#309 When you’re sleeping and the sounds around you turn into dreams

Snores are steam trains, clock radios are car alarms, and the neighbor building a deck outside is suddenly knocking urgently at your front door.

When the sounds around your sleeping self magically morph into new stories in new worlds it’s a sign that the plump pile of pink flesh floating inside your head bone has a pretty wild imagination and is capable of turning tiny things into big ideas.

Your eyes are closed, your fingers limp, and your breathing is as deep and rhythmic as ocean waves … but lightning flashes in your brain, faces flash and stories strain, as you float deeper and live longer through otherworldly travels and thoughts.

When you wake up don’t forget to keep bubbling with big ideas, race those winning races, and keep your heart beating fast in heart beating moments.

Being a dreamer is great fun.

Being a dreamer is


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41 thoughts on “#309 When you’re sleeping and the sounds around you turn into dreams

  1. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

    It is so strange how this happens! I don’t know how many times the sounds from TV or radio have sneakily integrated themselves into my dreams. Sometimes even peoples’ conversations overheard during a couch-nap make their way inside.

    This announcement is … AWESOME! How exciting; I can’t wait to pre-order! I obviously have to get enough for follow-up gifts for each person who was a recipient of the original Book of Awesome … and one for myself … so like, 1,000! ;)

    Thank you for doing this … and thanks to your mom and sister!

    1. Looks like Laura is planning on a trip to Toronto and a yummy dinner out! :)

      Hey Neil – if Laura buys 2,000 books, can she take a guest along?? (pick me, pick me!)

      Definitely a very cool announcement! I mean, it’s not exactly a reality show all our own, but it’s still pretty darn cool..

      1. I would like to encourage everyone to pre-order at least 10 books, and of course you will be requesting a personalized copy of #806, your favourite post.

          1. You guys can keep teasing me about my dislike of post #806 but it’s not going to bother me..

            In fact, your teasing rolls off me just like water off a du…

            uhh.. never mind..

      2. I know … I was really pretty sure it was going to be a reality show! OR … maybe, just maybe, that’s what’s on deck for life after thing number one! It could happen. I think people will miss us. I know I’ll miss us.

        Anyway, I will TOTALLY pre-order 2,000 books and bring you, Freddo! Just out of curiosity, though … if I file for bankruptcy immediately following the order, will I still receive the books and/or the trip to Toronto? ;)

  2. This happens to me all the time, though when it’s the alarm that works its way in I’m always very disappointed

  3. Awesome except when you aren’t awoken by that alarm now integrated into your dreams. I’ve been late a couple times bc of that.

  4. I still remember the time I had a full on adventure with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was asleep and my little brother was watching the movie. It was crazy. Leo even made me drive and I was only 13!

  5. One night there was an enormous thunderstorm. We were all asleep.
    An incredibly loud blast of thunder happened. Somehow, in my dream, I knew it was coming. Perhaps I was just dreaming a lot faster than it seemed, but that’s not the point.
    My grandpa dreamed he was in Washington D.C. and there were bombs going off. My dad thought it was the effect of a new patch in World of Warcraft.

    Can’t wait for the new book!

  6. This has to be one of my top favourites here. :) I love dreaming, and I never really thought about how awesome it is when sounds are suddenly incorporated in my dreams.

  7. This happens to me all of the time! I usually fall asleep in my basement late at night which my brother hates. So I always try to pretend I’m still awake and often mistake the dialogue of the infomercials on TV for him and answer his questions.

    I remember I once told him, “Well that’s only because you’re a giraffe!” while one of the Zoobooks commercials were on. Turns out he didn’t even ask me anything and I just made everything a little awkward.

  8. My most memorable dream where this happened… I was walking through a yard filled with autumn leaves. They were so beautiful and wonderfully *crunchy*. When I woke up and still heard the crunchy sound, I noticed my toddler (sleeping with me) had wiggled her arm almost all of the way out of her cast. She’d broken her arm a few days before and the cast felt weird to her. She was wiggling her arm in her sleep enough that she pulled her arm out of the cast! I was hearing the fiberglass or whatever they are made of scratching on the sheets. She got the new cast and got out of that one in about a week. Fortunately, the breaks weren’t bad and the third cast stayed on as long as it was supposed to.

    1. I’m rather partial to the new pink version as grey just sounds so unnatural. I now feel like my brain’s so much healthier!

  9. Looking forward to the book!
    Love the sounds nosing their way into my dreams! I especially like it when someone else is dreaming and talking and I can tell they’re reacting to sounds in the background…cracks me up! It’s fun to talk back to them,

  10. What’s both awesome and terrible is when your alarm-clock/radio is set to a Spanish music station and everyone in your dream starts to dance the Salsa.

  11. My husband likes to fall asleep to the History Channel. I can’t even count the times I’ve had dreams about the show Gangland or the documentaries on WW2 and Nazis.

  12. My alarm is on my phone and sounds like an old church bells. I keep dreaming through my alarm rushing to church or I am a frantic bell ringer. Lol Great blog, this is my first read, got a link off postsecret another great blog.

  13. My guinea pigs died because when I head their screams, I translated it into dream language, and someone was just screaming on the radio in my dreams. Meanwhile, real world, our new dog was breaking their necks. I’ve hated myself ever since, I’d had them for 8 years. Also, I can never use an alarm clock, and people simply trying to talk to me doesn’t wake me up. Awesome? Yes, awesome because it’s amazing what the brain is capable of, but in real-life, not so awesome for me.

  14. I remember this one dream as if I had it last night.
    I was about 15-ish when I had this dream. I was walking to school with the Power Rangers. My alarm clock went off in real life and I started to dream about it. I heard it. The red ranger was going crazy trying to find out what that noise was…and then I found it. There was a bomb……inside Barney the dinosaur. All the power rangers were trying to unarm the bomb. We were somehow in the dessert now instead of on my way to school. I stood and watched as the pink ranger reached down Barney’s throat, grabbed the bomb, pulled it out, and threw it out of harms way over a mountain. It hadn’t exploded yet, so we all headed that way to see what went wrong. We topped the mountain and there was my school with the bomb on the front steps. The bomb exploded and I woke up. I started freaking out because I could still here the sound. It took me a while to realize it was my alarm clock and not a bomb.
    And no….this is no joke, I really had this dream and can still remember it.

  15. For those of you who dream about peace, love and Happy Valentines, view You Tube Music:
    DTV Leapy Lee 1968
    For those who struggle with the alarm clock issue also view You Tube music:
    Fun Tune Leapy Lee 1969
    ENJOY! (I’d share the link but You Tube appreciates the visits direct)
    Dreaming is great when they’re good and sunny…even so funny, you wake yourself up from all the giggling and laughing…Awesome:)

  16. It looks to me that this website doesnt download on a Motorola Droid. Are other people having the exact same problem? I enjoy this website and dont want to have to miss it whenever Im gone from my computer.

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