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  1. It’s such a pity to see this wonderful blog coming to its end. Thank you so much for starting it in the first place, though. Reading through the entries every day has been great and I guess every single one of your readers has been a little more sensitive to the little awesome things life offers.
    This, being aware for small things that hold much more beauty than some of the bigger ones, might just be my #1.

      1. I have a hunch the announcement may be on the 20th… isn’t that when he started the blog? I’m not sure, but it might be!

            1. Sadly, no. I haven’t been here since the beginning but I was shortly after. I just wish I could remember exactly which post it was. I was reading for about a year before I commented.

              1. Oh yeah, that seems to be the way with most. I remember I discovered the blog at (i think) That teacher, and apparently I caught up at #4hundredand something. I think Chad Upton found the exact one a couple posts back. Ill go ad check if i dont fall asleep in the next minute…

                1. I replied to your long comment, but mine said that its waiting for moderation or something like that… I don’t know.
                  I can’t really go back to try to see when I came into the picture because I commented long after I started reading. (sad face)

                  1. yeah thats annoying :/ and ill just check that moderation thingo now, see if i can see anything from it…

                  2. Nup cant see anything about moderation there… in size of the comment or reply options :P I guess youll just have to apply to the big gods of the internets.

                    1. I think it has something to do with Neil. Maybe he has to say its ok for my comment to be there. I did put a few sites to visit in my comment. Stay tuned. If its not on there by tomorrow, I’ll cut it up in sections and try again.

  2. This blog has been a part of my life for 2 years now. And a part of me is sad to lose this little bit of optimism in my every day life. But another part of me is amazed and impressed at the journey we’ve taken together. Thanks for everything. It’s been AWESOME!

  3. Thanks Neil for starting my days with a positive message! That is really an awesome way to start your day and I can’t imagine what tomorrow morning willl be like without that awesome morning email!
    I think my # one awsome thing is when the right peice of information comes along at just the right time…like when you posted about the awesomeness of needles the day after I spent a day in the emergency department with my 23 year old, needle phobic daughter. I forwarded your message to her immediately – don’t know that it helped, but it did make her stop and view things differently!
    So thanks again – I know that this started as a way for you to get through some tough times but it turned into something so much bigger than that. I hope it helped you …it certainly made us (your loyal followers!) view the world and life differently. You’re TOTALLY awesome!

  4. I thought this was appropriate for today

    I’m gonna miss you guys. I’ve loved spending my mornings and a couple minute spurts thoughout the day with all of you. This site, Neil and everyone on here has brought me so many smiles over the years.

    What do I want to be?….. I want to be happy and healthy and a good mom/wife.
    I want to find out what career path I want to take and do it. I want to still be a part of the awesome movement and I want to keep spreading the happy!

    1. Love, friendship, friendship between strangers, hope, your dreams, laughter, coming together, optimism, happiness, giggles, sharing, caring, holding your head up high, loving yourself, being yourself, doing what makes you happy, following your dreams, being healthy, loving others, life, birth……….

    2. Hahahaha arghhhh you got me!! I’ve loved having so many conversations with everyone here! Your comment reminds me of a story I heard about some famous person- can’t remember who. Apparently at school he was asked to write what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wrote ‘happy’. The teacher told him he didn’t understand the aim of the assignment. He said they didn’t understand the aim of life.

      1. I wonder who that was and how old he was when he said it. That is my main goal in life, to be happy and for my family to be happy.

        (I so got you)

        1. :) Ummm I think it was someone really big like Bill Gates orrrr someone like that. Not necessarily computer guys though. Annnd yup you did :P I educated my Mum and her partner yesterday about Rick-Rolling and then I got the song stuck in my head. Now I have it again, just because I thought of it -__-

  5. Hey, Neil!
    I’ve never posted a comment, even tough I’ve been following your blog for about 2 years now. But today I couldn’t leave without saying thanks, and letting you know how you also touched people from far, far away.
    Some awesome things you posted are very different or don’t even exist in Brazil, but on these days, I was inspired to thing about one awesome thing I do have here.
    Best wishes for you, and hope you have more hi-his than low-lows in your life :)

    1. Hello to you all the way in Brazil!! Even though this is your first comment, I’m glad you got to share in this experience with all of us. Maybe you can write on here some awesome things about Brazil.

