#539 When you open a book to the exact page you were looking for

You cracked the case.

Seriously, when you pop open that textbook, flip open the yellow pages, or split the spine of that beach novel right to the spot you’re looking for it’s a beautiful moment.

Suddenly you transform into a gloomy trenchcoat-wearing detective who solves the case just by glancing at the crime scene. Yes, the street’s been taped off, someone’s crying under a blanket on the curb, and the city police are filling out witness statements on their notepads.

That’s when you peel up in a navy blue squad card, calmly light up a cigarette, and then stare at the surrounding buildings for a few minutes with furrowed eyebrows.

Then you calmly walk back to your cruiser, smile softly, and roll your window down at the local police before screaming away down the wet roads.

“Page 127.”


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1,354 thoughts on “#539 When you open a book to the exact page you were looking for

      1. And you eat it like Tom Hanks in that scene in Big! (trying to eat it in tiny bites, right off the cob..)

      1. I agree — every now and then I have a shining moment, but normally I’m at home five hours later and thinking of lots of clever things I COULD have said ;)

    1. Unless you’re wearing a white bra and a thin top! Then I guess maybe it’s awesome for OTHERS … hahaha.

      But I do love blacklights. And seeing which things react under the light … like how freckles look like skin disease, teeth don’t look very white, and fuzzies are much more visible :)

  1. perfectly toasted bread. because there is a fine line between barely warm and horribly burned.

    1. This is a must with me and my friends. Gotta make sure they get in their house or car safely.
      If we are dropping each other off at thier cars, we wait until their car is started.

    1. Or when a show mixes up the opening credits for a very special episode.

      See: the episode “Superstar” from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

      For more things that are awesome, see: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, in general.

      1. i was thinking of degrassi. it’s fun to see the opening credits from season 1 where they all look like babies.

        and the different opening credits for special episodes made me think of the office’s michael scott paper company opening credits.

  2. When you peel off the price tag on something and it comes off perfectly and smoothly.. Awesome! :)

  3. hearing a song that was popular back in the day, and you are still able to sing along to all the words

    1. Whoa, Em.. That’s a pretty “rain focused” stream of conciousness there, huh?

      Let me guess – it’s raining where you are right now? :)

  4. Looking at your calendar the night after a busy day and realizing you have nothing the next day.

  5. Riding a bus alone…
    when you enter a bus when everybody else exits or you just enter an empty bus..
    it’s just you and the driver and somehow adrenalin in your blood for scare of people who enters next..


    1. Flying alone and having the pick of the window seats, or being able to roll up the arms and lie down for a nap at 40,000 feet.

  6. Waking up at dawn, looking out the window with crusty eyes and hearing the birds sing. But the best: realizing at the same time that you don’t have to join the birds outside. No, you can roll over and go to sleep again. AWESOME

  7. When you lay in your bed and find the PERFECT position in it ! As if it’s the most comfortable one in the world

  8. Being seen on tv at a sporting event. The camera spans the audience and lands on you. What do you do? Wave? Hold up your sign that says, “Hi Mom” It doesn’t matter, but after its over you call your friends at home to see if they saw you.

  9. Party hats. Wear them on your head. Put them over your mouth and pretend to be a duck. Wear them ‘Madonna style.’ They are silly, cheap and paper and who doesn’t love them?

  10. Spare keys. Locked yourself out of the house again? It ok. Just pull that spare out of your wallet and you are good to go.

  11. Intruction manuals. Everyone thinks they can build that jungle gym or put the new entertainment center together without instructions. But when you finish, you have all these extra parts left over, its leaning or just not working right. Pull out that instruction manual for the rescue.

      1. I also like the graphic that shows the sad guy trying to build it alone, and the happy guy successfully building it with a same-sex partner!

        1. Yeah – I have a love hate relationship with those two guys. I often try to build IKEA stuff on my own, so I can surprise my wife with a completely built bookshelf when she gets home from work.

