#701 When you hit the point where you’re comfortable farting around each other

smells like rosesI fart, you fart, he farts, she farts.

Let’s not deny it, people. Farting is a regular, healthy, and hilarious part of life. Squeezing out big plumes of noxious gas doesn’t always smell good, but it generally feels mighty fine.

Now think back for a second to the last time you saw a tiny baby pop out a stinky heater. I’m betting after they filled the air they just stared at you with a blank expression that seemed to say “Yeah, it was me. So what?”

And maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe when your boyfriend’s snuggling with you under the blanket and there’s a few chirps from the back of his pants, that’s good. Maybe when Grandpa leans back on his rocker and lets one rip during Sunday dinner, that’s good. Maybe when your wife nonchalantly blasts one while barbecuing on the balcony, that’s good.

And maybe it’s especially good when everyone laughs afterwards.

Let it ripBecause hey, it just means we’re comfortable being ourselves and relaxed enough to know farting is a natural and normal part of life. Nobody chooses farting as a hobby but it’s part of what makes us human. Tuba scales, silent stink bombs, machine gun blasts, whatever you’re putting out there that’s fine, that’s fine, that’s perfectly fine.

Now, we’re not advocating a world of no limits. There’s nothing wrong with keeping some personal space, either. After all, maybe you do your nose-picking in the car, shower behind a curtain at the gym, or burp quietly into a fancy cloth hankie. If so, that’s cool too.

All we’re saying is that if you get to the point where you’re comfortable farting around each other, it means you’re family, you’re friends, or you’re completely in love.

So just relax and let it out.


Can anyone better define love

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108 thoughts on “#701 When you hit the point where you’re comfortable farting around each other

  1. The best time to fart is when you’re stuck in a car on a road trip and you have to pee really bad, then you fart and you don’t have to pee quite as bad.

  2. gotta love the ones you can do deliberately to your friends , knowing its coming and it will either disgust them or crack them up.

  3. Hey there,
    Great article.

    Do you know why some fart smell and others don’t?

    It is so the deaf people are not discriminated against.

    1. I got news for ya Mike. Just like you every girl MUST pass wind! If she doesn’t I suggest checking for a pulse.

    2. I will not go out with any guy who’s so hypocritical and uptight his mouth looks like his anus. Gas comes from both ends, ya know. Lighten up and get real.

  4. When you get to that point its such a relief. When you go on that first date you have to hold it in all night and almost cant wait for the drive home. First time i farted around my girlfriend i tried blaming it on her…….didn’t work!

  5. True story – I don’t remember the first time I kissed my husband, but I do remember the first time he farted in front of me! It was (strangely) a romantic moment, precisely for the reason stated in this post! And it was hysterical….

    BTW, I’m pretty sure my husband chooses farting as a hobby!!

  6. The other day, my wife was taking a nap next to me on the couch while I was typing away on the laptop. I don’t remember what we had for dinner last night, but she must have let out a dozen little farts during a half hour nap.

    I actually found it adorable.

  7. My one year old farts and just keeps on keeping on. No pause for that quick look around or that “ooh I hope this doesn’t smell” beat. Just pure and simply part of the natural flow. Totally awesome.

  8. Nothing about anything you said is even remotely awesome.

    I am the last person to whine about things being “gross,” but farting is just a bad thing to do around people. I mean, it’s air that’s been compressed in your shit. I think a lot of people forget this when they talk about farts being cute.

    I would fart in front of a person just as soon as I would hold a plate of feces under their nose.

      1. . . . and it smells bad as it moulders.

        If your definition of “a bad thing to do around people” is farting, I withdraw my nomination for you for Supreme Court judge. Or for anything.

  9. This is not so awesome, when one friend decides that you are close enough to fart around and you haven’t quite reached that point yet…it makes for awkward moments.

    1. Oh, Kate. You’ve missed the point of this blog project entirely.

      Have fun being a “grown-up.” We’ll all laugh when you eventually fart. I hope you join us.

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but I never feel uncomfortable when someone (even newer friends) lets one slip in front of me. It’s even more awkward when I’m in the bathroom with someone in the stall that is very obviously waiting for me to leave so they can, er, take care of business. I want to whisper to them that I don’t care! Let it out!

    In other news, my friend once farted the beginning notes of Reveille.

