#348 That moment near the holidays when there’s suddenly cookies, chocolate, and candy everywhere

Let’s get fat together.

Roll those rum balls, sprinkle sparkles on the shortbread, and dump the bulk bag of candy canes in the crystal dish by the secretary’s desk.


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29 responses to “#348 That moment near the holidays when there’s suddenly cookies, chocolate, and candy everywhere

  1. Cary

    My inner fat child is drooling.

    That moment for me is usually when I come home from break. The snack drawer is filled with candy, cookies from neighbors and co-workers pile on the counter, and there is always an extra little bit of dessert after dinner.

    Nowadays, my family doesn’t get into sweets as much. Maybe we’re watching our weight, maybe we’re boring eaters. All I know is I miss the good ol’ sugar coated days…

  2. lizzie

    Suddenly? Near the holidays? Where’ve you been?! There’s been candy and a vast array of novelties filling every shop since September!! Or maybe it’s just me and my working in a store…. I could be biased!

  3. I LOVE Christmas for the food and the goodies!
    My grandma always tends to put a full bottle of rum in the fruitcake though, so you have to be prepared! If you guys like this blog you should try this one below!!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I haven’t had a chance to make any Christmas goodies yet. Certain incidents have prevented me from taking the time to stand in the kitchen and bake. I think I’m gonna cheat this year and get some store bought stuff.
    I’ve been seeing cookies and candy since right after Thanksgiving. There was even some Christmas decorations up right after Halloween around here. It seems like they start putting that stuff out earlier and earlier every year.

    • Lara

      It does happen earlier every year! Soon ‘Christmas in July’ won’t be such a fun theme party idea because we will already be sick of seeing Christmas decorations.

  5. I don’t even like eating when I see excess. All I see is FAT so I pull back. If at all I urge for something, I just take a small bite.

  6. Where is #348? Did I miss something?

    Merry Christmas from Italy!

  7. td

    Christmas goodies! That is awesome! Personally I love buckeyes & peppermint bark.

  8. How about “get fatter together.” That fits me better.

  9. my guilty pleasure: pandoro for breakfast from Dec 1th to Feb 1th!

  10. Shmoopy

    Mom just brought tons of candy home. Made me very happy, too bad my teeth hurt from too much sugar

  11. Fudge is my weakness :) Just made a batch the other night!!

  12. daisy

    This is so true! I just got cookies for all the homies at work, and at the house every drawer is full!

  13. tuesy

    That is our house today. It was officially Christmas baking day, and there may have been a bit too much sampling.

  14. Kate

    This post is sweet (literally and figuratively).

  15. I have just done the last of the chocolate making/cooking baking and have run out of lidded containers. The fear is once I pack this yummy stuff up there may not be enough left over for my wife and I…A Christmas Tragedy. Okay so maybe I am not done yet. Making even more chocolate and cookies for Christmas…AWESOME!

  16. Laura

    I don’t know why the holiday-baking goodness can’t be more spread out over time instead of inundating us all at once with a thousand yummy and bad-for-us treats. But alas, it all strikes at once, and — bad or not — it’s fun to know that there are fully-stocked candy dishes and Christmas tins all over the house (and not just your house, either … it’s a given that most houses will have something delicious to offer)!


  17. YES! I love sweets and am obsessed with chocolate. Needless to say that is one of my favorite things about the holiday season.

  18. Patty

    Boy, would I kill for soome of those cookies RIGHT NOW! Homemade, pretty, dipable, yummmmm

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  20. Nora

    And it happens overnight too. One minute it’s plain ol’ November 30th and the next thing you know you can’t get away from Feliz Navidad and Jingle Bell Rock no matter how hard you run, and you’re having sugar cookies decorated with green sugar and silver balls every day.

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  22. Black Bear

    I saw the first Christmas toy ad this week and a shop starting to decorate.
    I haven’t lost “the sweet stuff” from last year so I’ve some concerns about this being just around the corner!
    Still, nonetheless, tis awesome=D

  23. wendy

    Yep, it’s coming around again!

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