  6. thank you so much Neil for everything and making me focus on the little joys in life. I can’t believe that it is already over but I know that the awesome will keep on going!

  7. Thank you for everything! I have started each morning with this blog for so many days . . . it will be missed greatly.

  8. Congrats on getting to #1! I’ve been following along since about 300. Amazing concept. I like that you’ve left number 1 “blank” for us to imagine for ourselves.

  9. Thanks, Neil, for bringing some AWESOME to my day for the past few years. :) It’s been wonderful and I look forward to whatever you do in the future!

  10. First off I want to say thank you very much to Mr. Pasricha! You have changed the world for the better, touching lives through each post. I often wonder if I’m being too cheesy in my life, trying to stay positive, but then I think about this awesome community who believes in cheese! I also wanted to say that as sad as I am to see 1000awesomethings come to an end it seems so fitting. If we always hit a bunch of green lights in a row it wouldn’t be special, if we lived in a bakery we might not appreciate the smell, if we ate Nutella for every meal it might get old (…maybe). It is sad to see this blog end, but it will always be AWESOME! Oh yeah, my #1 is Tie Dye Tuesday- wearing tie dyed clothes every Tuesday!

    1. **raises hand**
      yes! I believe in cheese!!
      Hmm… tie dye Tuesdays, I don’t think I own anything tye dye anymore. I might have to do some shopping

      1. Tie Dye Tuesday?! That IS Awesome! I want to work there!
        I appreciate your thoughts on this fitting end, though I’m not sure I’d ever tire of bakery air. :)

        1. Bluenoser! LOVE your name! Splendid idea! Whenever I find someone who totally gets it and we share membership moments, it’s a magical feeling! When I find myself being cheesy or sharing an awesome and maybe being blown off like I’m too “cheesy”, I too think of the awesome gang and am empowered by the strength in numbers and for the most part maybe even turn someone’s frown upside down~ with the awareness, attitude and authenticity of Awesome and what’s better than that:O)

  11. I know everyone is overwhelmed with gratitude for all the pleasure you’ve brought them over the years and I have to admite, you should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished.
    You took a personal tragedy and a personal loss and transformed them into a personal victory beyond compare. I just hope you remain humble and grounded now that you’ve begun to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    Great work… though I felt the “Sopranos” type ending was a MAJOR letdown. But hey, its your show, Neil, do whatever you like with it!

    1. Its amazing how one man did all of this; found a place in his own life, during his own hardships to bring joy to the rest of us.

  12. My mornings will not be the same without your blog. I have loved it well. Today, your blog is my most awesome thing.

  13. Thanks, Neil! I’ll really miss this blog, but I will definitely be checking it in June to see what’s up. Could it possibly be 10000000000 awesome things??? That would keep me busy for at least half my life (I’m actually not sure, I didn’t do the math).
    So… I know there are probably two hundred comments exactly like this one, but I hope you read them all, Neil! Because I would think that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I thought long and hard of what Neil might pick for number one. Would everyone accept it, or would there be a lot of “Oh, but you should have used this instead…”.

    I think he went above and beyond with the perfect simplicity and the perfect fit for number one. Great choice. He got wordy with #2 at over 2000 words, and backed it down to a minimal amount with #1. Great choice.

    1. #2 surely was a long one which is what makes this one even sweeter. I like his lack of words. I find it fitting. Its perfect.

  15. The most awesome thing – being able to read the blog first thing in this morning at work! I will miss it terribly! Keep on being AWESOME!

  16. Thank you, Neil! It’s been a wonderful adventure sharing this countdown with you. It was also great to celebrate your accomplishments with you last night @ Chapters. You are awesome!

    As I said last night … thanks to you, my #1 awesome thing is being reminded that awesomeness is all around us. We just have to be willing to look around and appreciate all that is awesome in our lives.

    Thank you!

  17. Hi Neil!!
    Due to your books, you have helped me appreciate the forgotten things in life and appreciate life in general!
    THANK YOU!!! YOU deserve to be AWESOME!!