  11. Eh, I don’t think this is awesome. I don’t fart in front of my partner if I can avoid it and neither does he. It’s just a matter of respect (why would I subject my man to a stinky fart?? Ew). Burping though, that’s another matter. It’s like a freakin competition to see who can produce the loudest/funniest.

  12. Maybe you can do the next entry on coprophilia. Based on the comments here, it would be very popular with these people who clearly love the smell of shit.

  13. The best is when you feel like you have to pass gas around someone you know or just met, not too bad, and they make you laugh and it flies out your back end. No excuses for that one :)

  14. Some of the people commenting on here have sticks up the ass of the sticks up their asses! Face it, farting is hilarious. It always will be, and always has been. And as a married guy, I’ve found that the best time to do it is in the bed, when my wife is fast asleep. I just pull the covers over her head, let it rip, and enjoy the fireworks.

  15. While I do agree, hesitantly, that farts are hilarious, I will go out of my NOT to poot in the presence of my spouse, such as the camo-cough, or squeeze grapes so that the nuisance escapes slowly and silenty, and without accompanying stink; or I will just leave the room for some damn privacy. Now I WILL , however, burp so loudly and disgustingly that it seems like, as my dad so eloquently states, I just cheated by ass out of a good fart, to which my husband replies “damn I wish you would just lift your leg and fart already”. And sometimes said burps are quite odiferous, to boot. So as I cringe, comment and occasionally laugh at his frequent butt-speak, he does the same with my guttural blasts that seem to eminate at times from the depths of hell. I’d call that an even trade.

  16. My husband will try to dutch oven me while we are laying in bed together. I try to avoid it but sometimes I’m just not quick enough. Afterwards we just lay next to each other and laugh. It’s normal, and healthy, sometimes hilarious. It’s not about a lack of respect. It’s fun. Besides I don’t exactly smell like roses either.

  17. LOL!! My sisters and I went on a ride that was very very closed in. As soon as we were buckled in and the door shut, no way of leaving, I let a very quiet but horribly smelling fart out, and waited for them to realize what had just happened. I laughed so hard!! It was awesome!!!

  18. I’m sorry for all of the people who couldn’t quite understand the awesomeness of this and were grossed out or disgusted.
    It’s not about giggling about farting, dutch ovening, or being ‘pathetic’… it’s about being at the point of a relationship where you know you accept eachother for who you are rather than caring about superficial things.
    Farting is a natural thing.
    Everyone has to do it.
    Sometimes it smells.
    SO WHAT?

  19. Just had that yesterday with some friends. After BBQ we hang out in his flat, drinking some beer and he started to fart and it was fun. No problem with this actually.

  20. My mother asked me about this when I’d been dating my boyfriend for a few years. She’s not a crude woman, so I was a little surprised.

    But one day, I was talking about him, and she asked, out of the blue, “Do you pass gas in front of him?” (never fart – too crude for her!) And I looked up surprised and said, “Uh, yeah.” And she said, “OK.” As if that made our relationship real…. not the fact that we said “I love you”, but the fact that we can be ourselves with each other.

    I’ll always remember that. And I understand why she asked it. She’s been married for almost 40 years…

  21. The best is when you feel like you have to pass gas around someone you know or just met, not too bad, and they make you laugh and it flies out your back end.

  22. Heehee…cute picture. Who’s drawing them, by the way? I haven’t seen them in the book.

    But when you’re comfortable farting around eachother…there also comes a time when someone complains about the smell. :)

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  27. The best place is when ur stuck in an elevator with ur date and maybe blame it on her!!:))

  28. I have to disagree. I don’t ever want a girl to do that in front of me. It’s a double standard. 

  29. No point In arguing, it’s a matter of opinion. Not age. I prefer keeping it in around girls, due to the romantic effect, and because I was raised like that. And I’d prefer the Girl keeping it in aswell, it’s practically the same as going to the bathroom infront of me, not interested…:)

  30. Mmmh, it’s gross but i don’t really care ’cause just like it says it means you’re feeling comfortable with the people around you

  31. I just let one go when there is a lot of noise around me or I squeeze them in to small almost silent ones and let them all go gross… Yes … Helpful… YES

  32. This article is really fascinating to me because when ever I have to take a fart I always tell my friends that’s its coming after its out we have a laugh. :)

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