55 thoughts on “#296 Making a baby laugh

    1. My son told me about this ‘Awesome’ article that he read in RD. Have just read it and love it.

  1. no bullsh*t coming from a baby. if you’re funny they laugh. if you’re scary they cry. if you’re really funny they pee their pants. if you’re really scary they poop their pants. they just keep it real… real simple!

    1. Oh yeah, I love the “laughing so hard that they sound more like an old person than a baby” laugh. That’s how you KNOW you hi-larious!

    1. I see your baby laughing at ripping paper, and I raise you this laughing baby!!


        1. You win..

          Baby + Rick Rolling FTW..

          We need to get a baby watching Twilight while eating Nutella to top this one.. Any one have a baby they want to film doing this?? :)

          Btw: Any of you Awesomethings regulars watch the Oscars?? Anyone want to guess what was the best part?? Well, at least for members of Team Jacob’s Abs.. ;)

          1. I tried to find one with a baby laughing hysterically at a rickroll but that didn’t happen :( And I missed the Oscars because my DoucheNetwork satellite receiver suxxxxx !!!!

      1. Love this one! Saw it a couple of years ago and it was called Cure for a Bad Mood. Nothing cures the blues like a laughing baby!!

    2. Awesome! I was just about to post this one. I don’t know which is my favorite: the part where he falls over, or when he laughs pre-emptively because he knows what’s coming. I laugh so hard I cry every time. :D


  2. I have chosen this article because I really love little babies. I would also like to have children later. I like to care for the babies. I have a little brother from 6 years old. When he was a little baby, I cared a lot for him. Then I’ve learned how to care for babies. Now I’m sure that I can do this. I think it’s cute when a baby laughs. When a baby is laughing, you know they’re not faking it. Earlier, when my little brother was a baby. I loved when he laugh to me. I could make him laughing when I make some funny faces. At that moment, he can’t stop with laughing.

  3. This is beautiful! I really like little babies. When I’m older I wanna have children, because I have a little brother who’s 9 years old. I like taking care of my brother. I’m also leader in a youth movement only for girls. Its also true that babies can’t fake a laugh. They are honest, what most older people sometimes forget to be. When a baby’s smiling, you know he’s sincerely happy. When my little brother smiles, I also have to smile because I see that he’s happy and then I’m happy too. I want to say just one more thing: this blog is super! It has a lot of nice statements, and you can be sure that they are awesome!

      1. Really, Lara? REALLY??

        You want to get in a discussion about who has a worse hovercard (is that what they’re called???) than whom??

        If so, you better all get the heck out of the way, because Eduardo (see above) and I have some squaring off (ha! See what I just did?) to do..

        Unbelievable!! ;)

        1. LOL…you clever thing, you. Freddo, I realize the poop color may not be ideal but yours has such a jaunty little tilt to it. My pastel green is barely visible with the white background :( And you don’t share the same user name with Eduardo, which is the reason I am jealous of otherLara :P

          1. ya, if there was some other rogue jdurley with a better whatchamacallit, I’d be pretty choked.

  4. Good point.

    I hostess at a diner and this baby in a high chair kept waving to me every time I passed by her to seat people, whenever I smiled at her or waved back she would just squeal and laugh and get so excited to be acknowledged. And it was 100% genuine.
    Awesome, indeed!

  5. So cute – we have a diaper add on telly in NZ at the moment with babys laughing – it is so cute!!!

  6. My godson is just about to make 8 months on the 8th and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sound of his laughter. He has the cutest smile that goes with it, too.
    Anyway, my favorite thing is when he just looks at me and laughs. I’ll be watching TV then I’ll glance over at him and he will fall out laughing like someone just told him the funniest joke ever. The moment I look away, he immediately stops laughing. We can go for about 10 minutes; me looking at him, him laughing, me looking away, him getting silent.
    It’s like the best form of baby laughter in the world because I’m not even doing anything funny. He’s just laughing outta love ♥

  7. I’ve chosen this one because I think this one is really true.
    Because whenever you tell a joke to someone they can laugh because it’s funny or they just laugh because to make you happy. Also when somebody gives you a smile you don’t know that it’s a true smile , it can also be a fake smile.
    When a baby laugh’s you just know it’s a true laugh, because a baby just doesn’t know how to fake it, they don’t even know what faking is.

  8. OMG!! Zach laughed for the first time Sunday. I was making a chip bag make noise and he thought it was the funniest thing on the earth. His laugh doesn’t really make any noise just yet. Its quick breaths followed by a big sigh and then a loud gasp. So funny! I love it!!

    1. AWESOME! I wonder what it is about the sound of crunching paper that babies find so entertaining. I would think it would sound kind of irritating and static-like to little ears. Maybe it’s some sort of inside joke from the womb.

  9. I like this one because when a baby smiles it makes me happy. I also will have one to three children later. When I see a baby I will take him or her in my arms or walking with them. They are so cute and surprisefull. That little sound that they make when they are happy is wonderfull. It’s difficult to make a baby laughing because you don’t really know how they feel. I can really good caring a baby. When I was little I played a lot that I was the mum of my dolls. I think that it’s the dream of every girl to caring for there baby later and every one wants to be a good mother. Children that are happy is a wonderfull thing.

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