, Liu back to the dorm look unhappy, the underwear thrown into the trash, to show their disgust again boyfriend Wang and colleagues Zhang a crying her threat, Song Mountain wood nude then raped fact, she may not sleep all night. 6:00 on the morning of May 4, Liu went to the Futian District, South Park police station. To sum up, against the will of the Liu Song Mountain wood, the use of coercive means to force sexual relations with Ryu facts sufficient to establish. B can prove both sexual transactions Song Mountain wood and his defenders argued that sexual relations between the two sides, Liu Song Mountain wood 5000 transferred to 3000 yuan, afterwards, Song Mountain wood through the company’s financial give $ 3,000, do not rule out both the sex trade possible. Case,Woman died after taking the online purchase drugs sales jailed _, Liu Song Mountain wood demanded 5,000 yuan facts, only the confession of Song Mountain wood, no other evidence, the court shall not identified,ナイキ ジョーダン. Hill Wood, vice principals Moumou to multi transferred Ryu pay card pay 3,000 yuan, Song Mountain wood in that public security organs confessed that the compensatory nature with Moumou testimony SMS corroborate, does not prove that the two sides on May 5 the sex trade. So, Song Mountain wood and its defense counsel opinions and facts, the court shall not be accepted. Lawyers point of view of Song Mountain wood defense lawyer: will carefully study how to appeal to “Song Mountain wood court wronged appeal, as a defense lawyer, of course, first of all respect his opinion, but specific appellate opinions need to carefully study the verdict to form,air ジョーダン. “the Guangdong the sincerity public LLP Director Gan Yongming lawyer after the court said so. He said the court decision shows, indictable two sin has negated one of them, the first instance of a crime is identified established, since the court set the second procedure, if the defendant is an appeal, the court will continue the case in detail trial. For the first trial fair Lawyer Gan Yongming long verdict, he would carefully study the specific legal advice. Links Song Mountain wood people Song Mountain wood training founder of Hill Wood Hill Wood Group, the former president. May 1, 1964, born in Linyi, Shandong, take scientific name Song Binghua. Shandong Liaocheng Teachers College in 1981, admitted to the Department of Mathematics undergraduate. 1990 East China Normal University computer professional postgraduate training course graduation. The first Mountain wood training from November 1991 to the present, the training school founded by him everywhere in the country, has created a wide range of learning and employment opportunities. Hill Wood Group also set up branches in the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, Canada and other countries. He is also known as the “civilian educator,” industrialist “. In May 2010, Song Mountain wood investigation by the police on suspicion of rape,mulberry outlet.

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The reporter Guo Ban Fa Ming Dian [2009] No. 27, “the notice of the State Council on the 2010 part of the holiday arrangements” File see: Mid-Autumn Festival: September 22 to 24 vacation days off, a total of three days. September 19, 2011 (Sunday), 25 (Saturday) to go to work. National Day: October 1 to 7 vacation days off, a total of seven days. September 26, 2011 (Sunday), work on October 9, 2011 (Saturday). This means that, from September 13 to October 10,abercrombie outlet, 12 days holiday, working 16 days, days and rest days are “split” into eight parts. Friends called “the most frustrating holiday” really “lives up to its name. Business Building a training institutions in Pinghetang clerks small Xie said, this toss “cups” is not the first, just past the Dragon Boat Festival has small ‘cups’ back, but this time ‘cups’ more violent the Dragon Boat Festival, that is, “First, even the previous seven days,air jordan, then three days off, then on two days, then rest for two days. There are many friends joked, “cups” every year, this year, 500 years. Less “cups” multi-point “wash with government departments arranged for next year holiday,mulberry. “Distress” at a loss “into a network the main theme of” I saw the first impression is: crazy this remember to set a reminder on your phone, day rest day to go to work. “In Furong District institution Sun Xiang said the clerk, holiday arrangements so complex,hollister, really frustrating, “simply in challenging physiological limit.” the the Sun Xiang distress in the network to obtain a one-sided sympathy and support. Reporters yesterday in multiple Evening News readers QQ group surveys show, many netizens said, the so-called vacation after physical exhaustion benign compensation, and work also have continuity, so zero broken knocking vacation is simply “a break from work have mistaken the . Most distressed the “back family”, “tourist family” and “doctor family. Way into work in Changsha Economic Development Zone, Lanzhou, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday arrangements, he was very upset. He told reporters pull refers operator spent nearly five days: on the way home we should stay only two days, so at home. “Hugh three days before work three days, take the