#356 Wearing your boyfriend’s sweatshirt

Ripped sleeves, tattered collars, and faded prints tossed in crumpled piles on the bedroom floor hold meaningful memories of tender touches. Twisting on the couch for a movie, stirring over the stove at dinner, or napping together in the park … all come together to fan the flames of your heart.

Tossing on your boyfriend’s baggy sweatshirt feels like you’re giving them a hug.

Close your eyes and smell the love.


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87 thoughts on “#356 Wearing your boyfriend’s sweatshirt

  1. I love seeing my boyfriend all wrapped up in one of my sweatshirts or hoodies. He is smaller than me and always looks so cute bundled up and grinning. I say awesome! :)

  2. I’m in my boyfriends football t-shirt right now :) it was too hot to wear my hoodie so I did the babyish voice and looked at him and said “hey handsome…can I wear your shirt?” and he said “sure” and pulled it off and put it on me :) lol I love wearing his clothes they smell like him and I feel like I’m in his arms when I’m in tem. Whenever I’m crying or about to cry, I pull on one of the shirts I wore of his and haven’t returned and just cry into it and fall asleep thinking of him :P he’s amazing

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