#181 Gravy

You gotta love the Egyptians.

According to our egghead pals at Wikipedia our taste-loving ancestors from Egypt started putting gravy on food over 5000 years ago. Seriously, hieroglyphics in the tomb of Djer, an early first dynasty pharaoh, show diners feasting and drinking from gravy boats. Sure, building pyramids is nice, but making gravy for the world is even even better.

Gravy tastes delicious on Thanksgiving turkey, freshly baked biscuits, mashed potatoes, french fries, roasted chicken, country fried steak, meatloaf from the diner, slow-cooked pot roasts, greasy poutine, fried eggs, bangers and mash, pork chops, vegetables, and everything in between.

Breakfast or lunch, dinner or brunch, pour it on hams, drench it on yams, straight from the glass, right after Sunday mass, gravy, gravy, gravy!


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43 thoughts on “#181 Gravy

  1. I’m not a super-fan of brown gravy, but my love for breakfast gravy more than makes up for my dislike of brown gravy. I love all things breakfast, and a big ol’ plate of B&G is at the top of the list!

    P.S. Thanks for the Egyptian factoid. I had no idea! Gravy > pyramids. ;)

    1. Has Neil added “guilty pleasure shows” to the list? I really am that lazy today to look. Figured you might remember.

        1. Thanks Bekah. I didn’t think so. I was left embarrassed at work after letting it slip that I watch Teen Mom. (you just judged me) My coworker just stood there open-mouthed as I backtracked. Whatever. It’s good. (you just did it again)

          1. Hahaha, sorry, Bekah beat me to it!

            I know lots of people who watch Teen Mom, and I continue to associate with them. It’s ok. We all have “those shows” … just like “those songs” and “those movies” ;D

  2. I count eat biscuits and gravy everyday for the rest of my life. Not kidding. I think it’s cause of my southern-ness but frankly, I don’t care. Gravy is amazing.

    1. High five, yo! I completely agree. If it wasn’t time consuming to make and wasn’t made from grease / refined white flour then poured all over buttery carbs (side note, to Freddo: “Is butter a carb?” ” … Yes.”), I WOULD eat it every day! I think I might have to get some B&G tomorrow. Mmmmm.

      1. I’m not sure you have that whole butter=carb thing entirely solved yet, but I’ll just got with it..

        I’m still in shock by your earlier claim that breakfast gravy > brown gravy. I’m an equal opportunity gravy consumer.

        1. Oh Freddo. It’s now clear to me that you will need several more viewings of Mean Girls before I can side note you about it. Sigh.

          1. He needs to watch it at least 5 more times, till he has all the important lines memorized, such as “…I think I have ESPN.” :)

            1. *shakes head in self disgust*

              I’m so embarrased.. it’s like my face smells like peppermint. Are you guys going to put me in your Burn Book now?

              1. Yes we are. Oh, and I don’t think my father — the inventor of Toaster Strudel — would be too pleased to hear about you missing a Mean Girls reference.


                KIDDING! I’ve seen it so many times, and it was an obscure reference … so … you’re off the hook. But if I’d said “fetch” or “boo, you whore”, I’d fully expect you to recognize it.

  3. The Egyptians were brilliant, weren’t they?

    Thank you for brightening my day with your blog. I have to get my hands on your book and the calendar!!


  4. Simple, and yet so very, very awesome. :D

    I first ate gravy on a serve on yummy hot chips. God, that was good. So delicious… So gravy-y.

    Yes, gravy-y is a word.

  5. If its gravy, then I love it! I love breakfast gravy, brown gravy, chicken gravy, pork gravy, mushroom gravy, bacon grease gravy…. the bacon gravy was my step dad’s favorite to make. I’v never tried to make gravy from scratch.

    1. See.. now THIS is what I was talking about when I said being an “equal opportunity gravy consumer” above.. mmmm.. my mouth is watering at the bacon gravy..

    2. I make a pretty awesome turkey gravy, which is mysteriously absent from your otherwise extensive list of gravies. It had never occurred to me to make bacon gravy, but I think that needs to be attempted ASAP.

      1. turkey gravy, sausage gravy and even squirrel gravy. Bacon gravy is very yummy. I have yet to try to make it though… it might go on my list of things to do soon.

        1. Bacon and/or sausage gravies are the BEST BEST BEST gravies. Ever.

          Side note, y’all. Today, at our all-day district teacher meetingpalooza, our assistant principal told us she’s bringing B&G tomorrow morning for our building level in-service.

          SO. PUMPED.

  6. Can’t forget or neglect 2 of the best- Stuffing/dressing and Yorkshire pudding…SMOTHERED in thick saucy gravy=D

  7. I, personally, love gravy. Weep for me, my friends, because the new mayor of my city was voted in on a campaign of “stop the gravy train.” At first I thought maybe a train of gravy was coming, and he wanted it to stop in our fair city so that we might partake of it’s delicious gravyness, but alas, this was not the case. No, he seeks to eliminate “gravy” from our city’s budget. These are dark times, friends, dark times.

      1. Ack! That IS tragic..

        At least when I had confusion as to what to expect when someone was going to pass me a “gravy boat”, what actually showed up had REAL gravy in it.. (it was just a lot smaller than I expected.. and less sea-worthy..)

        1. Just “squatting in on thread” to say… awe, you’re still bringing me trix?!*
          for real!!!
          Now that’s a true Unitarian Principle-
          “We affirm and promote respect for the interdependant web of all existence, of which we are a part.”

  8. Gravy is the best indicator of a good meal to come! It’s also a good indicator of good times since gravy is usually present at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, family get togethers etc.

    I noticed “mushroom gravy” was mentioned, anyone tried making this before from scratch? How does one go about this? I am a huge fan of mushrooms (of the legal kind).

  9. Too Funny! I have never made gravy before and just made it the first time with my beer roast yesterday! I read your post in retrospect today and giggled at the awesomeness of the kawinkydink!

  10. If it’s a cold day outside…I crave poutine…something about fries and gravy is so comforting and awesome

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