#356 Wearing your boyfriend’s sweatshirt

Ripped sleeves, tattered collars, and faded prints tossed in crumpled piles on the bedroom floor hold meaningful memories of tender touches. Twisting on the couch for a movie, stirring over the stove at dinner, or napping together in the park … all come together to fan the flames of your heart.

Tossing on your boyfriend’s baggy sweatshirt feels like you’re giving them a hug.

Close your eyes and smell the love.


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87 thoughts on “#356 Wearing your boyfriend’s sweatshirt

    1. On the other hand, I find it off-putting, and not cute in the least, if you come to my house and put on my clothes, and then expect me to want to take you out for a night on the town wearing them…There’s a reason they make women’s clothes…So, this may be fine for chilling around the house, but I am not taking you out like that…Sorry. I don’t wear your clothes out, do I?

      1. It’s one thing to wear them around the house, which is fine because you’re not doing anything but I would never leave the house in my boyfriends clothes. I refuse to go out in my own clothes unless I’m dressed for whatever the occasion may be. I say save the boyfriend attire for lounging around. Be a little classy when you go out, sheesh. So I completely agree with this. IDK why some girls think it’s OK to go out in public looking like you just came out of the lost & found.

        1. because we live in america, the land of the free. there is no dress code to go anywhere, which yes is unfortunate sometimes. but just because some one wants to go out in public in sweat pants and a sweatshirt they shouldnt be ridiculed for it. not every girl feels the need to do her hair, paint her face on, change her clothes 100 times JUST to go get a stamp at the store.

      2. This post isnt referring to a night on the town, or the girl has no other wardrobe other than yours. Its referring to those nights you stay in or when you are going camping or just lounging. I thought that was kind of obvious. I’m looking at some of the side posts and one of them is ‘accidental snorts,’ of course in most instances snorting would be inappropriate, but when the time is right it can be viewed as comical. So dont take things so literally, cause you sound like a douche, and an idiot.

  1. Nosssaaa que saudade da época que eu tinha um namorado pra fazer isso. A camiseta grande, o cheirinho dele….

    Wow, i miss the time i had any boyfriend so I could do that. The huge shirt, his smell on it…

  2. So wonderful. Especially when it smells like him and he is on a business trip. When we were separated for a summer I kept his sweatshirt and wore it in the heat at times. Now he’s my husband and I still do it sometimes.

  3. Somehow, these posts are completely perfect for my day. I was feeling a bit down and really missing my boyfriend today, so I threw on his sweatshirt, and it made me feel better because its like he’s here snuggling the cold away. :] Its one of my favorite things ever!

  4. Oh man, such perfect timing. The “Laughter at a funeral” post from a few weeks ago was on the six-month anniversary of the death of a dear friend, and really picked me up. Now, there’s this–I’m wandering around the internet sad that my boyfriend has flown away from me, and I look like a complete dork because I’m wearing a winter hat and his big baggy hoodie over dress pants and a sweater, but… it is AWESOME. So comforting. Thanks for writing.

  5. I’ve never had one to borrow a sweatshirt from….

    But, I took my twin sister’s sweatshirt with me abroad and everytime I wear it I feel like I’m getting a hug from her. :-)

  6. I use to love wearing hubby’s hoodie. Of course I usually did it without him knowing. I’d throw it on while he was working late or gone out hunting for a week. It always helped me not feel so alone.

  7. This is a female phenomenon — a femmonemon? — that I will never understand. Nevertheless, I appreciate their enthusiasm. Not sure if I’ll ever get my clothing back, though…

    1. Nope. You’ll probably never get it back. But just revel in the thought that she likes it (and you) so much that she doesn’t want to let go.

  8. Only a true lover can feel that way, the closeness, the bond, the attraction, the intimacy, recollecting those passionate reminiscences and tender moments of love shared together.

  9. One of life’s simply great things.

    BTW, I’m still missing one of those other simply great things: the smile to the right of the banner. Isn’t it ever coming back? A dumb thing maybe, but I actually looked for it every day…kinda my reminder to smile that day.

