#998 Getting grass stains

First of all, getting a grass stain means that you were running around at high speeds without proper equipment. Maybe you slid last-minute to avoid a frozen tag or made an awkward, somersault dive at a line-drive wiffleball. Either way, the grass stain symbolizes your large, devil-may-care investment in having balls-out fun, and that’s something worth respecting.

See, boring people, like myself, rarely get grass stains running around because we’re always doing it in Umbros and shinpads from 7:30 to 8:25pm on Mondays down at the indoor Sportpark.

Now, when you’re just running around full throttle in cords and a sweater until you trip on a rock and fall down a hill, my friend that is something. Walk home with pants full of grass stains, some spicy kneeburn, and mud-caked shoes, and you’ve just had yourself a great day.


Hold on to that cookie!

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19 thoughts on “#998 Getting grass stains

  1. Err’day I’d have grass stains on my socks when I was a kid from running around with just my socks on of an afternoon. However this hasn’t happened in a LONG time! Looks like I need to be getting my jeans and socks grass-stained again!

    1. Yeah and then after you buy it and use it, the stains don’t come out. You still have to pre-treat it.
      Honestly, I’ve never had spaghetti sauce stain anything other than my platic containers I keep the leftovers in. My kids are messy with spaghetti and I have no problem getting is out of their clothes.

    2. Yes, laundry commercials would be so much better if they were more realistic. Where are the blood stains, the puke stains and the baby-clothes-after-the-diaper-failed stains? THOSE are the stains that we REALLY need to get out.

      In Canadia, we also need to get poutine stains and maple syrup stains out.

      1. My daughter gets frequent nose bleeds and I’ve learned the best way to get blood out of clothes isn’t any kind of laundry detergent, but peroxide. Put a little on, watch it bubble, rub it in a bit and then wash it like usual. Tada!

        1. Freddo, it’s “Red, RED wine! Make me feel so fine, keep me rocking all of the time… ”
          Anyone who cares, I recently discovered the most amazing stain remover EVER:
          *If you’ve never had a grass stains, you’ve yet to live! Bring ’em on baby..”Rolling in the deep”…bring ’em on!

  2. I want to start off by saying, kids are kids. They are going to get dirty.
    Ok, saying that I want to tell you this. My daughter is in softball, but last year when she was in t-ball the coach let us pick the colorl pants we wanted the kids to wear. There was about 3 or 4 parents that wanted black pants because they didn’t want the kids to stain the white pants. Why sign your kid up for sports if you don’t want him/her to get dirty. Seriously!

  3. I used to get grass stains all the time. Those were the days. It ain’t summer if you don’t have grass stains!

  4. On the weekend my family was camping at a race track (Cars, not horses) and the grand stands are built on a hill, so there are some bare sections of hill where people sit in folding chairs. I between races I saw little kids rolling down the hill. And my family has been going to the track for years, so I remember rolling down the hill when I was little. I was grass stain central, along with my brother.

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