#683 Finding a Styrofoam container from last night’s restaurant dinner in your fridge

Curry in a hurryScope this scene.

End of the meal at the back of a dimly lit restaurant, your belly bursting with bowls of bread, free soda refills, sugary salad, and half a giant stir-fry, you’re thinking twice about the waiter’s offer to wrap up your meal. After all, the thought of one more forkful of soy-sauce drenched snow peas makes you gag and the image of lugging a drippy Styrofoam container to the movies ain’t appealing.

But there’s peer pressure.

Somebody chimes in with a “Oh come on, get it to go, you’ve got like half your meal left” and another helpfully adds “Think about it, you’ll probably eat it later tonight. Better than bar food.”

So you look around the table and quietly burp into your mouth before nodding to the waiter with a reluctant half-smile. And then you drag that doggie-bag around town and toss it in your fridge before bed, completely forgetting about it until you groggily look for breakfast the next morning.

When you peel open your fridge door the Styrofoam container is just beaming back at you like a treasure chest full of gold at the bottom of the ocean.

“Hello,” it seems to say. “I’ve been waiting.”

Your pupils dilate, your mouth starts watering, and you swipe a fork for a delicious cold and salty wake up call.



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25 thoughts on “#683 Finding a Styrofoam container from last night’s restaurant dinner in your fridge

  1. If it’s pizza or a burger, awesome.

    If it’s a left over taco or stir fry dinner? It’s something slightly less than good. I think it’s called indigestion.

  2. Leftover chicken is the absolute best. Nothing like cold, slightly gloopy, chicken strips to wake you up in the morning. Delicious and awesome!

  3. I decided to find 10 awesome things in my life and blog about them, I did this before work and you know what??? While driving to work I thought of or saw another 10 more. I can’t thank you enough for making me and everyone else realize some things are

  4. !YES! So quick and tasty, and it makes you feel very important with take out from a nice restuarant just for you: ) No need for dibs on it waiting for you in the fridge, everyone knows not to touch

  5. After I have had a long morning cleaning out the entire house, I love nothing better than finding last night’s leftovers in the fridge. I just heat them up, settle down on the couch, and enjoy a nice movie.

  6. I once told my husband that having him was like knowing you had leftovers waiting in the fridge.

    1. PS- That’s my favorite part of the day. When I have no clue what to have for dinner and then Ah-ha! Left over Sizzling Iron Rice bowl! YES!

      Just felt like saying that.

  7. Oh yes. My favorite is leftover Italian, especially if it’s seafood in a cream sauce. A night spent cooling its heels in the fridge just seems to make it that much better. Awesome.

  8. The best for me is leftover Chinese, and I eat it cold. I’m sure a lot of people think that’s gross, but I think it’s…AWESOME!

  9. If only I could remember to take them out of the car (probably the wine!) I always put the container in the back seat and forget about it.

    This happened with some amazing fish tacos I had this summer. The next day when I got in the car was definitely NOT AWESOME…

  10. Hallelujah! Especially if this means I can extend into a whole other supper so’s I don’t have to cook yet again!

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