    Wish you the best on your the next phase on your life!! =)

  18. Thank you so much Neil. I have been a follower of your blog since about #700. :-) I have so much enjoyed reading it every morning when I get to work. I keep a stack of your books to give as gifts for any occasion. Everyone needs AWESOME, and you have helped us all to discover it everywhere. THANK YOU! Your blog inspired a bulletin board in my 4th grade classroom called “Find the AWESOME everywhere.” The students and I bring in awesome photos, quotes, fortunes from fortune cookies, postcards, and anything else that is awesome to us and we add it to the board. We have pictures of laughing siblings eating popcorn, baby feet, Earth, and even a mirror… because we are all awesome.

    1. I love to hear about people sharing the awesome with friends and family. Its great that you started this with your class. You reminded me of something I did for hubby once. He got a furtune cookie that read, “You and your wife will be happy in your life together.” He left it on the table, but I picked it up and framed it and gave it to him for Valentine’s Day. He loved it.
      …… baby feet….I have baby feet on my windshield, does that count?

  19. This #1 is GENIUS! And so true!

    Neil, your blog has been such an inspiration throughout the past couple of years and is the only thing that I always read at work before I open any of my emails.

    Some other things that I think are awesome: coworkers who bring you hot tea and blanket and cover your phones so you can take a break when you are PMS’ing, midnight picnics in the middle of fields, sitting in silence and listening to the birds chirp and wind in the trees, friends who write you poems, a blank notebook and a fresh pen.

    Much love and success in all you do! Thanks for bringing joy to so many people!

  20. I have happy tears. Thanks for so much awesome. Forever and ever, you will be in my heart at the opening of every concert…that moment when the lights go out….AWESOME!!

    1. I felt that feeling last night, but it was a circus. Everything went dark and then a big voice came on introducing the first act. It was awesome.

  21. Thanks a thousand Neil! It’s been awesome and thanks to you opening our minds to the perspective, we’ll keep seeing the awesome and we’ll dwell on it!

  22. beautiful end to a beautiful blog. thank you dearly for brightening my day, each day, for the past four years.

  23. Neil, what joy your blog has brought to me each morning! You have taught me about the gas arrow light #988, you have brought back memories of school lunches of eating potato chips in sandwiches #789, and you have allowed me to take a spin on a shopping cart #533 and to make a perfect long distance shopping cart return #318. Because of you I am more aware of awesomeness, and have started my own journal with 410 entries at present. Thank you for sharing your gifts. This is the first time this 72 year old has commented.

    1. All ages sharing in the awesome! Thanks for being here in the awesome community with all of us, Jan. Neil has given each of us a new appriciation for all the little things that brings joy to us.

    2. Hi, Jan! So nice to meet ya and glad you commented. Neil’s inspired me to write my own awesome journal, too! It has brightened so many of my days focusing on my own awesome. :)

  24. Now, 1000 awesome things written to remember us that life is awesome.
    Thank u so much for sharing all of it.


  25. I’ve been reading this blog pretty much daily for a few years now, and I have to say that this is one of the best sites out there on the internet. Just the lack of negativity is astounding. And the timing of the end of the list couldn’t have been better, since I’m just about to embark on a very new experience, and I’m looking forward to finding new awesome things while I’m away. Right now, my #1 awesome thing is:

    People who are willing to help move a boatload of heavy furniture into storage for little more than a heartfelt thank-you? Awesome!

  26. Thank you, Neil! Your blog and books really did make me appreciate the little things in life. :) Continue being awesome!

  27. Thank you, Neil, for giving me something to smile about nearly every day for the past few years. I will truly miss checking this list every morning. (And now I need to find a new homepage.)

  28. Neil,

    Thank you so much for taking us all on the journey of AWESOME! You have made a difference in the lives of so many.


  29. I think this countdown is amazing, I really do. But I was so disappointed when I saw that the #1 awesome thing didn’t turn out to be love. :(

  30. #1 is realising that there is awesome everywhere just waiting to be discovered. Awesomeness never ends! Thank you, thank you, thank you Niel!

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