#292 Skinny dipping somewhere you shouldn’t be

You were meant to be naked.

After swimming in a stomach you came out crying in a new world full of harsh lights, surgical masks, and cold tables. A couple minutes later you were quickly covered in plastic, wool, and cotton, but you never forgot.

You never forgot.

Yes, you’ve been in clothes for years, you’ve been in clothes since that day, you’ve been wearing socks forever, you’ve been wearing shoes the same way.

But… sometimes pants are a pain and shirts are a mess and life’s just a lot better when you’re completely undressed.

You were meant to be naked.

You came here without clothes.

You were meant to be naked.

And sometimes you gotta go back to what you know.

Stripping in the hot tub, jumping off the dock, slipping your swimming trunks off, and showing the world your … confidence.

Yes, I say just be out there and be happy, be out there and rewind, just get naked and relax, get naked… and forget time.


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