day off work two days after, if we can rest time together to like it!” Cheng Cheng said. See a doctor. Reporters learned from the provinces and several hospitals office staff and general public holidays, major hospitals in Changsha will be open on duty outpatient, the holidays generally only arrange emergency surgery, will not arrange for elective surgery. This intermittent leave, those prefectures and cities of Changsha doctor would like to be as short as possible for the the doctor schedule of patients, there will certainly be a lot of inconvenience. A provincial hospital medical workers with reporters, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday peak period is to see a doctor, because many Prefectures patients want done various checks in time for Friday or Saturday morning after knee surgery such work a few days to rest a few days holiday will certainly be those who want to impact patient surgery, in the time period. “he said. “Holiday or a holiday, this is a problem.” For primary and secondary schools, how to have a good fake is also a problem. Small new Mr. Yen, who lives in the Furong District ita community home, he told reporters that next semester September 2 After school,hogan outlet, the lesson of the last two weeks holiday this leave program, and then repeated on the ground a few days lesson put a few days off,hollister france, and then a few days lesson recapture a few days off this lesson on how “Mr,mulberry outlet. Yan said with worry. Supporters argue that “as long as the holiday cool” report on the Mid-Autumn Day holiday arrangements online survey, 60 percent of users believe that the holidays “toss, the best is attached put attached work”, but also 40% of users believe that the toss,hollister france, holiday how to cool “or” how holiday and do not care about. Although it is ridicule as “the most frustrating” Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, even behind the “family house” not prepared to travel to distant lands,abercrombie. Teng bluntly a night shift of the print media in the provincial capital good like the “toss” sentence is “the work and rest. In an interview with reporters survey, many workers said the units at this table holiday wish for, other requirements have been “unnatural”. “Merge the holidays” a lot of friends against the mainstream proposal “most frustrating” This proposal has also been part of against. Some netizens said the consecutive holidays, also said to be continuously on duty, the limit for seven consecutive days of work, be extended for days not conducive to the effectiveness of the work and life of health, and contrary to the original intention of a holiday. Part of the population of this holiday arrangements also feel that “it does not matter. Commercial Street girls clothing store to open in Huangxing Rank Conventional said: “put not a holiday, I must take care of business at the store the holiday I shop business will be better, but when to leave, how to put is not my concern things,louboutin, as long as the business Haojiu Hang enterprises think this is a cupboard “holiday syndrome” business managers face the most troublesome problem of the holidays, this year, “the most frustrating holiday more let them gripped. “I figured, equal to nearly 20 days of my staff is not on vacation is a vacation on the road.” Chapter woo Hexi High-tech Zone is a high-tech company owner with more than 40 employees, the company is to help a business research and development of new products. How to leave, how to calculate overtime pay, with employees and let the young boss is really a headache. “So off and holidays, the work is not a good arrangement,abercrombie.” “The most frustrating holiday” how to find the crack of the Road, facing a new topic has become a corporate director of human resources,louboutin pas cher. Hunan Huatian International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Kuang Yi said that for this year, “the most frustrating holiday, travel agents will certainly be customer demand for related business restructuring, such as strengthening the intensity of services Excursions publicity; own transfer classes for guests extended leave may detonate outbound travel market forecast, Marina Yee said that they will launch outbound route one month in advance, will never lose this “the most frustrating holiday holiday market derived,abercrombie france. Sociologist, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said Professor Zhou Jianguo, State Department arranged New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, Ching Ming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and other holidays, reflects the state of public concern, not only demonstrates the spirit of people-oriented, It also reflects the carry forward traditional ethnic festivals. However, he said, the public holidays how reasonable put, it should give more consideration to the interests of the people, to make appropriate arrangements. How holiday people out coup in some time to discuss the holiday should not be so, another part was already doing vacation plans, the Mid-Autumn Day holiday there are nearly two months from now. “Oh, I crack law is the middle of a few days of annual leave.” Have to work 16 years, Zhang Xu told reporters hit his “wishful thinking”: he now has 10 days of annual leave, he plans to September 19 3 days annual leave since Hugh, Hugh six days annual leave from September 25, so he divorced only nine days, but in the end add up, you can not even break for 20 days, “I was happy to complete the project for a long time so enough of Tibet Nepal trip. “My plan is to shift with colleagues, even the leaders do not have to say hello,” I am ready to sponsored public opinion to vote, I hope the company merger holidays “… Related articles: Wang Xiaojun Mr Wang the yard is filled with bricks stones. Reporter saw duty in kindergarten he discovered that the bus company to reflect the situation of the public

