#231 Drying off in the sun after swimming

Get out and start dripping.

Yes, it’s time to swish your bathing suit wedgie over to the beach chair by the water and lie down on the soaking wet plastic for a sun dry.

Who cares if your hair is a scraggly mat of chlorine knots? Who cares if your goosebumpy jello-thighs are dripping on the sidewalk? Who cares if the water washed your deodorant off?

Let me just say on behalf of the world.

Not us!

Just grab a drink, throw on some shades, and let those wavy rays dry you right up.

Towels are overrated.

The Sun is underrated.


— Email message —

“In your TED talk you speak about never letting go of your inner 3 year old which is something I will never do. When I heard this part of you talk it reminded me of some fun I had two years ago when I needed cheering up. Basically when I was little, I loved bouncy balls and always dreamed of having a ton of them and I tried to imagine what it would be like to drop a whole lot of them at once. So when I was going through a bumpy part in my life I decided it would be fun to finally try it. To this day I like to keep one in my pocket at all times to remind me never to loose my child hood sense of wonder.” – Mike J. from New Jersey

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