#275 Sundays

It’s a beautiful day.

Don’t let it get away.

Now whether you’re holding hands in church, running with your dog at the park, just taking a break from the world, or just sleeping in till it’s dark, well … Sunday’s a good time to relax and enjoy some smaller moments:

1. Worship the Sun and ice cream. The word Sunday was originally named after “Sun’s Day” — just like Monday was “Moon’s Day”, Saturday was “Saturn’s Day.” Now it’s come to include giant bowls of ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and nuts. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to worship both on a wobbly picnic table on some sandy grass by the water.

2. Couch potatoes unite. Sunday is the perfect time to practice the ancient lost art of Completely Lazing Around. Curl up on the futon with your boyfriend during the ballgame, pop open a pizza box with your pals for kickoff, or flip the recliner beside Grandpa for a marathon session of bird chirps and whispers during golf.

3. I’ve got all my sisters with me. After wading through work and before diving back in again, it’s time to pause and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. Maybe it’s a holiday dinner at Grandma’s, maybe you’re visiting dad in the home, maybe you’re dining out at college, or maybe you’re laughing with friends on the phone.

Yes, sometimes if you’re lucky the world slows down a bit on Sundays. Today we say when those highways unjam, when phones quit their buzzing, when your tensions untangle … it’s time for some Sunday loving.



Photos from: Sarah Ross

37 thoughts on “#275 Sundays

      1. My exact musings :) He is probably trying to make up for the non-awesome-thing so he would still have done 5 this week. But I’m glad he did! What a pleasant surprise :D

  1. Glad I randomly decided to check the blog tonight :) I love sundays! Mornings for church and evenings at home where my mom cooks a HUGE meal “stuffing and everything”, or my step dad boils up tons of crabs and shrimps, yum, then phone catchup with far away friends, what can be better??

  2. Sundays are most definitely my favouritist of favourite days of the week. I look forward to them so much. U2 are not as super duper as Sundays but they are pretty fantastic too.
    Really great to read and finish off my Sunday (which was lovely by the by :D),

    1. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but I agree! Sunday is almost worse than Monday. At least when Monday rolls around, you’re starting to get through the week. On Sunday it’s all ahead of you. Sigh.

      1. Don’t think of it as that way.
        Think that Sunday is the end of the week and yogurt to chillax and not worry because for those 24 hours you have nothing or little to do.

  3. Woke up this morning with the an open heart and prayed that this Sunday would be full of wonder and simple pleasures. The sun is shining and I may have a Sundae for dinner…yum. Thanks for your thoughtful post.

  4. Every Sunday night my friends and I get together at a coffee house and hangout until the early hours of Moday. It makes Sunday super awesome.

  5. A daughter asked, “Are you sure he was joking?” “Yikes!” was all I said.
    So, very happy to wake up to this, this fine Sunday morning. Although we still have feets of snow, I love to hear the Robin’s sing while they work to build their family home…”It’s a beautiful day”, “One Love”, I love U2!
    And if y’all have the chance, see another Irish hit, on you tube- “shamrock song” aurora3356…people have been asking, “What are those 2 on cuz we want some!” The response…”Awesome.com…and it’s a beautiful day:)”

    1. correction: you tube “shamrock song” aurora3324…for all you early childhood educators or wanna’-be cheerfuls…for any and all other days, exchange the shamrock for almost anything else! For example, while beachcombing on a Sunday, you could have a sea shell in your pocket, a shiney rock, a feather, a penny, old weathered coloured glass…all five!
      Meandering a forest trail on a sunday, you could have an idea, a song, a kiss, a pine cone, witches hair, black beard, starry moss…all six!
      Which reminds me, when I was six and there were relatives for dinner, I slipped a tomato sauce covered cabbage roll into a yellow smock top pocket and asked to please be excused from the table for the bathroom, because I really wanted to flush the thing…and it was not a beautiful day:(
      But today, I’ve an Awesome in my pocket, “And it’s a beautiful day!”

  6. Returning from the morning walk-about with daughter and grandson …hearing the neighbors new-born rooster singing, “It’s a beautiful day”…Awesome!!!

    1. When you wrote that it looked like you said that the new-born roosters were singing “it’s a beautiful day” hahaha, that made me laugh, awesome.

  7. For college students, Sunday is the worst day, because it is when we have to do all the work that we’ve put off during the weekend. I look forward to the days when Sunday means relaxing.

  8. We LOVE Sunday in Central PA. We go deep into the woods behind the house and check out the vernal ponds. I just learned the awesomeness of vernal ponds. They are little ponds that dry up in the summer. They don’t have fish in them so they are perfect breeding ground for turtles, salamanders, and frogs. AWESOME!!!

  9. Sundays are awesome indeed. Sunny Sundays like today are even better. They’re like a drink of cool water filtered from a clean mountain spring, refreshing!

  10. i never let a beautiful day get away. especially if it’s a sunday. but if i’m alive and i’m aware enough to be conscience of the fact that i’m still alive and THAT is a miracle, i’m going to revel in it.

  11. For 5 months of the year, Sundays are my favorite day of the week because of football. Whether its doing the “couch potato” mentioned in the post, or grilling up some tasty grub at the tailgate before going into the stadium to hear the national anthem, see the majestic fly-over, and become the #1 loudest fan cheering on your team, Sundays are the best days of the week.

    However, the off-season (particularly one filled with the uncertainty of an NFL lock-out) is a cold, barren wasteland in comparison…

  12. i used to work for the whole week simply counting d days dat wen sunday wud come………..

  13. Sunday is the Lord’s day. I give it to Him the best I can. His rewards are beyond all my expectations.

  14. When you’re in grad school, all the days of the week are the same. I usually go into the lab on Sundays because someone coerced me into going to the beach on Saturday, so I end up with double the workload on Sunday. Someday, I might experience the true meaning of “weekEND.”

  15. For a long time I have been afflicted with the Sunday Blues. I get depressed and anxious because my weekend is over and tomorrow it is back to the grind. It seems silly to waste half of my weekend on such negative emotions. I’m taking my Sundays back and giving myself the freedom to nap, watch sports, eat and most importantly enjoy family. That’s AWESOME!

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    …because it’s Sunday in Australia already, AWESOME!
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