  10. Back when I was single and dating, I lost many sweatshirts to girlfriends and did not get them back in the break-ups. At least now when my wife takes a sweatshirt, I know where she lives and can scheme to take it back.

  11. Yes! I’m totally guilty of that, but I also like to steal sweatpants. Unfortunately I’m now dating someone who is very stingy with the clothing :( Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop trying though!

  12. This is so true! I love to sleep in his t-shirts as well <3
    And the great part is that he can't do the same with my clothes :D since guys are bigger than girls. Well I guess if one's boyfriend was really tiny, then he could..
    Nah, it's not the same. It's a girlfriend thing and I love doing it :D just the smell of him helps me fall asleep, it's like a teddy bear for me..

  13. I think it kind of works in reverse too, but in a kind of different way. Guys clothes are usually bigger, more worn, and it’s like getting a huge hug. Girls clothes are usually smaller, but VERY comfy! so a small, tight hug!




    1. you’re just jealous, dear. it’s not our fault you don’t have a girlfriend to steal your sweatshirts.
      she’ll come along, and you’ll see what everyone is talking about, and you’ll see how truly AWESOME it is. :]

      1. Cute.. I like the thought of this troll getting a girlfriend, having her borrow his sweat shirt, and have him go through a “grinch style” heart growing moment before returning here to tell is how wrong he was..


    2. Why are you yelling at us to stop looking at this site when you yourself are here sharing in all the awesomeness? You know its awesome and you will admit it one day.
      And I’m so sorry, but no, I do not have an imaginary friend, but if I could borrow yours that would be super awesome!

  15. Always wished I could wear my boyfriend’s sweaters except….he won’t let me!!! Hates when I wear his clothes and this truly saddens me. I need to find a new bf who will share clothes with me. Lol.

  16. … Do any other dudes find this a little creepy? Please tell me I’m not the only one. D:

  17. How about those baja sweatshirts? MIght be a Jersey thing, they were invented by a guy from my town, we call them drug rugs.. My boyfriend has a few of those and I could probably live in them. Love this so much<3

  18. I think this is cute, i feel sorry for all those people who probably cried over this blog an then add nasty comments… they need to get a life, not us!

  19. What I find really awesome is that the awesomeness won out and you all jumped all over that negative comment! Love it…….AWESOME! Don’t let anyone take away your wonderful feelings and memories they are yours to treasure and enjoy!!

  20. Oh shut up, I think it’s cute.

    I met my boyfriend online.. He wasn’t random he knew a few friends of mine but we talked for a while and a couple of months went by and we finally met and it was one of the happiest days I’ve had. It was on July 3rd. We were at the beach watching the fireworks and when it was time for him to go he brushed my hair out of my face and kissed me for a really long time and gave me his sweatshirt. He lives kind of far from where I’m at so it’s kind of lonely sometimes but I always have his sweatshirt and wearing it reminds me of that day and makes me smile and feel really happy.. So you can have your opinions but I love my boyfriend and his sweatshirt(:

    1. This is super cute! My boyfriend lives in another state, and I haven’t technically met him yet. I’m dying to snuggle up in one of his sweatshirts when I miss him.. you’re so lucky. x3
      I’m sure I’ll be able to convince him to let me borrow his shirts… probably by just telling him it’ll smell like me when I give it back~ ;)

      1. cLover, Im in the same boat as you! My Bf is gone to yale and i really wish i had a sweatshirt or two of his for when i miss him. the feeling of wearing your boyfriends sweatshirt is amazing :) <3

  21. My last boyfriend had two jackets so we would alternate them each week. I would sleep in the bigger, more comfortable one since I liked falling asleep with his scent around me and whenever I would return it, he would happily announce the fact that he would do the same thing.
    That really is an awesome feeling, sharing personal belongings like that. :)

  22. Once I put my ex-boyfriend’s hoody on cos i was missing him soooooo much and i was really down…and guess what???I found £5 in one of the pockets of his hoody!!!!that really cheered me up!
    Stupid bastard never got it back LOL!!!

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