#231 Drying off in the sun after swimming

Get out and start dripping.

Yes, it’s time to swish your bathing suit wedgie over to the beach chair by the water and lie down on the soaking wet plastic for a sun dry.

Who cares if your hair is a scraggly mat of chlorine knots? Who cares if your goosebumpy jello-thighs are dripping on the sidewalk? Who cares if the water washed your deodorant off?

Let me just say on behalf of the world.

Not us!

Just grab a drink, throw on some shades, and let those wavy rays dry you right up.

Towels are overrated.

The Sun is underrated.


— Email message —

“In your TED talk you speak about never letting go of your inner 3 year old which is something I will never do. When I heard this part of you talk it reminded me of some fun I had two years ago when I needed cheering up. Basically when I was little, I loved bouncy balls and always dreamed of having a ton of them and I tried to imagine what it would be like to drop a whole lot of them at once. So when I was going through a bumpy part in my life I decided it would be fun to finally try it. To this day I like to keep one in my pocket at all times to remind me never to loose my child hood sense of wonder.” – Mike J. from New Jersey

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31 thoughts on “#231 Drying off in the sun after swimming

  1. I’m glad you pointed out this one. It’s funny how the most AWESOME things can be the little ones that no one talks about. Then, surprise: awesome!!! :-)

  2. Mike, that did make me instantly smile~ fantastic!
    I agree that 3 is liberating foot-loose and fancy-free:)

    Now, drying off from most of this Neil, is a very pretty site,
    however:( I must say, for health and safety purposes, I have some very gory family photos from the last time this was tried on a camping trip at a lake while basking in the sun, splashing glistened water over our bodies on the air mattresses…soaking up the sun and doing it all over again and again, until it was time to pack up and take the mortifying memoirs with us, right under our skin…as hives were popping; the after-math of itch non-stopping, for weeks was like something out of a horror film… and can you believe the diagnosis was… Duck Itch!

    1. p.s. In defense of the ducks, they do have to poop; the reaction is the result of a comination of things.
      Keeping it all fair, just, open and honest; educationally correct as one would expect here in Awesomeland, this is aka, Swimmer’s itch and/or Schitosome cercarial dermatits. Also, typically found in fresh water lakes, far as I know; not the ocean or public pools, I’d hope not!
      As you were…

  3. Down in Oz, we’ve had it drilled into our heads that drying in the sun is dangerous because of MELANOMA (*lightning flash*).

    (…But I still do it sometimes. Shhhh!)

    1. lol I’m thinking someone forgot to mention that while I was down in oz (or I forgot to pay attention) but I know I did it a bunch while I was down there and I’m pretty sure I’m still melanoma free :P

      Sooo I’m sure you can get away with it every once in awhile!

      1. We have the highest skin cancer rate in the world so no, not even once in while is ok for Aussies.

        Growing up in the 70’s with a massive backyard pool, we did this all the time, even into my teens. But thankfully we realized that it was dangerous to expose ourselves to the blazing Aussie sun.

        The Cancer council advertizing campaign changed the way we sun “baked”.

        Slip, Slop, Slap.
        Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.

  4. The bouncy ball idea sounds like a lotta fun. I bet they would have bounced better if it was on a hard floor instead of carpet… at least that looks like carpet, I could be wrong. At my daughter’s 6th birthday party, bouncy balls were one of the items in the goody bag and wow, they were bouncing all over the place. It was pretty awesome. 10 kids with super bouncy balls and a big room, it was something to see.

    1. That reminds me of the time I was at Darien Lake, and a couple of teens won this MASSIVE bouncy ball, and they were bouncing it everywhere. The best part was that they were actually fighting (verbally, thankfully) over who would get the bouncy ball on the way home- as if they were little kids!

      1. Welcome Beatrice. What an awesome comment. I’ve witnessed similar with teenagers and what a delightful sound. I can hear their voices echoing across the lake! Beautiful!
        I love your comment about the pulley as well.
        btw, I love to learn new things and I find this site such a holistically well space.
        Did you hire molly maid this past week or did you learn to love dust bunnies and creative chaos; use the maid money on take-out or delivery?! hahaha
        Once you’re in you know you’re hooked…but what better could one be hooked on than this…oh ya, and dear Chad’s idea for eating popcorn out of a cup so we can hang in here and then go out there and help change the world for the better.
        Did you see Neil on Toronto Tedx? I sent it to a friend in dire need who says she’s watched it with her teens over 18 times!
        I refrained as long as I could, then I read and watched everything I could find. Then I went back to 1000 to be a part of the commentary and now I want follow-ups!!!
        Friends even gave our family their old lap for the business, but secretly I relish. Ya, I pretty much know the secret’s out too!

    2. @Bekah

      YES! A hard floor would be awesome!

      We need a cement floor… An even bigger box of bouncy balls… And a ladder from which to drop them…

      That is the recipe to a fun afternoon. (:

      P.S. You’re awesome, Mike!

  5. i LOVE LOVE LOVE laying out in the sun to dry, it is the perfect thing after swimming :) and then you get all hot so you have to go in the pool/ocean again to cool down, and then you have to lay out in the sun to dry… = the perfect day!

    1. *laugh* I definitely came to the comments to post that same video! Jose Gonzales who does the song is an amazing and upbeat artist and the video always makes me smile. A dream come true!

  6. Mike, i love bouncing balls and i would love to try that myself some day…a whole box of bouncing balls…how fun?! but even more fun if thrown onto the sidewalk from a balcony 10 floors up :D imagine all the bounciness happening in the street, haha! (given there’s no old lady walking under, or too many cars driving past)

  7. It’s the perfect way to dry, too! You can towel-dry ’til the cows come home, but nothing does as good a job as patiently laying in the sun for a bit. Plus, then you don’t have to lug home a soaking-wet towel at the end of a long day of pool-time.

    Or let’s say maybe you were so excited to go play in the backyard sprinkler that you forgot to grab a towel on your way out the door … sun-drying is the ideal solution! Not that I ever did that or anything …

  8. My daughter loves bouncy balls and will crank up the treadmill as fast as it can go and roll the bouncy balls onto the track. They forward spin on, slow down to neutral movement and then just fly off. She tries to catch them and keep them in play. It’s much more fun to use a treadmill this way!

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    and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.

    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same

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