  26. ‘an a Columbia car crashed into three passengers, causing one person seriously injured, and two people suffered minor injuries. The underbody man RCC implementation Xu 9:50 last night,air jordan femme, reporters rushed to the scene after receiving the report. Brother sitting in a police car, lights flashing, covering his face with a red pockets. Abnormal multiple witnesses angrily surrounded the police about the incident scene. A license plate number for Hubei AT0348, car body says “Wuhan Hanyang Hui’an taxi team” mint green taxi, serious damage to the front, tightly against the back of a Yutong Bus. Several witnesses confirmed that, when they see the hood of the taxi on the tummy of a man dressed in black, the bottom of the vehicle also rolled into one in blue plaid shirt man. “We all screamed, but taxis not only failed to stop, but continues to be moved forwards.” Ms. Wang said,chaussures air jordan, she looked at the men of the car at the end of the taxi roll into the front wheel ran over from him after the rear wheel and rolling over. Taxi directly rammed the Yutong Bus parked on the roadside, stopped down. Jinghan Avenue spring tea, the taxi opened the Anxi tea king come to a stop in front of the entire distance of over 50 meters. It is understood that after the taxi hit stop,hogan, the man on the hood leg injury was unable to move, while the men rolled into the bottom of the vehicle being left in the car after 3 m, leg bones are exposed. Drivers refusing hire subsequently gave the driver after 11 o’clock last night, reporters rushed to the Zhongshan Hospital. At this point, involved in the car the man at the bottom of a small square, lying in bed dying. The reporter saw that he was wearing a blue plaid shirt and black trousers are worn,hollister france. The 43-year-old Tang Xiangzhong introduced, they do in the vicinity of casual workers, small parties do plumbers, he did Mason. Table chloroform cis and hailed Jinghan Avenue, ready to send him small parties to the eight ancient pier. “We say to the destination,abercrombie, the driver said he only went to Wuchang.” Luo Shun and said, he boarded the taxi drivers are refusing hire. The driver said: “I was refusing hire,hollister.” He next station to the taxi in front, and the driver of an altercation,hollister, drivers want to get off beating. Tang Xiangzhong tried to mediate in the next, he pulled Luo Shun and,louboutin pas cher. “The man climbed into the car, reversing several ready to hit us.” Said Tang, taxi to launch direct cousin on top of the hood,hollister outlet, standing on the side ready to pull the driver to stop him from driving small square, get involved The bottom of the vehicle. Luo, cis and said, he clung to the windshield wipers, taxi halfway still accelerating, and fortunately did not fall. Doctors, small square right calf extensive skin abrasions, serious trauma after back towed, chest obvious abrasions. “The most serious feet tendon rupture, immediate surgery is required,hogan outlet.” Luo Shun the hood on the thigh burns knee skin laceration,mulberry. Tang Xiangzhong tried to mediate in the right arm and minor abrasions. Last night, the reporter repeatedly call Hui’an, but the phone has no answer,abercrombie france. The mouth area ronghua police station in the investigation afterwards the brother away. Related articles: but to pay attention to is even if the expense spend more money. “The Regal said angrily. Subsequently do not see the switch above the posted any note.” Mr. Shang said

  27. ‘s family signed a trust agreement the progress of work and and Deng contact the relevant circumstances answered a reporter’s question. Commissioned by Deng relatives to make every effort to defend her Wangshao Peng, Liu Gang lawyers that the Deng case occurred, the legal profession as Hubei insiders, they have been concerned about the progress of the case. Yesterday, both of whom Deng attorney went back and forth. It is understood that Deng’s mother Zhang Shumei rescind the commission agency agreement with the former lawyer, he commissioned cousin worked as a lawyer in Yichang Qinmou to find suitable candidates for new solicitor. In So, Qinmou contacted the Liu Gang. Qinmou mainly consider two of Hubei Province,バーバリー, Yichang City Bar Association vice president, Liu Gang, a minor celebrity in the industry. Liu Gang heard the news after the departure in the early morning hours of May 24, from Yichang rushed to Patong had and the way he Hubei Li & Fung law firm lawyers, Hubei Bar Association Criminal Committee Director Wang Shaopeng Contact consent, and invited him to come together Patong. Before 