          But in times when I get stuck because the item is too big, I feel like those two guys are mocking me, because they are happy same-sex partners, and I am trying to put together this giant armoire by myself and failing.

            1. Better late than never:
              I LOVE the Ikea one where the girl and guy having dinner and she keeps switching his head!

  12. Recap of my earlier ideas, just in case:

    -Meteor Showers
    -Most closely guessing the amount of somethings for a contest (i.e. jellybeans, etc)
    -Warm Donuts
    -Second, “hidden” pepperoni slice

    1. lol..

      I like the “recap” post. It’s a subtle little: “ahem.. I assume you must have missed these last time, because I submitted these, but noticed that I didn’t win. Soooo… not sure what happened there. Anyways, here are my ideas again. Let me know when I’ve won.”


      1. It’s not that so much as it is “I thought these were pretty good, and I want to make sure I say them first before anyone scoops them up on the off chance these things get reconsidered”. I’m a wee bit selfish. :P

  13. Putting on brand new, never been worn socks. There is no greater comfort for your feet, especially after a long shower and you feel superclean, or after a long day of walking and your feet are REALLY aching, or if it’s summer and you’ve been walking barefoot for a while.
    Those supersoft new socks are AWESOME!

  14. Anticipation for something great to come.
    You wait and you wait and its all you can think about. The clock ticks away and yet all you can do is wait. You get jittery and a little anxious. Excitement fills your evey bone.
    Finally….its time!!
    This goes for anything….the end of a class, the start of the weekend, the waiting time right before prom, a new movie you have been dying to see, a book to come out, time to get off work, that one phone call that you just can’t wait to get, anything and everything.

  15. Finding mistakes in movies. His hair is messed up, now its not…oh, wait yeah it is.
    Where did that vase come from? Oh, wait its gone again.
    What did they just say? Did he just call him by his real name and not his character name?

    1. and in some movies, you can see the other actors reciting the words while their co-actor is saying them. :D
      Quite funny, quite awesome.

  16. Dancing.
    Dance with the kids in the family room. Go crazy and be silly.
    Going out dancing with friends.
    Dancing in the car.
    Its all awesome.

  17. Random acts of kindness.
    Holding the door open for someone.
    Helping and old lady across the street.
    Helping someone put groceries in their car.
    Holding an umbrella over someone that doesn’t have one.
    Letting someone cut in front of you in traffic.
    Giving a little money to the lady in front of you in the grocery store line who was a quater short.
    There needs to be more random acts of kindness in this world.

    1. I AGREE. You have some great ideas of awesome! I especially love this one. I wish more people lived by “the Golden Rule” … everyone would be a little bit happier. This makes me think of the Liberty Mutual commercials. Have you seen those? It shows someone helping someone else. That person, or a person who witnessed it, is then seen helping someone else. Paying it forward, if you will.

      This is great.

  18. Surprise birthday parties. The look on their face when they come through that door and all of their loved ones are standing there yelling “SURPIRSE!!” so awesome.

  19. Carboard boxes!!! Its a spaceship, a racecar, a house, a boat, a grocery store, a salon….the possibilites are endless!!

    1. Especially the HUGE ones! My third grade classroom had a giant refrigerator box that a parent gave to us. We turned it into a castle and and got to take turns sitting in the castle during reading time. It was awesome!

  20. Saying the lines of your favorite movie character with him, from “I’m your father.” to “This… is… Sparta!” (especially inside a movie theater)


    1. My husband does this ALL the time. Drives me crazy. I do it too though…..
      We haven’t been able to quote the same movie yet. There will be one of these days.

      1. Or just quoting movies/TV shows on your own, out of context. I’m constantly quoting things, and my wife tries to guess what they’re from, but she’s generally pretty bad at it.

        Given that 90% of the lines I quote are from Arrested Development, I’m not sure why she just hasn’t started guessing that as her default, and getting it right nearly all of the time.

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