#88 Stovetop hypnosis

Be one with the stir fry.

Last night I worked late in cubicle jungle and drove down dark highways to arrive at my cold and lonely apartment after 8pm. After flicking on a couple lamps, turning on the stereo, and staring in the fridge, I decided to suddenly get ambitious and fry up a soupy soy-sauce surprise full of delicious and nutritious Random Crap From My Fridge.

Half a rubbery red pepper, two spoons of peanut butter, and an entire head of broccoli later, I’m suddenly zoning out of my head and into the sticky frying pan. Paper cuts and printer jams suddenly fade into a steamy garlic daze of stovetop hypnosis.

Dim lights, sizzling onions, and salty scents slip your head into a secret cooking zone where your body just slows, slows, slowws, slowwws, sloowwwws, slooowwwwws, sloooowwwwwwws, sloooooooowwwwwwwwws …..


Thank you for making The Book of (Holiday) Awesome an instant bestseller!

18 thoughts on “#88 Stovetop hypnosis

  1. Is that what you made Neil? That actually looks really pretty good!

    And I experience this all the time when cooking in my dorm. Most of the time its because I don’t want to go back to studying for finals! :$

  2. You would love eating in South Korea. They cook all the food at your table in so called frying pans… It is mesmerizing….

  3. Can’t say I’ve done this one. Usually while something is cooking, I walk back and forth between kitchen and living room where something is on tv (usually Jeopardy). What can I say? I guess I lack the patience to just stand there and watch over my food while it cooks.

    I do however love Random Crap Surprise … especially when it comes out really good.

  4. I’ve made the radom crap from my fridge before!! But I can honestly say that I have never stir fried peanut butter… how did that work out?
    I love cooking and making up my own recipes on a whim

      1. Not to be a promoter of one of my own blogs on here or anything, but I just wanted to share… if you do ‘glaze over’ while cooking… this is what will happen to you….
        I burnt myself last week on a pizza pan and there’s a picture of what it looks like now. Its kind of gross. Please pay attention while cooking!

  5. Me! Last night! Red pepper, onion, green beans, frozen shrimp and Seeds of Change Jalfrezi sauce. Mmmmmm Awesome!!

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