#590 Wearing a sweatshirt that hasn’t been washed yet

Feel that fuzz.

Yes, when you toss on a brand new sweatshirt just smile and enjoy the smooth silky softness rubbing against your skin. There are no lint balls, fraying sleeves, or crinkled tags scratching at your neck. It’s just the cottony soft freshness of a brand new friend.

Of course, we both know the washer and dryer will slowly murder our sweatshirts over time. That’s why if you’re like me you try and stretch out that cozy first wear feeling as long as possible. You keep wearing it and wearing it and wearing it and wearing it, all the while hoping nobody calls you out on the fact you don’t wash your clothes.

But come on, it’s worth it. It’s worth the looks. It’s worth the stares. It’s worth the undershirts smeared with red lint. So go ahead! Toss on a pair of sweatpants, plop down on your cushy couch, and lay back in that sunny and relaxing world of


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36 thoughts on “#590 Wearing a sweatshirt that hasn’t been washed yet

  1. Sounds cool, but I unfortunately always wash my clothes before wearing them. I’m a bit paranoid about what people could have done with them before :P

  2. Wow, I may one of the minority, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweatshirts/sweaters/jeans/t-shirts/etc. that have been WASHED WASHED WASHED to that level of worn that people actually pay good money for in blue jeans (I could have made millions if I have kept every pair of jeans I’ve turned to shredded bleached denim) and is that particular brand of softness and smells only of your favorite detergent and anti-static sheets.

    1. I once got handmedown half jeans that,at first, i didnt think were denim. They were so thin and soft they were like wearing thin cotton. Thanks friend for wearing them and loving them for such a long time!

  3. Definitely love the feeling of brand new clothes. Also, new socks. You get fuzzy lint between the toes, and they’re cushion-y and there are no holes yet.

  4. Some sweatshirts actually get softer the more often you wash them. I have a few from my MuchMusic days that are just heavenly to wear now. Gosh, they’re almost 20 years old and are really comfy and soft.

  5. I do like the new-clothes feel, but like Hopelds, I just adore the feeling of my sweats that have been washed so many times they’re now softer than silk. They fit perfectly and smell like home…they’re like a second skin.

  6. I’ve acquired a “trick” that seems to work after so many years of lost-sweater-softness. After washing, don’t stick that hoodie into the dryer – air dry it! Sure, it might get that damp clothes smell, but that’s nothing a little fabric freshener can’t fix. My sweats are as soft as the day I bought them!

  7. i completely agree with holding out on washing your new sweatshirt for the first time. I got a new sweatshirt for Christmas, I have worn it almost every day, but today I finally put it in the washer. It was tough, but it had to be done.

  8. Uck! I worked retail through high school and college and I recommend you wash everything before you wear it. It doesn’t matter how upscale or chic the place is, every store has bugs and bugs love your soft clothes just as much as you do.

  9. iiiiiiii luuuv new hoodies… i hold the record at 2 months beore washing! it felt so wrong, but oh so good!

  10. Mmmmm. New SOCKS. There is nothing quite like them. Really soft, hug your foot just right, no wear spots…

  11. I have to disagree with this one. I hate the feeling of the linty layer crawling between my skin and the fabric. It’s especially bad if your skin is still a little damp after a shower and you forget that the sweat shirt is new. Then you end up with damp rolled up little streaks of lint all over your skin. Ick.

  12. When I saw your list, the first thing that came to mind was whether you had included this one. If you hadn’t, I would have suggested it.

    Once at the dinner table we all mentioned something we were grateful for that day and I said it was the wonderful soft feeling of my new sweatshirt touching my tummy. I got blank stares :-)

    For the record, the sweatshirt had already been washed several times, since it came from a thrift shop.

  13. Fact: they cost a little more but organic cotton sweat shirts actually get softer over time and are not full of all the chemicals or pin worms in other cottons! (no offense intended to any growers or cotton pickers.)

  14. I totally agree with Emmy! One of my all time favorite items of clothing was an old blue sweatshirt I got as a hand-me-down from my sister, who got it from a friend and so on and so forth. It had bleach spots and so many holes that it had infinite makeshift pockets. It hung off me like a blanket and was always my go-to comfy sweatshirt. I miss it! <3

  15. u kno wut i hate? wen i get a brand new oversized sweater and its all baggy and amazing and it feels like a big old hug all day, and then the sweater eventually gets washed and it shrinks to boring old normal sweater size and i just dont even feel like wearing it anymore . that just wrecks my day wen that happens. :(

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