#554 Staying in your pajamas all day

It’s a rare treat.

Maybe it’s that lazy Sunday with a hot coffee, fat paper, and dusty sunlight beaming through the windows. Or maybe it’s the Friday sick day where you leave the glasses on, tie the ponytail up, and lounge around in a robe watching soaps with the cat. Or maybe it’s Mother’s Day after breakfast cuddling up with the kids watching movies before ordering pizza for dinner.

Sure, sometimes you wake up without firm plans to stay in your pajamas all day. Maybe you have some errands, a lunch date, or a grocery list. But sometimes those plans hit the ground and you pass The Pajama Point Of No Return — that moment where you suddenly realize you’re too close to bedtime to worry about getting ready for the day.

Yes, once in a while, once in a moment, maybe just once a year, it’s fun to have a super chilled-out lazy You Day full of peaceful relaxing in some warm and comfy clothes.


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59 thoughts on “#554 Staying in your pajamas all day

  1. You are so hitting the nail on the head about The Pajama Point Of No Return. It’s like making the bed after 1pm: you’ve already gone too far.

  2. my pajama day is when I don’t have t work/go to school,and the boyfriend has to work all day. (happened last week!) I sit around in pajamas/glasses on/hair up and play video games all day long. (I’m addicted to the sims 3). I never thought of other people doing the same thing! AWESOME!

  3. I don’t wear PJs, and frankly I don’t think anybody needs to see me around the house all day wearing nothing but my undies.

  4. I love those weekends where you don’t ever technically get out of your pajamas- like throwing on a sweater over your pj shirt or wearing the same sweatpants for two days in a row. Maybe that’s embarassing to admit that I do that occasionly, but it is… awesome!

    1. I call them “natural weekends.”

      The longest I’ve ever gone was 3.5 days (snow storm). And the shower afterwards…. AMAZING!!!!!

  5. Our school had a pyjama day for charity last week, it was the comfiest school day ever. Awesome:)

  6. Ha ha! Yeah!
    This is why I own 3 pairs of yoga pants, but have yet to attend a yoga class. It’s the grey area of clothing: sort of like getting dressed, but also sort of like wearing pajamas.

    Sometimes I have a moment of terror, thinking this is the modern equivalent of the horrible polyester “stretch-pants” that I would see women wearing in the 70’s when I was a kid. But until I’m wearing bell-bottomed purple verticle-striped yoga pants to the drug store, I think I’m still safe.

    1. Everyday after work, my wife and I have a virtual race to see who can get changed out of uncomfortable work clothes, and into sweat pants as quickly as possible.

      I would say that on the average day, I can go from “Business Suit” to “Sweat pant pajamas” in about 3 minutes within entering my apartment. It is awesome.

      1. You should get one of those contraptions like in Wallace and Grommit’s “The Wrong Trousers”.

      1. I know what you mean..

        I once walked past a chocolate lab that lived in a condo, and he barked out to me: “Nuh-uh Girlfriend! You are NOT wearing that shirt with those shoes.. get back in the house and change.. Woof!”

  7. without being rude or explicit or freaky, for those of us that don’t do pajamas it’s also great to spend the day wearing your birthday suit. as long as nobody’s going to take offence

  8. Makes my Christmas all the better. It’s one of the only days of the year that I don’t change, don’t shower, and really don’t care what I look like. I’m just with my family, and we never go out on Christmas Day.

    I also love when you wake up, shower, and then put another set of PJs on, just to lounge all day. Hey, at least I showered, right?

  9. we’ve done this as a family for Christmas day, more than once….nothing better than eating your turkey dinner in your pj’s…my kids loved it.. we even kept pj’s to go outside and play in the snow…just pull the snowsuit over top . it is turly awesome!

  10. This doesn’t happen often, but it is soooooo nice when it does. My sons’ elementary school has a day called “pajama day” once a year where they get to where their pjs to school for the day and even bring a small stuffed animal if they like! Even some teachers get into it :) AWESOME!

  11. The stay in your pajamas day is the best day of the week. I am such a huge fan that I own like 10 pajamas. And the pajama point of no return hit the nail. I think it corresponds to 3 p.m. I also think people are nicer in pajamas.

  12. LOVE pajama day. I have them as often as possible. Watch all the stuff I have taped on TiVo. Cherrios for dinner. I agree with Krishna…how can one be arrogant or pretentious while wearing pajamas without being ludicrous? Maybe Congress should meet wearing pj’s! Imagine Nancy Pelosi with bedhead wearing flannels.

  13. I wear shorts and a tank to sleep, so if I smell pretty good, I’ll wear it to school, the gym and go right back to sleep!

    Haha I know its a little gross. But it feels


  14. Ha I usually do this when I’ve indulged in a bit too much alcohol the night before – I usually play computer ganes all day as well.

    I don’t actually sleep in pyjamas, but I keep a few pairs around just for wearing around the house before I get dressed in the morning, or for pyjama days :)

  15. Awesome…When you find out you have a free day with out anything to do so you stay up late and end up waking up during mid-day just before dinner.

  16. Aww..cute photos.

    And yes, pulling the Pajama Day day off is awesome.
    Heehee….also fun when you’re with your friends. But School Pajama days…are incredibly boring. :)

  17. Guilty pleasure!!
    But getting past the guilt and moving into “the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!”

  18. I the north of New Zealand people stay in their pajamas all day becouse there is nothing to do, they smoke pot & drink pre-mixed bourbon & colas all day, they have no work, are lazy, fat & are inter-generational wlfare abusers.

  19. Wearing my pajamas is great. As soon as I am home from work I am in the bath and changed into them. Some weekends I am in pajamas all day and do not get dressed. I always remember as a kid on arriving home from school mother would have a nice warm bath waiting and both my brother and I would be bathed and put in our pyjamas before tea. Bedtime in those days was very early usually by 6pm

  20. Wearing your pyjamas for the day can change the world… The Pyjama Foundation in Australia is having a national Pyjama Day on Thursday 8 September 2011 to support children in foster / statutory care. We should make this an International fundraising and awareness day! Nothing better than wearing your PJ’s for the day and on 8 September there is no excuse!

  21. I have had a PJ day today, sat on my bed alternating between reading a good book and doing some work…
    Love it :)

    I definitely agree with the point of no return… it’s about 3pm for me. Though I do chuck on a hoodie, or sometimes get dressed in stages, like stick jeans on if I want to go outside for something quick, or whatever.
    However, after a pyjama day, I do put clean PJs on to sleep in.

  22. Me and my hubby love our jimjams, we get in from work (I finish earlier than he does) so I get housework done an washin done, which doesnt take long since do it everyday, then we have our showers an put onclean jimjams then have tea, we all done by 7pm. Its fantastic!!!!!!

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