3:00 pm on the same day, they arrived in Padang. Wang Shaopeng, the Liu Gang attorney after that meeting with Deng’s grandfather Dengzheng Lan and his mother Zhang Shumei, the two sides reach an agreement, the entrustment agreement was signed at 17:00. Two lawyers went to the detention center in May 25 meeting with Deng signature confirmation two counsel the evening of May 24, the two lawyers overnight collected material as drafted on the application to change the coercive measures against Deng poor physical condition Deng, suffering from depression need treatment, long-term detention is not conducive to future cases, and the the Deng case of evidence police have basically verified, Deng is a surrender to,louboutin pas cher, it is recommended to change the coercive measures released on bail or monitor Deng living. In the morning of May 25, the two lawyers to Badong County Public Security Bureau submitted a principal-agent procedures, changes coercive measures to submit the application to the Police, and according to law met with Deng. At 10:00, in the detention center, the two lawyers saw Deng himself, and told Deng, her mother, Zhang Shumei agency agreement signed with them. Deng agreed to the two as commissioned by the attorney, and the previous day her mother has signed power of attorney to sign to confirm the hope that the two lawyers strive to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests,abercrombie, as soon as its handling of bail pending trial or residential surveillance procedures. 26 evening, Deng allowed out of the detention center. The two lawyers yesterday to residential surveillance met with Deng, to learn more about the incident process to the suspect during the residential surveillance, agency lawyers in the case does not require approval, met separately with the principal. 9 o’clock yesterday morning, Wang Shaopeng,mulberry, Liu Gang lawyers access to the monitoring of Deng met her residence. Deng Wang Shaopeng, Liu Gang, taking into account the special nature of the case, coupled with the argument on the merits of different online the two lawyers invited Deng grandfather Dengzheng Lan and Zhang Shumei cousin Qinmou met with, which is the first time after the incident,mulberry, in the absence of investigators the presence of the meeting with the attorney. Wang Shaopeng, Liu Gang, said the meeting, to Deng learn more about the detailed process before and after the May 10 incident, Dengzheng Lan and Qinmou as the presence of people to sign the meeting transcripts. The two lawyers said that because of the particular circumstances of the case, the relevant details of the case can not be disclosed. The two attorney expressly suspected of intentional homicide objection yesterday afternoon, Wang Shaopeng, in an interview with reporters,mulberry outlet, lawyer Liu Gang expressly have different views on the public security organs suspected of having committed the crime of intentional homicide qualitative Deng Deng,hollister outlet. The two lawyers said, took over the case in the beginning, they expressed doubts on this offense. May 25 morning,mulberry outlet, yesterday morning they twice met with Deng, a firm of their point of view. They believe that Deng’s conduct did not constitute intentional homicide in the case, police qualitative defects. In recent days, they have to the public security organs through various forms of expression of opinions and views. The two lawyers handling the case by the interference and influence of individual Internet users, said the agent of the case requires courage, reason and wisdom Wangshao Peng, Liu Gang lawyer said, the evening of May 25, it was announced their cell phones and law firms number online. Within a few days, they received a large number of unidentified phone, its abuse and insults,abercrombie france. The same time, under the guise of their name in the online open blog, published an article,hollister, comment on the facts of the case, to mislead the majority of Internet users. May 26, they specialize in the elaboration and adoption of Financial Network published a statement. 17:00 yesterday, the two lawyers in an interview special statement, since the proxy cases, they never express any judgment on the progress of the case opinions, all network and blog post on their name are false. Wangshao Peng, Liu Gang, expressed his thanks to all the users really care about Deng. They feel that the attorney as the case requires not only courage, but more rational and wisdom to rely on verbal abuse and accusations can not effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Deng. It is understood that the two lawyers next focus is in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Lawyers, exercise of the right to investigate and collect evidence, and the evidence collected by the investigation authority to review and judgment,louboutin. The two lawyers said that they demand to meet with Deng,ラルフローレン, according to the progress of the case and the need to keep the meeting channels. Related articles: The waitress was lover entangled with her husband to kill ki Thieves take off your shoes at night burglary smoke woke hou The village continued Siberian tiger with cattle herders in the rodeo again foun

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